Recipe for bubble tea – prepare the drink yourself

Prepare delicious drinks Bubble Tea fruit flavor yourself

Here comes a super quick and easy one Bubble tea recipe – in several variants. Prepare the trendy drink at home in no time and surprise your guests!

Bubble tea recipe – cook the tapioca pearls

Prepare berry juice bubble tea drink yourself recipe

In any case, before you make your way to the tea shop and ask about tapioca pearls, you need to select the other ingredients. Basically, the trendy drink Bubble Tea is made from tea, ice cubes, fruit juice and / or syrup. Here are some examples of flavor combinations that work well together:

– jasmine tea, milk and a tablespoon of sugar,

– Green tea, mango and orange juice / approx. 1 cup of each juice /, 200ml coconut milk, 2 tablespoons honey

– English tea and milk

– Green tea, 2 cups of watermelon juice, 1 cup of orange juice, ½ cup of coconut milk

– Matcha tea and milk

And this is how the delicious drink is prepared. First the pearls are put into the boiling water / on each package it is precisely noted how much water is necessary for 100 gr tapioca pearls /. Boil the tapioca pearls for about 30 minutes, then quench and soak in the juice / milk. In the meantime, boil strong tea and let it cool down. At the end, mix in the tea and pearls and serve with ice cubes.

Did you know – bubble tea is a delicious drink that originally comes from Taiwan. Initially prepared with tapioca pearls / these basically have no taste and therefore have to be put in juice / syrup /, the tea is now mainly made with the so-called boba pearls – they contain a liquid core and have a fruity taste. And for the evening, delicious drinks can be prepared with boba pearls with alcohol.

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