Fully refurbished – this is how your apartment shines in new splendor

Often something new – a change of scenery is needed. If you are a little tired of looking at your four walls, we recommend simply changing something. It doesn’t have to be expensive, because with a few tricks you can really revamp your apartment. You don’t even have to get rid of your previous furnishings, because with a little skill you can breathe new life into old things.

Rearrange the apartment

Refurbish your apartment with special foil in wood look for the wall behind the bed

The sofa has been in the same place for years and the vase on the hanging shelf has not felt in a long time. Just moving the furniture and decorations can have a big effect on the overall effect of the home.

For example, arranging objects in groups of three already has a certain effect. The eye perceives odd groups as more harmonious and interesting true than even numbers. This tendency towards asymmetry is also reflected in the arrangement itself. If everything is neatly lined up, it can seem a bit stiff, which is why a loose arrangement is more advisable.

Refurbish your apartment - old furniture, new look

Old furniture, new look

It doesn’t have to be a new coat of paint to visually spice up the apartment again. You can first upgrade the furniture a little. There are several options:

• Old cupboards, chests of drawers or the like can be used Breathe new life into it with special foils. You have to clean the surface thoroughly beforehand and then you can start gluing. It is important to avoid bubbles as much as possible or to remove them at the end. Here you can choose the right one between different optics and even structures.

• Stools and chairs made of wood can be revived with fabric by covering the seat with foam and an appropriate cover. In the end, this not only makes the chair more beautiful, but also more comfortable. The fronts of drawers can also be made more interesting with different textiles.

• If there is no fabric surface on the furniture, it can be worth repainting. There are paints in all possible colors. Furniture does not necessarily have to be completely painted. Even small color accents enhance the visual appearance.

Furniture foil oak modern freshen up furniture quickly

Rethink the lighting concept

It is not for nothing that you put something in the right light or you let something appear in a new light. Pleasant lighting makes a great contribution to well-being in the home. It is advisable to have some kind of basic lighting for every room. This can be a large ceiling light in the living room that illuminates most of the room. It is supplemented with the help of individual floor lamps, floor lamps or indirect light behind furniture to create a cozy atmosphere.

When choosing lightbulbs, color also plays a role. Light with a low color value makes a warmer impression, which is why warm bulbs are well suited for the bedroom or living room. Cold colors belong in the workplace.

The possibilities for a new coat of paint or a change of scenery are endless

A change of scenery can work wonders

If the minor changes in the apartment have not yet helped, it may be worth repainting. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the entire room. Sometimes single walls or surfaces are enough to get a new impression of the room. A colored wall can often form a frame around certain pieces of furniture in order to better showcase them.

Contrary to expectations, colors are also suitable for smaller rooms, because they don’t always have to be white. A room can become higher if it is painted a light color. The desired effect can be achieved with tones such as cream, yellow or sand. It looks particularly elegant when the ceiling is painted in a lighter variant of the wall color. Longitudinal strips stretch the room upwards.

The possibilities for a new coat of paint are endless. The best thing to do here is to experiment with colors and shapes and see which result you are happiest with.

freshen up old lift with special film before after picture

Sustainable and affordable ideas for new furniture

A new facility is planned, but the budget is missing. There are also various solutions here. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, a visit to the flea market is worthwhile. Here you can discover real treasures for yourself, especially if you are only looking for smaller items.

If the shopping is to be a bit bigger, such as a new wardrobe or even parts of a new kitchen, then you can pay a visit to one of the many furniture exchanges in Germany. You can find everything here, from a coffee spoon to a dishwasher. The things are used and often come from the liquidation of apartments. As a rule, the furniture here is still in very good shape and if you are lucky you can buy one or the other piece of jewelry.

If you give old furniture a new home, you not only create new visual highlights in the apartment, but also do something good for the environment. Recycling and upcycling are very trendy and protect the CO2 and ecological balance.

In this way, you can redecorate your home with a clear conscience, while saving money and protecting nature.

Table made of wooden reel cable reel for the apartment

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