50+ ideas for the stove wall design – Let yourself be inspired by the different materials

What could be nicer in the cold months of the year than the pleasant warmth of a fireplace in the living room? If you are the lucky owner of such a heat source, you will certainly want to display your piece of jewelery beautifully. In this case, it is worthwhile to design the walls around the stove in a special way. And since there are many different options for this, we have put together a few variants for the stove wall design for you, from which you can be inspired.

Stove wall design – what are the options?

Use the old fireplace for the stove and clad it with black stone

In order to offer your walls the best possible heat protection, you should primarily use a heat-resistant material for the stove wall design. For this purpose, special heat protection is offered, which can consist of different materials. But you can also choose the classic stone and even wood. In principle, it all depends on what kind of effect you want to achieve and what suits your interior best.

Stone and wood, for example, are wonderfully suitable for rustic furnishings. Plain wood in one color can just as easily fit into modern home furnishings. It becomes particularly minimalistic with concrete or gray metal plates. And if you want to add a bit of color and highlight the area around the stove, you can opt for colorful tiles for the stove wall design.

Stove wall design with accent wall made of red brick

Possibly you already have the best conditions in your house to set up your oven – for example, if you have a stone wall or a brick wall, the oven is very welcome there. However, walls can of course also be easily adjusted afterwards and designed according to your ideas. No matter what type of material you choose, try to use a material for the floor that goes well with the wall design behind the stove so that there is a nice interplay.

Correct distance despite heat protection

Stove wall design with white tiles in a herringbone pattern

Even if you install heat protection, but especially if you choose combustible material such as wood for the stove wall design, you should keep a certain distance from the wall. This distance is for your protection and is also regulated by law. The distance between the back wall and the stove should be at least 20 cm. The same applies to the periphery around the oven door, because it also poses a fire hazard. The distance to other combustible living elements such as furniture must again be at least 80 cm. You can best get advice on this from your chimney sweep.

Stove without a back wall and with a glass bottom plate

If you keep these distances, heat protection is not absolutely necessary. In this case, your fireplace wall design is only used for decoration and to highlight the area. Check out numerous ideas for designing the wall behind the stove below that will inspire you.

Design the fireplace back wall from natural stone and stone imitation

Rustic stove wall design with stone and stone slabs for the floor

Wall cladding and pedestal made of stone

Stones for gluing decorate and protect the wall behind the stove

Narrow stone slabs to be glued on

Stove wall design with stone as wall cladding in gray

Rustic corner wall made of large river stones

Idea for the stove wall design of a corner with a large flow

Black stone slabs

Black concrete highlights the area with the wood stove in a modern way

Cut stone is reminiscent of cobblestone

Cut stone for walls is reminiscent of cobblestone and gives off the wood stove

Stone tiles for the wall with wooden frames

Design two walls with stone tiles and frame them with wooden strips

Half-height wall cladding with a wooden frame as a storage space for decoration

Wall design behind the fireplace with stone and wooden frame

Creating contrasts – a retro oven with a modern rear wall and a modern oven with a rustic wall design

Modern fireplace vs. retro design with narrow stone tile backs

Modern back wall for the wood stove and black stone tiles

Stone wall and black panels for the stove as heat-resistant materials

Design of the wall with stone in a T-shape

Stone wall as a fireplace Wall design with a rustic style - creative ideas for furnishing

Furnishing with wood and stone column as a contrast and back wall for the stove

Cottage style house with lots of wood and a stone back wall for the stove

Brick for a rustic flair

Black oven in front of a light brick wall - contrasts create a great atmosphere

Light brick as an accent wall

Stove wall design with red bricks for a cozy atmosphere

Brick halfway up in front of the wall as a fireplace wall design

Half-height brick wall cladding behind the wood-burning stove in the living room

Brown bricks for the stove area with a rustic flair

Idea for the stove wall design in a country house style with brown brick

Light brick wall as a background for a hanging oven in a triangular shape

Hanging stove chimney without heat protection at a distance from the brick wall

White brick for two walls in a corner

White brick for a modern fireplace wall design

Create a wall niche with brick and install an oven

Brick walls look cozy and rustic and are heat-resistant at the same time

Red fireplace with an antique look in front of a red brick wall

Use the wall behind the stove to hang up cookware or accessories

Wall behind a stove with wood

Chimney stove wall design with recycled wood as an accent wall

Modern wooden wall

Despite the design of the wall behind the chimney, a minimum distance should be maintained

Wall cladding with wooden strips

Original wood-framed stove in front of a wooden wall made of moldings

Wooden wall with a patchwork effect

Wooden boards as wall cladding with a patchwork effect in different colors

Stove wall design with metal plates

Stove wall design with two layers of metal plates with mountains as a motif

Mount black painted metal on the wall as heat protection

Stove wall design with black metal plates behind the stove and for the floor

Wooden wall protect with metal plate behind the stove

Stove wall design with heat protection made of metal in front of a wooden wall

Black metal base plate for the wall

Use the metal base plate for the wall as heat protection for the stove

Laying modern metal plates in industrial style

Metal plates in industrial style - heat protection and decoration in the living room in one

Wall design behind fireplace with tiles

Beautiful fireplace wall design with patchwork tiles in bright colors

Patterned tiles in black and white

Nice and useful accent wall behind the wood stove with patterns

Stone look tiles

Thin, gray stone slabs protect the wall from fire and soot contamination

Fireplace stove in a tiled wall niche

Install the stove in a wall niche and lay patterned tiles

White herringbone tiles

Stone pedestal and back wall made of white tiles in a herringbone pattern behind the stove

Tiles in wood look

Nice idea with tiles for the wall behind the stove

Attractive tile pattern in red for a striking accent wall

Stove wall design with patterned tiles in white and red

Hexagon tiles in rust red

Unique wall design with rust-red hexagon tiles and patterns

More material ideas and designs for the fireplace wall design

Chimney stove wall design with aerated concrete blocks - plan stones for an accent wall

Wall panel imitating white brick

Cladding for the back wall with imitation brick

Panel to hang on in stone tile look

Gray tiles adorn the back wall in the living room with stove

Attach wall panels in contrasting colors as a background for the stove

Wall panels for the stove wall design in mint green

Nice pattern for the stove wall design in the form of a panel

Smart, monochrome design of the area for the stove in gray and white

Modern design of a niche behind the stove for the firewood

Contemporary wall behind the stove in black and with a niche for firewood

White, shiny enamel

Stove wall design made of simple, white enamel

Nautical wall panel with ships and waves as motifs

Trendy heat protection back wall with patterns as a design idea

Design wall niches with patterned panels

Chimney stove wall design - design wall niches with modern, patterned tiles

Heat protection behind the concrete stove

Modern interior with an oven on and in front of concrete slabs

Minimalist design in black

Create a minimalist fireplace rear wall with metal panels

Plain, white wall without heat protection with sufficient distance

Simple stove wall design in a niche without cladding

Use the column as a back wall

Design the rear wall of the fireplace with simple wall paint on a column

Nice, modern concrete look

Chimney stove wall design with concrete and a small platform as fire protection

Wall design next to the stove – shelves for the firewood

Idea for the stove wall design for a floating stove with a shelf for the firewood