Designer furniture by Flou for bedrooms and living rooms

Gentleman line collection flou sofa armchair italian cushions

The new collection from Flou is proof that the wonderful charisma of Italian furniture will never be boring. The collection for Designer furniture by Flou is divided into two lines, namely Doze and Gentleman, both of which specialize in modern and luxurious furnishings for both living rooms and bedrooms.

Designer furnishings by Flou – an interplay of classic and modern

designer furnishing of flou classic modern bed italian

Doze as a designer facility by Flou offers a practical modular system. With it you can easily choose between two and up to five-seater and combine them as you like. This line impresses with a unique design and comfortable features such as slatted frame, feather upholstery and wonderful fabric. The aim of the latter is to give the furniture a chic, used look that contributes to the cozy atmosphere that the furniture exudes. All in all, the Doze line contributes to a luxurious ambience.

Designer furniture by Flou – a bed in a minimalist style

designer furnishing of flou bed gray minimalist

The designs of the designer furniture by Flou in the gentleman line are diverse and are also characterized by smooth and supple lines. Like the Doze line, it contains different models for both the bedroom and the living room, including many models for armchairs and sofas. In spite of all this, the elegant beds in a minimalist style are a very special eye-catcher. But just convince yourself with the gallery that we have put together for you.

The minimalist bed by Flou from the side

bed modern italian pillow mattress gray minimalistic

A sofa from Flou in gray color

Gentleman sofa flou collection italian design living room gray elegant

 Designer bed by Flou in cream

gentleman bed white cream flou bedroom furnishings bedside table lamp

 Red brown sofa in a worn and modern look

designer furnishing of flou sofa living room red-brown white coffee table modern

 Furniture by Flou for the living room in gray

living room furnishing couch gray flou design coffee table carpet

 Designer sofa by Flou in brown

sofa elegant flou design coffee table glass brown couch

Flou’s designer furnishings are characterized by high-quality fabrics

gray sofa flou fabric luxurious cushions italian design

Doze Modular sofa italian flou design blue-gray coffee table floor lamp

sofa flou gray wall picture pillow decor set up

sofa gray flou italian design suede

sofa flou italian white cream armrest cushion living room

Models of the Italian furniture company Flou

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Furnishing ideas from Ferm Living – the new spring collection 2015

furnishing apartments ideas sofa cushions pattern ferm living

One of the advantages that the cold winter brings is that the new spring and summer collections are presented. But this does not only apply to the fashion industry. There are also quite a few innovations to be seen in terms of design and furniture and we would like to start presenting you with the Furnishing ideas from Ferm Living from the new collection.

The special thing about this design company, which was founded by Trine Andersen, is the preference for modern design in combination with the Scandinavian and a little retro style. So if you are one of those who value this type of design, this article should not be missed.

Furnishing ideas from Ferm Living made of carpets and textiles

carpet kelim ferm living black and white furnishing modern scandinavian

The carpets and textiles from the new spring and summer collection and the furnishing ideas from Ferm Living have motifs made up of clear lines. A great example of this is the Kalim rug, which, as you can see, is made up of a combination of the colors black and white. Since these colors go well with any interior, it is also a popular choice for carpets. By the way, we would also like to mention the climbing walls that can be seen in the photos. Especially the version with diagonal bars is very effective and can spice up the environment a bit, while at the same time it is perfect for climbing your climbing plants. It’s a great example of Ferm Living’s interior design ideas.

Furnishing ideas from Ferm Living – Geometric patterns and diagonal climbing wall

furnishing ideas from ferm living deco cushions geometric balcony plants

The special thing about the pillows is not only the fact that they are made from 100% Beio cotton. The geometric patterns, which can now be found everywhere, are also a reason to decorate your home with them straight away, because you would be right on trend with these furnishing ideas from Ferm Living. The pillows are available in warm beige as well as in cool blue and gray and can be wonderfully combined with each other.

Furnishing idea from a bedspread with a geometric pattern

bedspread geometric blue pattern ferm living pillow bed

The same pattern can also be found in the bedspread, as well as in the furnishing ideas from Ferm Living, in which these are combined with decorative pillows. In this way you can not only mix different colors, but also different geometric patterns and thus provide more pep in the interior.

