Sweets for Christmas – 17 delicious recipes


Every child, every adult, waits for the desserts for Christmas; every heart melts at the first meeting with the magical world of sweets. At Christmas you are surrounded by delicious things. Whether baked or fresh at the Christmas market, the desserts accompany the most beautiful Christian celebration in the cold winter season. We have prepared a few tasty recipes for you today. Take a look!

Sweets for Christmas – the classics

Gingerbread man as a sandwich

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The unmistakable smell and taste of the freshly baked gingerbread with cinnamon is impossible to escape. Sweets for Christmas as gingerbread in various forms enchant our senses. Everyone loves you and takes a slice or two with mulled wine or coffee. Children especially love the shape with the males and as a sandwich with filling they are a great snack. Let’s take a closer look at how to prepare this dessert.

Sweets for Christmas – delicious cake ideas


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The cake is the traditional dessert at Christmas. It is the time of citrus fruits and desserts with an orange flavor are baked for Christmas. Some add coconut cream or cheese to refine it. Cinnamon is the most popular ingredient of the season and everything smells wonderful and tastes delicious and reminds us of great moments, prepares us for the wonderful time ahead.

Cinnamon cake with coconut cream or whipped cream

Cinnamon cake with coconut cream

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Eggnog with white chocolate and candy cane


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Batter truffle with white chocolate


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Grand Marnier dark truffle

Grand Marnier truffles

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Christmas cake with oreo-mint flavor and with M&M and rice flakes garnished

Peppermint small chocolate lentils cake

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Dark chocolate with mint

Chocolate-with-mint cake

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Dark mini cookies with filling and sugar pearls

Mini cookies thumbprint

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Delicious marshmallow bites


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Cheesecake with cinnamon and gingerbread manikin


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Raspberry cake or cupcake with white icing


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Sweet almond rolls a lá Princess Michellé

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Delicious Christmas cake with candies


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Cupcakes with gingerbread cookies and whipped cream

Gingerbread-Latte-Flavored Cupcakes

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Egg flip with raspberries

Egg-flip-with-raspberry-and-cheese batter

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It’s cookie time

Cookies-with-M&M-Chocolate Lumps

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