Recipes with pasta – 18 quick dishes to cook with pasta

Prepare dinner quick recipes with pasta

Nowadays thousands can be delicious Recipes with pasta can be found on the web and in cookbooks. But the popular pasta dishes have one thing in common – they are prepared quickly. We give you brief instructions on how to cook the pasta correctly and also show you 18 delicious recipes with pasta.

Recipes with pasta – the preparation of the pasta explained step by step

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Basically, all pasta is cooked the same way. First the portion is calculated per person – about 180Gr for an adult and 100Gr for a child. Then the amount of water is determined. In order for the pasta to be cooked well, you have to calculate with 1 liter of water per 100 grams of pasta. They are boiled in a large saucepan so that they can move freely in the water and do not stick to each other. Simply boil the water first, then add the pasta to the bubbling water. The manufacturer has noted on each packaging how long the pasta has to be cooked / it generally takes between 8-10 minutes /. Then strain the pasta and rinse with cold water.

The cold noodles can be perfectly combined with green salad and seafood. It goes well with a sauce with cream and white wine. Food connoisseurs are sure to enjoy this shrimp salad recipe.

Recipes with pasta – the noodles as the main course

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If the pasta with sauce is made according to an Italian recipe, you don’t necessarily need to put them off. Then you can simply add the grilled vegetables and meat, for example. Below you will find recipes with broccoli, salami and cherri tomatoes – all of which can be prepared quickly and easily.

The noodles as a garnish – you can also serve pasta as a garnish with chicken or fish. Then you can melt butter with herbs on a water bath in advance and pour the pasta with it.

Main course with pasta – delicious dish with quick preparation

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Pasta and cheese are a well-known classic, but when you add some healthy vegetables, like broccoli, the food becomes a little healthier and stays tasty at the same time. Ideally, you haven’t completely cooked all of the ingredients in advance, then mix well and sprinkle with any seasoning. All that’s missing is the cheese and you can put everything in the baking pan and bake for about 10-15 minutes so that the cheese melts well.

Pasta with fresh vegetables – a delicious starter or a rich salad

Pasta Vegetables Tomato Cucumber Onion Cream Sauce

Everyone loves the pasta salads, because you get right and somehow get everything in one. Mayonnaise is usually added to these so that a uniform consistency is achieved. To reduce the calories in the why hearty salad, replace the mayonnaise with creme fraiche or even better with yogurt.

For the vegans – recipe with pasta

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The noodles can also be served and consumed cold. You can quickly use the leftover for a delicious starter. Garnish with vegetables such as peppers and onions, plus feta cheese and a delicious marinade made from seasoned olive oil.

Prepare pasta according to a Chinese recipe

Recipes with pasta tomato sauce chinese vegetables

Healthy appetizer for the kids

Chicken meat pasta recipes serve delicious quick cooking food

Pasta is made with noodles

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Recipes with pasta – noodle salad with vegetables

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Prepare recipes with pasta salad in layers

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Recipes with pasta, vegetables and creamy sauce

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Rich salad with seasoned salami

Pasta Cherri tomato recipes how to prepare pasta yourself

Pasta and lettuce as an accompaniment to meatballs 

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Recipes with pasta and seafood 

Pasta shrimp salad recipe quick and tasty

Recipes with pasta and grilled vegetables in marinade

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Serve the pasta salad cool

Preparing pasta salad cold Recipes for pasta

Recipes with pasta, beef and fresh vegetables

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