Design a cozy sleeping alcove – 40+ ideas that inspire you to imitate

A sleeping alcove is ideal as an alternative to a bedroom in a one-room apartment or a guest room. But they are also very popular in children’s rooms. They not only make a room look cozier, but are also a practical thing. Such a niche also invites you to linger – it’s a great place to read a book or take a nap. And of course you should create a sleeping alcove that is as comfortable as possible. We have put together a few tips and suggestions on how you can integrate a bed in an alcove to create a cozy corner that you will never want to leave.

Design sleeping alcoves – use existing alcoves or build them yourself

Romantic vintage niche for sleeping or sitting with a curtain

If the room already has a niche that is big enough for a bed, the task is of course relatively simple – a bed is simply placed in it or, if the standard sizes do not fit, a carpenter or even the dimensions can be built by a carpenter. And an individually built or ordered bed has the advantage that you can equip it with other useful things – a shelf, drawers to store things or even a few steps for a raised bed.

Build a bed niche

Build your own alcove with shelves or other furniture

But you can also design a sleeping alcove by building it yourself beforehand. This works with frames and cladding made of wood, but also with simple pieces of furniture such as shelves or cupboards and other types of room dividers with which you can partition a free wall or an area in the room for a sleeping alcove of any size.

Design sleeping alcoves under the sloping roof

Create cute sleeping alcoves under a sloping roof and with light green wall paint

Roof slopes are particularly suitable if you want to design a sleeping alcove. Usually these are also the preferred sleeping area in a room under the roof because there is little space for other pieces of furniture besides the bed. Such a sloping ceiling niche can also be wonderfully and, above all, romantically separated from the rest of the room with a curtain. A sleeping alcove with a curtain is therefore the ideal solution for a one-room attic apartment.

Living ideas sleeping alcove

Furnish a chic apartment with a niche and decorative accent made of wooden boards

In order to design the perfect sleeping alcove for your needs and your taste, a few inspirations are of course necessary. Because even the small details play an important role for the best comfort – the choice of textiles, pillows and blankets, decorations in the niche such as pictures, fairy lights or other lighting and, and, and … How you can best equip an apartment with a sleeping alcove , we would therefore like to show you the following ideas.

Design living room with sleeping alcove

Furnishing idea for a one-room apartment - sleeping area in the living room in a wall niche

In this small apartment, a bed was integrated in a wall niche in the living room. In this way, it does not take up valuable space and blends in wonderfully with the rest of the interior. The sleeping area has also been nicely decorated with a mural and a houseplant, which makes it even more welcoming.

Niche in a modern wooden design

Design a modern sleeping alcove with wood - guest bed ideas

In the middle of the room is this alcove, which has been implemented in a pleasant and modern way. The use of warm wood in combination with a white rear wall creates a cozy retreat that you don’t want to leave. Thanks to the lamp, it is also perfect for reading.

Sleeping alcove in the children’s room

Create a sleeping alcove in the children's room with a wooden wall and a small staircase

In this children’s room, the area under the sloping ceiling was separated off with a wooden wall. The result is a cozy bed that children can use to feel like they are in a cave. There is hardly a child who would not be happy about such a sleeping area. The integrated drawers also offer storage space for toys and other things.

Bed niche on the loft

Create a sleeping alcove on the loft under a sloping roof

On a loft, space is usually very limited. But if you want to design a sleeping alcove, it is optimal. Especially when the bed under the sloping roof reaches all three walls and completely fills the available space, a small sleeping oasis is created, the charm of which is even enhanced by the sloping roof. In the example above, the color combination is also very appealing. The room accessories in light blue and yellow come into their own thanks to the otherwise simple white of the room.

Build your own alcove with wardrobe and curtain

Create a sleeping alcove between the wall and the wardrobe in a one-room apartment

Normal bed in an alcove with curtains

Integrate a curtain rod in the niche for a curtain

Bed with storage space in the back wall

Large bed in an alcove with built-in wardrobes

Alcove in the living room

Large alcove in the living room with bed and bedside table

Bed on a pedestal in the attic

Cover the loft with wood and add a bed to the window

Great idea for an alcove in the bedroom

Tips and ideas for creating a wall niche with a bed

Loft bed in a niche with a red accent wall

Use the wall niche for the bed and create an accent wall made of wood

Turn a closet into a reading and sleeping space for children

Convert the closet into a reading or sleeping area with fairy lights

Youth room with a raised bed in a self-made niche and a desk

Set up a youth room with a pedestal bed in an alcove - a beautiful living idea with lots of wood

Specially made niche bed with attached bench

Idea for self-made sleeping alcoves - build a bed in the bedroom

Multifunctional piece of furniture with wardrobe forms a niche for the bed with shelves

Idea for a loft bed in a niche made of multi-functional furniture with a shelf

Modern idea for the children’s room with a loft bed in a wall niche

Cozy bed for children with modern wooden paneling and built-in bookcase

Furnish a one-room apartment – sofa and bed

Practically furnishing a one-room apartment with a niche bed

Practically furnishing a one-room apartment with sleeping and sitting areas

Furnishing a one-room apartment - high-gloss wall unit, small sofa and niche with bed

Rustic double bed made from recycled wood in an alcove

Double bunk bed in a niche - idea for a children's room or guest room in a rustic style

Pure romance – niche bed by the window with white curtains

Bed in a window alcove in a white bedroom

Low room with a bed in an alcove between cupboards

Living idea for the nursery - build a bed in a niche between cupboards

Modern children’s room in light blue with a niche in the shape of a house

Children's room in light blue and white with a niche for sleeping in the shape of a house

Niche specially designed for a sleeping area

Design a sleeping alcove and separate the bed with a wall under a sloping ceiling

Practical use of niches for beds in youth or children’s rooms

Children's room with a sloping ceiling and a large bed in an alcove

Idea for a loft bed in a large niche

Turn your wardrobe into a sleeping alcove with sliding doors

Cozy niche by the window, decorated with a chain of lights

Small niche for sleeping by the window decorated with fairy lights

Idea for a small room – combine sofa and bed

Comfortable sleeping area in a self-made niche by the window and sofa in the bedroom

Girls’ room with sleeping alcove by the window and curtains

Girl's room idea with a bed niche by the window and pink furnishings

Classic bed in an alcove by the window with curtains for more privacy

Create a sleeping alcove with a loft bed - bed against a wall with a small window

Create sleeping alcoves under the sloping roof with a 3D effect

Furnishing a modern attic apartment - minimalist sleeping alcove in matt black

Wall niche completely clad with wood and a bed embedded in a pedestal

Create a sleeping alcove in the living room on a wooden pedestal

Modern day bed with black wall paint in the niche

Create a sleeping alcove in a modern look with black color - sofa and bed in one

Romantic sleeping alcove with white curtains

Create a romantic alcove with a double bed and curtains

Use wall niche with wood paneling for a day bed

Niche with a bed for an afternoon nap with wood paneling

Pedestal bed in a niche with built-in drawers

Design a multifunctional sleeping alcove - bed and storage space with cupboards in one

Create a sleeping alcove in a narrow bedroom

Creating a sleeping alcove in a narrow room - idea for the guest room

Sofa and bed in one, surrounded by windows

Create sleeping alcoves between windows and with natural stone steps

Convert a window niche or bay window into a place to sleep

Black and white alcove design with pillows on a pedestal and with a bookshelf