Heat cheaply and efficiently with innovative infrared heaters

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The field of electric heating also includes infrared heating. In order to be able to produce heat efficiently, use this modern infrared technology and help to save electricity costs. Anyone looking for alternative heating systems today cannot ignore the innovative infrared heaters. With professional installation, infrared heating systems enable a cost reduction of up to 30% compared to outdated heating systems. The energy efficiency of these systems is high, as only very short preheating times are required to bring the infrared heating up to performance. The modern systems have attractive, different designs and offer several advantages.

Infrared heating in operation


Infrared heaters are able to adapt to the respective room. The systems can be mounted on the ceiling, for example, or integrated into the room as an additional living accessory. The heat generated by an infrared heater spreads evenly in the room and ensures pleasant temperatures. The principle and the heat distribution are similar to the type of a tiled stove. Infrared heaters can be used both inside and outside of apartments and houses – e.g. B. on balconies and terraces. The systems use infrared rays, or more precisely electromagnetic waves, to generate heat.

Safe heating with infrared heaters

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With infrared heating you not only heat cheaply and efficiently, but also safely and without any health risk. With high-quality infrared heaters, a health hazard from electrosmog is almost impossible, because the magnetic fields in these devices cancel each other out. A radio thermostat is used to regulate the infrared heating, which is controlled with the help of a transmitter and a receiver. Infrared rays are similar to the rays of the sun. In this case, the air is not heated, as is the case with conventional heating systems, but surfaces are illuminated, the heat radiation of which ensures the heating of the environment or the room. Thermal radiation only affects solid and liquid bodies. All solid bodies in the room absorb heat radiation from the infrared heater and then give it off again evenly to the environment.

Infrared heating: designs and variants

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Today it is possible to adapt infrared heaters to the furnishings or equipment of the room. The devices are offered in numerous different designs. Anyone interested in modern heating systems should look to one Infrared heating manufacturer (such as Welltherm) or contact a local specialist. Buying directly in various online shops is not advisable because it is not uncommon for the appropriate performance design to fail. The designs of the inconspicuous infrared heaters range from simple metal heaters in white to so-called picture heaters with individually printed picture motifs on the front. Typical forms for z. B. the kitchen area or the office are blackboard infrared heaters. There are also mirror infrared heaters, which are particularly suitable for bathrooms, as well as glass infrared heaters, which, among other things. Find a suitable place outdoors and in winter gardens.

Use infrared heating correctly

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If you use infrared heating appropriately, you can achieve savings with it. For this purpose, however, in almost all cases a sufficient Insulation of the respective building be assured. It is about the heat efficiency and the preservation of the heat produced in the room, apartment or house. Another place of application for infrared heaters is the rarely used room or holiday apartment. Wherever there is little need for heating or where the installation of a complex heating system is too costly, there is the ideal place for infrared heating. But no matter where the alternative heating system is used, there are always some advantages to using infrared heating:

  • Low risk of fire
  • Little energy consumption due to direct radiation
  • There is no dirt such as dust, ash, other dirt
  • Long life span
  • Little installation effort
  • Can be used as a decorative element

Anyone faced with the choice of using infrared heating should, despite all the advantages, assess the living situation correctly. Heating an entire old building is not in vain, even with highly efficient infrared heating technology. The use of previously performed thermal insulation is often useful. The exact calculation of the required output is one of the essential bases for success when installing infrared heating. You should definitely leave that to the specialist so that you neither freeze nor generate unnecessary heating costs later.

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