Cooling down with the fan: Useful tips for a comfortable indoor climate on hot days

Concentration disorders, reduced performance and malaise: Temperatures above 25 degrees can be very stressful. This year, too, Europe is facing a hot summer. In order to fight against the heat that can be felt in many parts of Germany from May onwards, many people use a fan. It ensures a pleasant room climate on hot spring and summer days. We give you useful tips on how you can cool down with the fan and what you should pay attention to.

What is the most effective way to cool down with the fan?

Cool down in the home office or in the office with a table fan from Vasner

When the room temperature rises above 21 degrees Celsius, then is the right time to cool down. A fan can be used in many ways. You can use the device for ventilation early in the morning and late in the evening. Place it as close to the floor as possible in front of an open balcony door and turn it towards the room. The fan will transport the cold morning or evening air from outside to the inside and in this way cool the temperature down.

Cooling with a fan with ultrasonic spray function Test winner from Vasner

You can also use a fan to cool the room with an ultrasonic spray during the day. These models are equipped with a water atomizer. The swivel function evenly distributes the fog and wind in the room and thus ensures a pleasant cooling effect. Alternatively, you can place a bowl of ice water in front of the device and turn it towards the bowl. In this way you not only manage to cool the people and animals in the room, but also to increase the humidity.

Floor-standing fan from Vasner in black offers cooling on hot summer days

In contrast to the fan with a water atomizer, a pedestal fan can only circulate the air and not cool it down. Darkening the windows with blinds or blinds can help keep the air in the room cool. Then you can put the device in a corner so that it distributes the air evenly in the room. With a standing fan you can also create a strong air flow and thus direct the air from a cool room facing north into a heated room facing south.

If used correctly, a tower fan can direct the cooler air from the floor upwards, creating a refreshing breeze for the home office. He also lets the air circulate at his desk.

Tower fan for desk from Vasner quiet for office and home office

Regardless of which variant you choose, a high-quality fan also scores with these additional functions:

  • Oscillation: The term “oscillation” describes the automatic swivel movement. In this way, the device ensures even air circulation.
  • The timer function allows you to set the switch-on and switch-off times.

Vasner fan with fog and ultrasound function test winner

  • A replaceable particle air filter can clean the air. This function is useful for allergy sufferers and people with asthma.
  • The rotorless fan is an option for the home office or the office. It is very quiet because it has no rotor blades.

Cooling down with the fan: the most common mistakes

Cool down with the fan tips for the position

If you want to cool one or more rooms with a fan, you should avoid the following mistakes:

  1. Let the fan run all day. It is best to use it specifically in the morning and in the evening for ventilation and two or three times a day to improve air circulation. Do not run the fan when nobody is in the room.
  2. Never turn the fan towards your head or your body. Because this is how you can catch a muscle or nerve inflammation.
  3. Never sleep in the room with the fan running. Better put it in the hallway or in a room across the street.
  4. Never stand with wet hair in a room where the fan is running at maximum speed. First dry your hair before entering the room.

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