Electric door locks put to the test: they can do that

What is a playful luxury for the house entrance for some is the future standard for others: electric door locks. The latest models are available in different price ranges and different versions. One thing is certain: they can all open and close. However, the functionalities of such door locks are by no means exhausted.

Electric door locks offer security and convenience

electric door locks offer security and are functional

Of course, an electric lock is a luxury that offers a special level of comfort. In this regard, it does not differ from other smart home devices. Nevertheless, it is by no means a gimmick for technically savvy people. It is the comfort and the security that convince. If you want to find out more, you can ask the locksmith, for example at Pichler Castle.

Electric door locker advantages at a glance

  • Smart locks can be opened using the app. However, not only from the residents: You can also allow technicians, friends or family members access – and conveniently when you are out and about.
  • If you also mount a video doorbell, you can stream the images directly to your smartphone or smartwatch.
  • Did the children forget the key? No problem: you can open the front door with your fingerprint or a number code.
  • WLAN locks offer another advantage: They use an app to show who is already at home. Parents can work with peace of mind because they know that the children have arrived safely after school.

These are the advantages of electric door locks

Electric door locks open up the advantages of technology

Once you have decided on an electric lock, you will not want to be without it any more. This is mainly due to the numerous advantages of modern technology.

– The door can be opened via bluetooth, numeric code, fingerprint or app, which means that there is no need to rummage for the keychain.

– Authorization for access can be distributed while on the move.

– The user can choose the functions that he really needs.

– The old key remains functional, so provisions are made for emergencies.

Security concerns: How secure are smart door locks?

electric door locks they are safe smart models at a glance

Each area has its advantages and disadvantages. This also applies to technically high-quality door locks. This is why manufacturers place particular emphasis on secure encryption of radio communication. Nevertheless, there is no electric door lock that offers 100 percent protection against manipulation. The same of course also applies to manual locks.

However, a smart model makes it difficult for the burglars to do their job. You have to crack the complicated encryption first. This is time consuming and cumbersome. Anyone who makes such an effort would probably not have any problems with the break-in even with a classic lock. The biggest security gap is the smartphone – if it is stolen, the door can be opened without further ado.

If you have concerns about the WiFi connection, you can choose a model with Bluetooth. In this case, it communicates directly with the connection to the smartphone.

Electric door locks impress with their functionality

how do electric door locks work and how they control them

Anyone who opts for an electronic lock should first take a look at its functionality. Not every model offers the same benefits.

  • App control: Some locks can be conveniently opened using the app or unlocked automatically as soon as the smartphone comes close.
  • Access authorization: It makes sense every now and then to allow a specialist or master painter temporary access.
  • Smart Home Integration: With Smart Home compatible models, the interactions can be coordinated. Cozy evening lighting or background music welcomes the resident when they enter the apartment.
  • Functional key: Depending on the construction, a combination can be used for access. This means that you can insert a key inside and outside so that the door can be opened even in the event of danger.
  • Voice control: Many electronic locking cylinders can now be accessed similarly to cell phones Operate the voice assistant.

The rented apartment can also be retrofitted

Open smart locks via app and allow access

Most providers have now developed sophisticated models that make screwing, clamping and gluing unnecessary. This means that the conditions on site remain largely untouched. In this way, even the front door of the rented apartment can be equipped with a convenient electric door lock.