Firewood shelf made of metal for attractive storage


If you have a fireplace, you will certainly be looking for an attractive way of stowing the wood close by so that you don’t have to run outside every time. The firewood shelf is not only useful, but can and should also have a decorative side to it. This is particularly easy to care for Firewood shelf made of metal, of which we would like to introduce you to various models, including designer pieces.

Firewood shelf made of metal – a decorative accessory

Wood fireplace shelf made of metal wall-idea-modern-corner fireplace-living room

You can also have the metal firewood shelf made by yourself. A stable metal is recommended here. Depending on the material, the manufacturing costs are higher because some metals are more difficult to weld and special welding systems are required.

Wall niches for the metal firewood shelf


It is also practical that you can have the metal firewood shelf painted in any color. This is how you get the perfect design to match your interior. But the color black is particularly modern and also a practical one. Since the firewood is constantly pushed in and pulled out again, the paint can get dirty quickly, which is not noticeable with black.

Built-in shelf


Of course, you also choose the shelf depending on the space you have available. If you have a large, free wall, the metal firewood shelf can be larger and accommodate more wood. But a smaller model can also be sufficient. The important thing is that you have to go outside for new wood as rarely as possible.

DIY metal firewood shelf

Chimney wood shelf made of metal industrial-diy-pipes-wheels-black-clinker

You are welcome to build a metal firewood shelf yourself. This is an option if you are into the industrial style. Just take some metal pipes and assemble the model you want, which you then fill with the firewood.

Firewood ring from Morsø


In principle, there are no limits to the designs and you can choose the size yourself. Here you can see an interesting round model from Morsø. It has a pad to catch dirt and a handle for easier carrying.

Shelf with wheels from Extremis

Firewood shelf made of metal extremis-steel-gray-black-wagon

The Extremis model is available in two color variants. There is also a trolley to match the metal firewood shelf itself, with which the full shelf can simply be transported inside. Instead of fetching wood several times to fill the shelf, fill it once and move it to the usual place next to the fireplace.

Solo by Röshults


This metal firewood shelf by Röshults is simple yet stylish. It takes enough wood and has wheels again to make transport easier. The white color also makes the model look very elegant, especially when it is in front of a darker wall.

Mixrack from Showroom Finland


If you like Scandinavian style and want a matching metal firewood shelf, then Mixrack from Showroom Finland may be just the thing for you. Ordinary poles in white form the model. You can also use it as inspiration and have it made.

Stool and firewood shelf in one


If you have very limited space, you need multifunctional variants for the furniture and accessories in the room. This original metal firewood shelf offers exactly that. On the one hand, it is a small model that takes up little space and, on the other hand, it can also be used as a stool, coffee table or side table.

Sculptural idea


Like any other type of shelf, the metal firewood shelf can have a decorative effect. With the right design, it can be a real eye-catcher in the room and more than just additional storage space. A pretty stand or a combination of different colors can be a great eye-catcher in the room.

Half-round shelf

Firewood shelf-metal-small-semicircle-black-design

The great thing about metal is that it can be bent and shaped wonderfully. Wrought iron in particular is a great way to create ornate and romantic designs. Here you can see a metal firewood shelf that has a semicircular shape and can accommodate the wood wonderfully without losing its decorative appearance.

Hang up fireplace tools


The metal firewood shelf is best placed near the fireplace. So you always have it ready to hand when heating and make the area dirty with splinters or other dirt. A shelf is also practical if it also has hooks to hang up the fireplace tools.

Large firewood shelf

Firewood shelf-metal-original-shape-pattern-design-logs-outdoor-interior

This metal firewood shelf has been thought out so that the wood in it also contributes to the decorative effect. You can even combine different types and sizes of wood to create original patterns. This is also the case with the next example:

Rectangular form

Fireplace-wood-shelf-metal-material-steel-plant-decoration-storage space

Several compartments are designed with any shape, each of which is filled with different types of wood or with logs and sticks. The width of the shelf should roughly correspond to the standard length of the firewood, so that the arrangement looks nice and tidy in the end.

Simple designs


The metal firewood shelf doesn’t have to be expensive at all. A normal rectangular design can look just as attractive as a round or ornate one. Wrought iron with attractive ornaments can be quite costly. If you don’t want to invest a lot, choose a shelf like the one above, which can also be divided into several compartments.

Wall decoration with firewood

Fireplace-wood-shelf-metal-round-idea-attractive-coffee table

If the metal firewood shelf is attached well and securely, it can also decorate the wall perfectly, as is the case in this living room. The round design is again divided into several compartments, which are filled with different logs and pieces of wood. The shelf seems to be more of a decoration than a warehouse.

Small wrought iron shelf


A small metal firewood shelf is compact and can be set aside more easily and quickly if necessary, which is particularly advantageous when there are no wheels. Two compartments can be used to separate the firewood and thin sticks for lighting the fire.

Simple frame made of metal


Two frames, which are attached to each other by bars or rods at certain intervals, are all that is necessary for a metal firewood shelf. The model is so simple and yet makes a great impression. The modern shelf comes into its own in the Mediterranean interior and is anything but intrusive.

Firewood shelf for indoors and outdoors

wood fireplace shelf made of metal design-stove-heating-lantern-wall cladding-wood

Here you can see another variant for the semicircular design. The height of the shelf can be set as desired using feet. This model also has two compartments that can be filled differently. The metal firewood shelf is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and should definitely not be missing for a comfortable living experience.