Decorative pillows from Ferm Living with colorful patterns

furnishing idea from ferm living bed pillow pattern closet

In terms of patterns, that’s not all that the new spring and summer collection from Ferm Living has to offer. Geometric patterns on pillows are also offered in other shapes, as well as in bright colors. They are perfect in case you want the room to look a little more playful. But that does not mean that they are only suitable for the nursery. But on the contrary! They do very well in any room.

Kitchen equipment with tea towels from Ferm Living

ferm living tea towel modern kitchen aubergine berry black brass spoon

And Ferm Living also has great furnishing ideas for the kitchen. With tea towels you can bring color into the kitchen, especially if you choose towels from the new collection by Ferm Living. They come in three colors, eggplant, black and blue.

Furnishing ideas from Ferm Living – stoneware tableware

stoneware deco kitchen plate brass spoon gray ferm living

Now we come to the furnishing ideas from Ferm Living from decorations, where we continue with the kitchen. The collection offers great stone tableware for this purpose. The stoneware collection “New” consists, among other things, of the new plate, which is polished gray. The brass spoons are also pretty, they go perfectly with the dishes and even add some color to them.

Furnishing ideas with toilet holder in black

furnishing ideas from ferm living toilet paper holder black modern

Another important room in the apartment must of course not be forgotten. We mean the bathroom and for this the furnishing ideas from Ferm Living offer a toilet paper holder in black. This gives the bathroom a modern touch. Perhaps you will also find an effectively designed toilet paper to go with it.

Set up and decorate with ceramic vases

vases cylinder decoration furnishing ferm living ceramic window

For a perfect decoration of the apartment, vases should of course not be missing. To meet this requirement, you can use these furnishing ideas from Ferm Living and distribute your ceramic vases with rubber cover individually or in groups.

The same goes for the pretty concrete flower pots. They also consist of neutral earth tones and are just as suitable for indoor as for outdoor use.

Ferm Living flower pots made of concrete in natural tones

ferm living collection spring summer concrete vases deco

Particularly effective among the decorations and furnishing ideas from Ferm Living, which is also practical, is this round shelf, which is an interesting eye-catcher. The wooden blocks, on the other hand, are suitable both for playing for children and as interesting decoration.

Round wooden wall shelf by Ferm Living

wall shelf round ferm living modern deco idea wood

All ideas come from Ferm Living

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Household contents insurance tips: Insure your belongings properly

home contents insurance tips-comparison-cost-tariffs

At Christmas in particular, the thieves get out there. And even an Advent wreath can catch fire. Or has there been damage caused by leaking tap water? For example because of a burst pipe or a defective water machine? You protect your property with home contents insurance. But what exactly does it insure? In which cases does the protection apply? And what do you have to consider when concluding a contract? You can find the answers here.

What does the contents insurance do?

home contents insurance tips damage-numbers-roof

The provides information about what a household insurance provides Association of the German Insurance Industry V. (GDV): The insurance reimburses the financial value of goods that have been stolen, destroyed or damaged – for example in the event of a break-in or fire. The services include the replacement price of stolen or completely destroyed inventory, the repair costs of damaged items or a reduction in value for items that can still be used to a limited extent.

According to The basic tariffs include “damage after burglary, robbery, vandalism, fire, damage from tap water, storms and hail”. Bicycles that are not stolen from the house but on the street, on the other hand, would have to be insured separately.

Which items are insured?


All movable objects in your household are insured – this includes furniture and decorative items, carpets, lamps and electronic devices, clothing, books, musical instruments and toys, jewelry and cash. This also includes household appliances that are stored in the basement or garage – such as tools, garden furniture or lawn mowers. Cars, motorcycles and mopeds are a special case – these may have to be insured with comprehensive vehicle insurance.

When is the household insurance not responsible??

household insurance-tips-sensible-tap-water-flood

Household contents insurance only pays for property damage to your own property. If goods are accidentally damaged by third parties, the liability insurance is responsible. Household contents insurance does not cover damage to buildings either; building insurance provides protection in this regard.

What does a household insurance cost?

home insurance-tips-costs-postage

Household contents insurance is already available for an annual amount of less than one hundred euros. The amount of the contribution depends on the size of your household, the amount of the sum insured and, of course, the insured risks. Not all tariffs insure all risks. Possible extra services also include the costs of temporary hotel accommodation if the living space is no longer usable after an event.

