Recipes for green smoothies for beginners and connoisseurs


They are green smoothies with a particularly healthy effect on our organism, which quench thirst and hunger in no time and are like a balm for the soul. Recipes for green smoothies for beginners and connoisseurs or for both groups at the same time are our focus today. Add an extra helping of health with a green smoothie!

Green smoothie recipes- go shopping first

Pineapple Slice Green Smoothie

Why are some smoothies actually green? Green as a color has and gives a positive and refreshing energy and aura, brings feelings of spring and refreshment with it. Start your day with a green smoothie. A couple of healthy recipes for green smoothies will definitely excite and inspire you. And when we talk about inspiration, let’s go shopping. Our shopping basket in autumn and winter includes lamb’s lettuce, spinach, aromatic Elstar apples, ginger, lemon, lime, cucumber, celery, avocado, mango, pineapple, bananas and pears. And the basket is full – how wonderful! The first green smoothie with a summer breeze is ours Tropical green smoothie– Add the following ingredients to the blender – 1 cup of coconut water or milk, 1 handful of spinach, 3/4 cup of freshly cut or frozen mangoes, 3/4 cup of frozen pieces or freshly cut pineapple slices, 2 tablespoons of unsweetened coconut flakes, 1 tablespoon Chia seeds. Mix well at the highest level and you have already prepared your first green smoothie! And it’s green because you usually use green vegetables.

Recipes for green smoothies, rich in vitamins and healthy


The recipes for green smoothies are really sought after by many because they are known for detoxification and dietary nutrition. Exactly in the cold winter season, our body needs support from vitamins, minerals and, above all, iron. You can achieve this with a spinach or celery dish, for example. If you’re not a fan of such dishes, you can treat yourself to something much delicious and just as healthy by trying a green smoothie. Enter the green world of smoothies and you will not regret it! Our journey into the green world continues.

The basic ingredients for your delicious smoothies

Ingredients for green smoothies

Refine green smoothies with cashews


Sweeten the taste with strawberries and raspberries

Green Smoothie Recipes


With kale and mint smoothie

With lamb's lettuce and bananas


With avocado and celery smoothie

light green smoothie recipe



Enjoy homemade-green-smoothies-on-the-veranda


Green smoothie with oranges


Vegetable smoothies variations


Banana-pear-green smoothie

anti aging effect smoothies