Design the recessed seating area in the living room in a minimalist style

Sitting area in the living room, floor-recessed-lounge-high-gloss-white-large-window

Sitting areas for the living room that are embedded in the floor are very popular because they exude a particularly cozy atmosphere. In order to design the living room lounge in this way, a platform is usually built first, into which the respective seating area comes. The house that we would like to introduce to you has such a lounge. However, that’s not all it impresses with. Take a look at the gallery below and gather inspiration for an immersed one Sitting area in the living room and other interior design ideas.

Sitting area in the living room, embedded in a pedestal

Seating area in the living room-window front-minimalist-furnishing

The modern house is located in the Czech Republic, and more precisely in Posázaví. It was designed by the company a69 Architekti in the middle of a forest landscape and near a pond. So that the house adapts to the natural surroundings, a facade made of weathered wood was chosen, which has a gray color. The house is a prototype.

Sitting area in the living room with a view of the kitchen

Sitting area in the living room dining area-white-nuances-furniture-living room

The sitting area in the living room is surrounded on the one hand by a large window front and on the other by two walls with built-in bookshelves. You also get a view of the elegant kitchen and dining area. The lounge is equipped with gray cushions and pillows, which not only guarantee comfort but also a pleasant look.

White furniture for living room

Sitting area in the living room round-walled-dining-table-white-chairs

The sitting area in the living room also provides a contrast to the otherwise rather monochrome interior of the house. It is designed in different shades of white. The open living area is visually divided into different areas, which are all well lit thanks to the large windows. The furnishings are simple and minimalist.

Open living area

Sitting area-living room-built-in shelf-wall-monochrome-color-interior

The dining area is located in the center of the house, so to speak, where the paths to the other areas cross. It is equipped with a modern stone dining table and white chairs. White walls and a cream-colored, glossy floor decorate the individual areas and at the same time create a pleasant atmosphere. The dining area offers a view of the recessed seating area in the living room and the kitchen.

Modern and environmentally friendly architecture

Sitting area-living room-entrance-window front-sliding-door-curtain-privacy screen

The modern house with a recessed seating area in the living room was built on stones and very close to a pond. The environment was preserved during construction. This means that none of the existing trees were cut down. Not only the view of the lake was guaranteed thanks to the raised building. The meadow, which is located in the middle of the forest, can be reached quickly and easily from the house.

Green flat roof

Sitting area-living room-bauhaus-style-garden-minimalist-autumn-colors-trees

The roof of the house with a seating area in the living room was made flat and made of a solid structure. The flat design offers the option of greening, which was immediately implemented in this house. The gray wooden facade is combined with black window frames, which differ from the light furnishings in the interior.

Big windows

Sitting area-living room-single-family house-facade-wood-birch-garden

The comfortable connection between the indoor and outdoor areas of the house with the seating area in the living room is not only achieved through this entrance door. There are also window fronts made of sliding doors and lead directly to the stairs that connect the raised house with the garden, or the forest meadow and the terrace, from which you can perfectly enjoy the natural surroundings.

House in nature

Sitting area-living room-furnishing-interior-design-ideas-simple-modern

The house is the perfect variant for everyone who does not want to do without nature and wants to enjoy seclusion. The large windows that are present in all public living spaces allow the owners to be close to nature even when they are inside the house. An extra that can be enjoyed from the recessed seating area in the living room, among other things.

House right on the shore

sitting area-living-room-czech-lake-modern-building-a-house

The lake lies deep in the ground and is surrounded by rocks that also form the shore. The house is also on one of these banks. Again, large windows guarantee a breathtaking view. The lake can be viewed from the comfortable, recessed seating area in the living room, of all places.

House with sitting area in the living room – The floor plan

Sitting area-living room-floor plan-ground floor-bungalow-design

Here you can see again the floor plan of the house with a recessed seating area in the living room, as well as its location on the lake and on the property. Organic shapes characterize the interior of the house in the form of curved walls. In addition to the public living space, there are also private, separate rooms, including the bathroom and bedroom.

Design by a69 architect.