What do I have to do for the protection to take effect?

home insurance-tips-cost-comparison-damage-water

It is important that you can prove the loss of objects in an emergency, so It makes sense to prepare a list of all valuables as a preventive measure, to take photos of them and to document the value with “receipts, receipts, guarantee certificates, repair invoices”. This list should not be kept in your own household, but deposited with a person of trust or in a safe deposit box. In the event of fire damage, there would then be no risk of the receipts being destroyed.

So that you cannot be accused of negligence in the event of a break-in, you should also make sure that you lock windows and doors at night and when you are absent. Special valuables should be deposited in safes.

Household contents insurance – what you should consider when taking out

home insurance-tips-cost-comparison-tariffs

The various household contents insurers differ in terms of services and prices. Before deciding on a particular insurance policy, you should therefore compare different providers and tariffs.

Online comparisons save you a lot of time. The comparison portal, for example, offers you free and non-binding comparison calculators – If you wish, you can also search for specific tariff modules there.

home insurance-tips-what-insured-sachscaeden-property

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Privacy and sun protection made of wicker in the modern house

Privacy and sun protection wicker-terrace-garden-wooden floorboards

A modern house was conceived by Sporaarchitects Design and realized in Debrecen, Hungary in 2014. The concept evolves around the post-modern architecture in the same city and the traditional materials. The result is a modern home with characteristically straight proportions and large-format windows Privacy and sun protection is guaranteed by panels made of mesh.

Privacy and sun protection are part of the modern exterior

Privacy and sun protection-wicker-garden-terrace roofing-flat roof house

The interior is characterized by a minimalist style – open spaces, white walls and concrete ceilings. The bright wooden flooring made of natural wood enlivens the atmosphere and makes the inside of the house appear cozy and cozy. The floor-wall-ceiling design can also be traced through the entire interior space in the bedroom. This is just as simply furnished and the bathroom attached to it serves as a highlight. It is separated by an elongated glass wall and completely glazed on two sides.

Woven privacy and sun protection for the garden and terrace

Privacy and sun protection -weave-panels-house-side-garden-plot

The house is framed by a base laid with wooden planks, which runs on one side into a modern covered terrace. This is accessible through the living room and appears to be connected to it. The living room is shared by the living room with a view of the property and a modern, open kitchen-cum-living room. The furniture is functional and simple, inspired by midcentury living concepts.

Modern house with a terrace in the middle of the property

Visual and sun protection -woven-modern-house-flat-roof

Modern flat roof house with terrace accessible through the living room 

Privacy and sun protection -weave-terrace-terrace roofing-wooden floorboards

Wooden wicker panels secure the private sphere


Visually attractive and useful – mesh panels ensure privacy 


Modern architecture and use of traditional materials 


 Privacy and sun protection made from traditional materials


 Privacy and sun protection made from natural materials 


Large format windows need to be sensible  Privacy and sun protection


Wooden floorboards outside and floorboards inside


The inside of the house – modern and cozy

View-and-sun protection-living-room-modern-concrete-ceiling-kitchen

Modern, minimalist kitchen-living room in white

modern-open-kitchen-white-concrete-ceiling-kitchen-island-wooden floor

Bedroom with attached bathroom 

bedroom-bathroom-integrated-glass-wall-walk-in-hall floor

Bathroom and bedroom separated by a glass wall

bathroom-modern-glass-wall-frosted glass-concrete-ceiling-wood

Modern bathroom with large pattern tiles as an accent on a wall


Plan and room layout of the house

View-and-sun-protection-braid-modern-house-plan-living space

Schematic representation of the Privacy and sun protection panels 


* a project by Sporaarchitects design

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One-room apartment with minimalist furnishings


When we talk about the home – living room, bedroom and dining area, we come to the question of what kind of apartment one grew up in. The suburban children have their own room with a four-poster bed and bathroom, while the city children share a room with their siblings and the bathroom with their parents. Most people still find the walls and room dividers to the bathroom to be necessary and an indispensable comfort, above all. This is exactly what is a real challenge in this one-room apartment with minimalist furnishings. There are four studio apartments for sleeping and living as an interaction and partly with overlapping borders in the four walls that we will consider today. The designers focus on the concept of seamless transition and carefully selected furniture so that you feel comfortable and cozy.

One room apartment for one person


Artem Shelipov designed a one-room apartment that can be occupied by one person. 33 m2 in which sleeping and living are combined. The convertible furniture is at the center of this area. Of the cozy living area and coffee-drink-break you are already in the relaxation area of ​​sleeping with fewer movements.

