Furnishing a new apartment – every move is also a new beginning

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Moving is always exhausting. No matter where you go, putting the boxes away, clearing out the cupboards and then these countless things that in the end you never needed and probably won’t need in the future either. Large garbage bags pile up and one or the other household even has to order the garbage container. Hardly is then everything in the new flat Moved in, arrived in the new house, one realizes that a lot of furniture is still missing or even has to be bought because the old kitchen, the sofa or the entire bedroom do not fit into the premises of the new home. And then you start looking for the missing pieces of furniture and that can not only take time, it can also be an expensive affair.

New apartment – what to watch out for?

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One of the most important criteria for choosing a new apartment is the fact that you can take the more or less new kitchen with you into your future home. But what if she absolutely does not want to fit into the new space and the apartment still appeals to you? Then nothing helps and a new kitchen has to be found! And that can get really expensive. The new tenant is happy to be able to take over the kitchen for a transfer fee, but this amount cannot usually replace the purchase of a new kitchen. You should know in advance whether the kitchen has to be included or not. You should also be aware that the installation of a new kitchen can very quickly go beyond the financial framework and whether this money might not flow more sensibly into other furnishings that could be more important. For example, the installation of a fireplace in the living room, which can save up to 80 percent on heating costs in the long run.

Moving into the new apartment – finally the bedroom is large and spacious

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Lots of space in the bedroom? splendid! Now is the time to start thinking about how big the bed should be. Just go away from the standard and be brave. More and more beds are being offered in oversizes, different heights and shapes. the USA king size beds are the big hit and have been for some time. In this country they are more likely to be called box spring beds. They are higher and have several mattresses. The focus of these beds is on the feel-good character. However, it should be said here that you really have to have a spacious bedroom so that such a lush and expansive bed does not devour the entire space. If there is enough space, you should opt for these beds. The prices for these beds can vary a lot, quality should be in the foreground, because after all, you spend almost half your life in bed and the way you make your bed, you sleep as well.

Furnishing a New Apartment – Furniture on installment is also an option


Things like household appliances, computers, a new cell phone and even various fashion items are bought over and over again and the total purchase price is paid off in installments. Paying in installments for the purchase is almost always possible, especially when purchasing a wide variety of furniture or generally when setting up the furniture. It is not for nothing that many purchases, especially in the furniture segment, are financed with installment payments. If you take it seriously, they are at the forefront even when buying in installments from a wide variety of product groups. So it shows too this graphic impressively:

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Furniture and other furnishings come far ahead of other popular items such as electronics, PCs or household appliances. Moves in particular are the number 1 trigger for the decision to purchase a piece of furniture in installments. After all, as part of a move, the acquisition items that have to be taken care of almost pile up.