Cleaning your apartment after renovation – 7 tips for the best cleaning results

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Have you wanted a change of scenery for the bedroom for a long time? Can your dining room furniture use a fresh coat of paint? Many homeowners use the summer holidays and warm days to give their four walls a fresh shine. Summertime is the best time to renovate your home because it offers the perfect weather conditions: it’s warm, not too windy and the days are longer. But as soon as the last tradesmen release the rooms, the apartment has to be cleaned again and brought up to scratch. Cleaning an apartment after renovation can also be achieved without stress if you have a system in place. With the following tips you will achieve professional cleaning results.

Cleaning the apartment after renovation – 1. Always from top to bottom

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Basically, you should work from top to bottom when cleaning, because the dust that falls down can then be removed by vacuuming. This saves you time and does not have to vacuum twice. First, dust cupboards, shelves, lamps and worktops with a damp microfiber cloth (always wipe in one direction), only then vacuum upholstered furniture and floors and wipe dry. As a rule of thumb, do not brush back and forth, otherwise the dirt will only be distributed.

2. Which cleaning agents for which surfaces?

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Knowing which products are best for which use will save you time and effort. There are cleaning agents with different cleaning power – for light to heavy soiling, while others may not be used on certain surfaces as they can damage them considerably. Never mix bleach with ammonia because this chemical compound can be fatal. Research the best cleaning products and their effects and try several to determine a favorite.

3. Clean windows after renovation


During renovation work, the windows can be heavily soiled by cement, paint, dust from masonry mortar and plaster, so they must be cleaned thoroughly and with great care. Window cleaning belongs together with oven cleaning representative according to studies one of the most unpopular housework for Germans. To save yourself time and a lot of problems, you can simply hire a company to do the window cleaning. Specialists in building cleaning have the right cleaning equipment and know best how to remove coarse dirt from glass surfaces after construction work without scratching them.

4. Clean from the furthest corner of the room to the door

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If a room has to be cleaned as a whole, one should start on one side and then work systematically to the next side. When vacuuming or mopping the room, start from the farthest corner of the room and work towards the door. So you won’t move through the already cleaned area and carry the dirt with you.

5. Clean room by room


Many housewives always clean after work: first vacuum everything, then dust is mopped … After a renovation, it makes more sense to clean room by room so that the dirt is not carried from room to room. Clean the first room, then continue with the basic cleaning in the next one. If you only concentrate on one task, it would be easier to complete it and then move on with motivation and satisfaction. Even if you wanted to take a break before the finale, the chaos would only be limited in the last room.

6. Cleaning the bathroom after renovation


In order to remove the cement veil after grouting freshly laid tiles, the most important thing is to choose the right cleaning agent. This always depends on the type of tile. For example, hydrochloric acid should never be used on natural stone, while phosphoric acid dissolves lime easily on most stones. Before using any type of cement film remover, water the affected areas to prevent the acids from seeping into the stone.

When cleaning the bathroom, do not save on water, because the floor should be wiped really wet, otherwise the dirt will settle in the joints. Instead of the yellow-green sponges, it is best to use microfiber cloths to avoid scratching the surfaces of the fittings. Dry everything well so that there are no water stains on the tiles and shower walls.

7. Neutralize the smell of paint after renovation 

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After a renovation, there is sometimes an unpleasant smell in the rooms for a long time. In addition to airing, you can set up a bowl with salt or baking powder to get the smell of color away from a newly renovated room.

It could be several weeks before you can remove the construction dust. Be patient and wipe every day if possible to bring the apartment back into shape!