One bedroom apartment with a minimalist design


Plain design and furnishings with little furniture for more transparency and airiness.


The small kitchen has a retro bar counter for dining with a window front and the equipment with built-in cupboards offers the opportunity to prepare something delicious without effort and expense for the owner.

Cooking space with a gray kitchen unit

gray sliding wall dining area bathroom

The simple line in gray is retained by the wood in the bathroom with a touch of warmth

Wooden floor bathroom white fixtures



gray corner version sofa bed

Tile-floor-wall-in-small format


Pendant light bulb minimalist kitchen

For reading-corner-floor lamp-floor lamp


Wooden chair-sleeping-living


The second apartment was from Taner Candan Shown in bright colors and modern design. You can certainly feel a feminine touch thanks to the use of wood as a unique module in front of the window on which you have placed the bed. Sunlight will wake you up and the contours of the wooden frames make you feel like you are in a separate room with no doors. How wonderful, isn’t it!?


Wild, black motifs keep the cheerful spirit in the room.

2 wood wall room divider dining area


The third apartment from the designer Anjey Babych has some similarities with the last apartment with the use of more colors and tricks. The studio distribution of the rooms with half walls allows a relaxed separation from the kitchen and more feeling of the living room, or of sleeping and relaxation.



The curtains offer comfort and separation and the wooden floor with large-format panels melts under the feet and fits perfectly with the modern wall decor that evokes airiness and freedom.

Dog-modern-design-like-in-a-comic book

Wooden floor-large format-living area-3

Bedroom-with-lattice room divider

The last apartment from Tomas Scikala is a colorful mix of simplicity from the first apartment and colored accents from the last two. The equipment and furnishings are more neutral and the sloping ceiling is a real eye-catcher.

Upholstered furniture in brown


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Design interior stairs in a modern way – inspirations from architect apartments

Interior staircase modern -stalten-cantilever-staircase-glasgela% cc% 88nder-step-wood

A staircase integrated in the interior makes it appear open, spacious and flooded with light. The materials used are carefully selected, as they should no longer just be durable, but also blend in with the surrounding interior and even complement it. In addition, a Interior staircase modern designed and enrich the living space.

Modern interior stairs made of wood and glass – steps made of wood and load-bearing glass stringers

Interior staircase modern -stalten-cantilever-staircase-glasgela% cc% 88nder-woodstuffen-design

Depending on the selection and matching the interior design, interior stairs are basically made of wood, steel, glass and concrete. Your own ideas play an important role in the design, but the architectural conditions are taken into account above all.

Design interior stairs in a modern way – Innovative staircase design

Modern interior staircase - design-cantilevered staircase-glass gela% cc% 88nder-wood-steps

Once the materials have been selected, the processing of the surfaces comes into question, which plays a particularly important role in the interior. The good feel and high-quality materials are crucial for the durability of an internal staircase.

Interior staircase set in scene in an open living concept – modern villa AMT in Tel Aviv

interior-stair-modern-design-cantilever-stair-wood-glass gela% cc% 88nder-licht

Depending on the choice of materials, of course the floor plan, the internal staircase can completely transform the room. Cleverly manufactured and stylishly designed, it not only looks good, but also gives light to the room and radiates warmth.

Modern staged apartment in Paris with internal staircase

interior-stair-modern-design-arched-staircase-noble-design-wood-wall cladding

An internal staircase visually opens the room and lets the light through. Thus it looks bright, therefore more positive and bigger. Naturally, the height boundary between the living levels, between inside and outside, is then abolished.

Steps and wall cladding made from the same wood material


An internal staircase is undisputedly a connecting element not only between the different living levels, but also in terms of design. It is an architectural component that fulfills a functional purpose. In addition, it should first and foremost be extremely persistent. The materials used for the design and construction of an internal staircase then have to withstand heavy loads and have to be statically tested several times.

Modern interior staircase – design by Robert J Erdman

interior-stairs-modern-design-arched-stairs-wood-glass gela% cc% 88nder-lighting

At the same time, the internal staircase usually takes a central place in the house and is an important element in the interior. The high-quality and very sustainable materials are presented in the best possible way thanks to their fine, elegant workmanship. Steel is mostly used for the load-bearing elements and construction, but is polished or brushed and is rarely left rough, only for eye-catching purposes.

