Vegan Recipe for Vegetable Dressing – A Simple Salad

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Perhaps you’re in the mood for a leafy lettuce salad, but you don’t know exactly how to prepare it to make it more fancy? Then we have a great idea for you! In this article we want you to know that vegan recipe for vegetable dressing that you can imitate quickly and that is really delicious. You don’t need any special ingredients for this. In fact, most of them are often at home. This salad is a great idea for a healthy snack or when you don’t have much time. It is prepared in just a few minutes. Try the delicious vegan recipe right away and turn healthy eating into a delicious experience.

Vegan recipe for vegetable dressing – you will need:

vegan recipe for vegetable dressing okra tomato zucchini dill salad

– leaf lettuce (green or red depending on your preference)

– Okra (vegetable marshmallow)

– 1 zucchini

– 1/2 tomato

– dill

– Garlic

– Apple Cider Vinegar

– 1 tbsp raw sunflower seeds

Vegan recipe for vegetable dressing – the preparation

vegan recipe for vegetable dressing mixer dressing preparation apple cider vinegar

The first step in the vegan recipe for vegetable dressing is that you put the zucchini, tomato, garlic, dill and apple cider vinegar in a blender and chop everything until you get a smooth mixture.

Vegan salad made from lettuce and okra

vegan recipe for vegetable dressing okra red leaf salad dish

Then prepare the salad by chopping the lettuce and okra into small pieces and mixing them together well. Then add the dressing and stir everything together. Finally, sprinkle the sunflower seeds over the salad and garnish with dill.

Add vegetable dressing to the salad

vegan recipe vegetable dressing bowl dressing starter idea

Ready-made salad with sunflower seeds

vegan recipe vegetable dressing sunflower seeds dill salad

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