Watermelon cake – a dessert in a few minutes

Almond slivers cake cream fruits cakes make an idea

Would you like a recipe for a cake that is ready in just a few minutes? Then you are exactly right here! Just try this delicious and tempting one Watermelon pie and you are guaranteed to be amazed at the result!

Watermelon Pie – Cut the two ends

watermelon cut end cake prepare recipe idea

To make the cake, the first thing you need to do is cut out the watermelon so that it is in the shape of a cylinder. Then coat them on all sides with a vanilla glaze. Use a knife for this. As soon as you are done with the glaze, you can decorate the cake with berries, kiwi fruit and almonds.

Watermelon Pie – Cut the melon into a cylinder

watermelon cut sides cylinder pie shape

Watermelon pie cut cylinder cake

Remove the melon peel

Prepare cylinder shape watermelon tart cake

The watermelon in the shape of a cylinder

watermelon cream spread cake bake

Brush the melon with cream or cream

Put the cake in the fridge for at least an hour and it’s ready to serve. the Watermelon pie will be a real hit in summer, because both children and adults will love this refreshing dessert.

Prepare watermelon recipe blueberries raspberries cream

Enjoy the finished watermelon cake

almond cake fruits berries watermelon cream

This is what the finished cake can look like

Watermelon cake, cream, almond slivers, raspberries, blueberries

Your imagination is the limit

watermelon cream strawberry cake make chocolate chips yourself

Decorate the cake with chocolate sprinkles

Watermelon kiwi cake blueberry cherries almonds

Use any fruit

Watermelon pie raspberries kiwi strawberry cream

Pie made from strawberries, raspberries and kiwi

kiwi cake strawberries vanilla cream cream

Strawberries and kiwi were chosen for this cake

idea tart watermelon berries fruits cream

With blueberries and strawberries

watermelon cake kiwi strawberry chocolate vanilla cream

A delicious watermelon cake with various fruits and chocolate sprinkles