Design the interior staircase in a modern way


Wood is often used as cladding or for the steps, but is always more or less supported by metal. From an aesthetic point of view, but also due to wear and tear and corrosion, the supporting structure, the bolts, the fastening and connecting elements are covered, clad or embedded.

Modern spiral staircase apart from below

interior-stair-modern-design-arched-staircase-spiral staircase-design

The central place in the house, which is taken by a staircase, awakens the wishes of the owners for futuristic designs. Modern, stylish or true to the classic, every staircase is a property’s calling card.

Staircase in building M designed by L’Atelier Ferret Architectures

interior staircase-modern-design-arched-staircase-black-white-stucco

A steel staircase like this one can combine old and new, classic and modern in an impressive way. A staircase without a railing looks delicate and light. Another special feature complements the look – the risers are missing. Another aspect is the color design that divides the surfaces, as well as the incidence of light. It also leaves the top floor to be used as another room.

Staircase design connects old and new

interior staircase-modern-design-arched staircase-wooden staircase-black-white

An internal staircase directs the viewer’s attention and focus straight away to the extravagant floor plan of the apartment or house. Their aesthetics also shape the design of the interior and affect the overall perception of the ambience. Modernized and renovated, but retaining its typical features, a staircase shows the unmistakable character of the apartment.

Simple spiral staircase made exclusively from perforated sheet metal

interior-stair-modern-design-modern-apartment-arched-staircase-perforated sheet

A simple steel staircase, interpreted in an interesting way, reflected in an impressive way as an eye-catcher in a city villa. From the living room it opens into the private areas, of course another staircase is available. This spiral staircase made of perforated sheet metal is successfully staged in a light-flooded room.

Accent in the modern, spacious room – internal staircase

interior-staircase-modern-design-arched-staircase-spiral staircase-perforated sheet-steel

In modern residential buildings, the design of an internal staircase is usually a challenge to bring the aesthetics of the architecture and the stylish, modern living culture into one. Innovative designs interpret this architectural element in a new way and in addition to its practical purpose, it already takes on a new meaning.

Modern interior staircase made of perforated sheet metal

interior-stair-modern-design-arched-stair-steel-perforated sheet

The perforated sheet with different sealing of the openings creates an effective shadow play and the staircase looks more like an art installation than a functional construction. The interior design and furnishings of the entire apartment include the striking steel construction with metallic details.

Modern interior staircase in the apartment – apartment in Paris designed by S + D Architects


A duplex apartment with 140 square meters of living space was renovated and a connection between the common room on the lower floor and the two rooms on the upper floor was created. The internal staircase serves as an accent in modern architecture and is also known as a cantilevered staircase or floating staircase.

Design the interior staircase in a modern way – organization of the stairwell

interior-stair-modern-design-floating-stair-geometric-design-bu% cc% 88cherwand

A typical feature of a cantilevered staircase is that the step appears to be floating freely out of the wall. Despite the expressive staging, this type of internal staircase also has a structurally necessary supporting structure. Steel steps are actually integrated into the wall and then encased by the visible wooden treads. The wood is then designed in gray, like the floor.

Steps run in shelves – interior staircase modern designed by Studio SD


A cantilevered staircase can be constructed in several ways as far as the exterior is concerned. Materials other than wood, such as marble, granite or concrete, are also suitable for the steps.

Modern villa on the French Riviera with modern internal wooden staircase

interior-stair-modern-design-wood-spiral staircase-wall cladding-design

This spiral staircase in a modern design made of wood and with wooden cladding of the stair stringer is characterized by its sculptural character. A staircase design with wooden steps made of solid beech steamed presents itself in an elegant design.

Interior staircase modern designed from traditional building materials – Duplex apartment in Paris – Saint-Germain des Prés


The internal staircase in a duplex apartment in Paris can be described as a single staircase, although its construction is very playful and intricate. The steps made of light wood create a successful contrast to the darkly lacquered stile and frame construction.

Cantilever folded staircase in modern Parisian duplex apartment

interior-stair-modern-design-stringer-staircase-neon green-book wall

In the case of a staircase with stiles, the load-bearing structure is not incorporated into the stringers, but into the steps themselves. These are strengthened so that they can bear the whole burden. With modern designs, the railings are then completely removed. This internal staircase is the perfect solution for the lack of space.

