Gray, black and white for a modern interior and facade

black and white facade-brick-fence-front yard

We would like to introduce you to a modern house that not only impresses from the outside with its style and modernity. The interior is also characterized by a large number of attractive elements, furniture and designs, which mainly stand out in the colors gray, black and white. Originally the building was a work hut, which was converted into a residential building through renovations and extensions. This not only gives it enough living space, but also offers a small front garden and back yard that invite you to relax.

black and white entrance-door-modern-bench-metal plate-perforated

The facade already has an interesting appearance. While a design made of brick in white and some black accents was chosen in the front view, metal plates in black and concrete plates in gray are used on the opposite side and combined with large window fronts. There are also perforated metal plates for outdoor use, some of which are used as decoration and in some other cases as privacy or sun protection.

Gray, black and white indoors

black and white small-kitchen-gray-pendant-lights-modern-simple

As already mentioned, the black and white design in combination with gray can also be found in the interior. A good example of this is the small and modern kitchen. But there is also no lack of wood in the furnishings. There is, for example, a cloakroom made of wood and concrete, which also serves as a room divider between the entrance and living area. The stairs and hallway as well as the bedroom are made entirely of wood. There the floor, ceiling and almost all of the walls are clad with wood, which gives the rooms a warm and cozy atmosphere.

black and white kitchen-modern-gray-worktop-concrete-look

Wooden furniture and concrete accents can also be found in the bathroom, which create a kind of contrast to the rest of the design in black and white. These are combined with attractive mosaic tiles in hexagon design and in blue-gray color. An original skylight built into the ceiling provides sufficient light. The floor-level and open shower again ensures comfort and looks particularly stylish and elegant thanks to the glass shower wall. Take a closer look at these and all other areas of the house in the gallery below!

black and white dining area-kitchen-industrial-panels-wallcovering



black-white-second-floor-handrail-wooden strips-cladding-wall design

black-white-bedroom-wall-cladding-wooden-curtains-privacy screens

black-white-privacy-protection-sun protection-panels-metal-perforated-wooden-wall-parquet



The house from the outside


black-white-balcony-terrace-wooden floor-sliding-doors



black-white-facade-ventilation-privacy fence-small-garden





black-white-lighting-window-bench-front garden-raised bed

black and white garden fence design facade planting

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