Designer furniture by Flou for bedrooms and living rooms

Gentleman line collection flou sofa armchair italian cushions

The new collection from Flou is proof that the wonderful charisma of Italian furniture will never be boring. The collection for Designer furniture by Flou is divided into two lines, namely Doze and Gentleman, both of which specialize in modern and luxurious furnishings for both living rooms and bedrooms.

Designer furnishings by Flou – an interplay of classic and modern

designer furnishing of flou classic modern bed italian

Doze as a designer facility by Flou offers a practical modular system. With it you can easily choose between two and up to five-seater and combine them as you like. This line impresses with a unique design and comfortable features such as slatted frame, feather upholstery and wonderful fabric. The aim of the latter is to give the furniture a chic, used look that contributes to the cozy atmosphere that the furniture exudes. All in all, the Doze line contributes to a luxurious ambience.

Designer furniture by Flou – a bed in a minimalist style

designer furnishing of flou bed gray minimalist

The designs of the designer furniture by Flou in the gentleman line are diverse and are also characterized by smooth and supple lines. Like the Doze line, it contains different models for both the bedroom and the living room, including many models for armchairs and sofas. In spite of all this, the elegant beds in a minimalist style are a very special eye-catcher. But just convince yourself with the gallery that we have put together for you.

The minimalist bed by Flou from the side

bed modern italian pillow mattress gray minimalistic

A sofa from Flou in gray color

Gentleman sofa flou collection italian design living room gray elegant

 Designer bed by Flou in cream

gentleman bed white cream flou bedroom furnishings bedside table lamp

 Red brown sofa in a worn and modern look

designer furnishing of flou sofa living room red-brown white coffee table modern

 Furniture by Flou for the living room in gray

living room furnishing couch gray flou design coffee table carpet

 Designer sofa by Flou in brown

sofa elegant flou design coffee table glass brown couch

Flou’s designer furnishings are characterized by high-quality fabrics

gray sofa flou fabric luxurious cushions italian design

Doze Modular sofa italian flou design blue-gray coffee table floor lamp

sofa flou gray wall picture pillow decor set up

sofa gray flou italian design suede

sofa flou italian white cream armrest cushion living room

Models of the Italian furniture company Flou