Palma Plaza in Austin, Texas, USA – the study under the study under the stairs and make it functional

interior-stair-modern-design-black-white-brick wall-storage space

This staircase design is more functional than ever. The steps enable the otherwise small space to be used in height and also offer additional storage space under the staircase construction. It is a perfect solution for small rooms that have sufficient ceiling height.

Children’s room in an apartment in Paris – storage space under the stairs

interior-stair-modern-design-step-storage-space-children's room-small apartment

Internal stairs optimize the interior from every point of view and set design accents in it.

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Which stove is right for you? 5 purchase criteria at a glance

Fireplace stove 5 kw wood living room warmth orange armchair modern

Are you looking for ways to heat your house stylishly, ecologically and cheaply? Then heating with wood is worth considering. A fireplace provides cozy warmth in winter and makes the house cozy. There are now numerous different types of fuel such as logs, pellets and wood briquettes, which are relatively easily available. The technology of the wood-burning stoves has also been greatly improved in recent years. When operated correctly, modern wood-burning stoves generate heat with a high degree of efficiency and low CO2 emissions. The systems in the living area not only look stylish, but also offer an impressive picture of flames thanks to the large glass panes.

However, so that you can make the right purchase decision, you should be clear about your own wishes beforehand and know exactly which stove model would best meet your needs. When choosing a suitable stove, there are also various online help options available, such as, for example this interactive stove purchase advisor. However, so that you can correctly interpret the technical data and details of each stove model, we give you some valuable information below.

Chimney stove cast iron small water pocket flame picture

Room size and heat output

The basis for effective wood heating is to determine the required heat output in relation to the room to be heated. The power is measured in kilowatts (kW) and varies between 3 kW and 15 kW. For more precise determinations, in addition to room size, several factors must also be taken into account, such as the insulation of the house, number of windows, location of the stove, etc. Especially in old buildings, if there is insufficient insulation or large window areas, it can not hurt to add about 5 to the calculated wood output to add up to 10 percent.


A rough estimate looks like this:

In order to achieve a comfortable room temperature of around 25 degrees (with an outside temperature of 0 degrees), you need an average of 1 kW of power for every 15 m³ of room volume.

Find the length, width and height of the room and multiply the three values. If a room is 10 m long, 5 m wide and 2.5 m high, the total volume is 125 m³.

With average insulation, this value is divided by 15. So you need a stove with a nominal heat output of 7 or 8 kW. The poorer your room is insulated, the higher the kilowatt-hours of the stove should actually be. In old buildings, the calculated heating output would be 11 to 12 kW in this case. With good insulation, a heating output of 4 to 5 kW is sufficient.

Insulation Room volume m³ Desired temperature 25 ° / outside temperature 0 °
Bad or no insulation (old buildings) m³ ÷ 10 Nominal heat output in kW
Average insulation (building from 1975) m³ ÷ 15 Nominal heat output in kW
Good insulation (new buildings) m³ ÷ 25 Nominal heat output in kW

Fuel and burn time

The fuels approved by the stove manufacturer are usually listed in the product description. In general, untreated wood, wood briquettes and lighting aids are permitted in Germany. Lignite briquettes may only be used if the stove has been tested for use with coal fuels. Painted, coated or treated with wood preservatives is not allowed for wood stoves. You can find out more about the suitable quality of firewood and briquettes read in this brochure from TFZ.

In principle, you can use all types of wood for heating. However, different types of wood have different calorific values. The heavier the type of wood, the higher the calorific value of the wood. If you are heating with light wood, you will need to add firewood more often. By the way, you can buy mixed types of light and heavy wood. The light wood is easy to light and the hard type of wood is used for long-term heating.

If the stove has to burn for more than 10 hours or overnight with one fuel filling, pay attention to the designation “continuous fire”. In addition to logs and wood briquettes, long-life stoves are primarily operated with coal and can independently heat a room over a longer period of time.

Fireplace insert modern glass living room brown cream

Modern technology brings better efficiency

The efficiency indicates how efficiently the stove works when it is fully operational. A high degree of efficiency speaks for cost-effective and ecologically sensible heating. Because significantly less fuel is used.

Must protect the environment old stoves until the end of 2017 retrofitted with a special filter or shut down. This threatens furnaces for generations, because stricter requirements for efficiency and pollutant emissions are also planned in the future. The Ecodesign Directive recommends a minimum efficiency of over 80% from 2022.

Stove, water pocket, logs, lignite briquettes

Cladding material for the stove

Modern stoves are mainly made of steel or cast iron. A cladding can, however, improve the heat storage and thus the energy efficiency of the stove. So the room stays warm longer. The different panels have different advantages and disadvantages. Soapstone and other natural stones, for example, are characterized by high thermal conductivity. They absorb a lot of heat quickly, but release it again just as quickly. Ceramic tiles and sandstone have a lower thermal conductivity and take longer to fully heat up, but give off the energy for a correspondingly long time.

Stove cladding natural stone facing pedestal tiles

We know that choosing the right stove for your home is not an easy task – but we hope that our guide has helped you a lot. The better informed you as a customer, the lower the risk of unpleasant and possibly expensive surprises.

Fireplace winter wood cozy atmosphere read a book

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The next increase in electricity prices is sure to come – so consumers are prepared

Electricity price increase - change-provider-compare-green-electricity-tariffs

The electricity price spiral continues to turn. Energy is also becoming more and more expensive in the private sector. The next price increases have already been announced for 2017, there is talk of increases from sometimes over 40 percent. Electricity suppliers are legally obliged to inform their customers about an electricity price increase at an early stage. However, that doesn’t change the fact that the price is increasing. As soon as such a letter reaches the consumer, he has two options: accept the higher price or look for another provider.

After the announcement of the electricity price increase, consider changing providers

Electricity price increase - announcement - electricity meter building

After the letter with the announcement of the price increase has been received, it is time to act. The deadline for a termination due to a price change is usually two weeks. Of course, it is important to find out whether there are actually cheaper providers before you cancel. Electricity prices can be compared quickly and easily on comparison portals on the Internet. The current electricity prices in the region it’s not that difficult to find out. Lots of helpful pointers, What to do in the event of a price increase is given by the Federal Association of Consumer Organizations on its website. To be on the safe side, termination should be in writing, preferably in the form of a letter. In order to be able to prove the timely dispatch of the termination in the event of a dispute, a registered letter should be sent. In the event of a termination, it is very important to request a confirmation of termination from the provider. So there are no complications in the end.

Stay with the provider as a second option

Electricity price increase - electricity cost reduction - money saving

Sometimes the provider is still one of the cheapest, even with a slightly higher price. A change of provider is then actually not worthwhile. There are other ways to reduce the electricity bill a little. If you observe your behavior and identify the power guzzlers, you will find a lot of potential in this way to save electricity and thus money. How and where can energy be saved, The Federal Environment Agency has put together information online for this purpose. Saving energy can mean two things. Either the consumer receives the desired output with less electricity, for example through the use of energy-saving lamps, or energy efficient devices. Or he completely foregoes the desired output, for example the air conditioning does not always have to run immediately in summer. Identifying power guzzlers can also help save electricity. With the help of a small device that the consumer simply switches between the device and the socket, this is relatively easy. If a new acquisition is due in the foreseeable future, the customer should definitely value a more energy-efficient device. There are also useful tips on saving electricity on this page in an older article.

Concrete tips – this is how you can save electricity without increasing the electricity price

energy-saving-household-dishwasher-energy guzzlers

If you pay attention to a few basic things at home and are aware of the real power guzzlers, you can save money. The biggest power guzzlers lurk wherever an electrical device generates heat or cold, for example refrigerators and freezers. In order for the devices to run optimally, it is important that they are not located next to a heat source. If this is unavoidable, additional insulation can help. The set temperature is also important. The more the device has to cool down, the higher the power consumption, of course. Even the tumble dryer is generally one of the power guzzlers. The devices of the new generation, however, are far below the usual values ​​with their power consumption. While an older dryer still consumed up to 4 kWh of electricity per drying cycle, today it is only 1 kWh – a considerable difference.

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Another source of high power consumption are devices that are in constant use, such as routers, telephones, laptops and entertainment electronics. It is not uncommon for these devices to be connected to the power grid around the clock, 365 days a year. The performance of the devices is usually very low in individual cases. The power consumption adds up through continuous use. If you want to buy such devices, you should pay attention to the power consumption. Careful selection helps to save many a kilowatt hour over the year.


The next increase in electricity prices is sure to come. However, that doesn’t have to frighten anyone. There are numerous ways in which you can respond. And – even without an electricity price increase, it is a good thing to save electricity. That saves money and the environment.

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