Prepare the perfect mojito cocktail: tips and tricks for the popular long drink

preparing classic mojito cocktail tips tricks

The mojito is one of the most popular cocktails in the world. No wonder, because it is incredibly tasty and very refreshing. The only requirement is that the cocktail is properly prepared. Otherwise the drink can become too bitter and lose its aroma. Would you like to prepare the perfect mojito cocktail and amaze your guests? Then you’ve come to the right place! In the article you will find a few useful tips and tricks that will help you prepare the famous mixed drink.

What do you need for the perfect mojito cocktail?

mojito cocktail fresh mint lime slice sugar

Choosing the right ingredients is of great importance for a delicious and aromatic mojito. They should be as fresh as possible and mixed in the right proportions. We have summarized everything you need for this in the following.

Ingredients for mojito cocktail

ingredients mojito cocktail lime classic recipe

One of the main ingredients of the cocktail are Limes. They give the drink its sour taste and soften the alcohol. You want the lime to be fresh so it has more juice in it.

mojito cocktail original recipe mint lime

The ingredient that makes the mojito so refreshing is that Mint leaves. We recommend fresh, young leaves that you have picked directly from the twig. That way they are full of aroma and add refinement to the taste of your drink. Important: The stalks of the mint are bitter and do not belong in the cocktail!

The mojito cocktail should be just as sweet. It is precisely the combination of different flavors that makes it so special and delicious. Use for sweetening sugar. Although many think that one should use cane sugar, the original recipe is made with white sugar. Fine sugar is recommended as it dissolves faster.

Prepare bacardi mojito tips ingredients

The alcohol that is needed for the popular mixed drink is white rum. The recipe works just fine with Bacardi Rum, but other brands work well if you like them. Of course, you can prepare the mojito alcohol-free if you replace the alcohol with ginger ale.

As a soft drink you need a simple one soda water. If you prefer it sweeter, you can replace the water with Sprite. In this case, however, deviate a little from the original recipe.

making mojito cocktail decorating ideas tips

And what remains are them Ice cubes. It is best to crush these directly before preparing the cocktail. Tip: Always keep a couple of ice cube bags full in the freezer. If one bag is empty, fill up a new one immediately and put it in the freezer. That way you will never run out of ice.

needed tools

mojito cocktail glass choose variants

You also need a few tools to make the perfect mojito cocktail. You shouldn’t necessarily get special bar tools, but these will make the task a lot easier. Fortunately, there are also a few household items that offer good alternatives.

Since the Mojito Cocktail is a highball, it becomes in one Long drink glass prepared. In recent years, however, other variants have become popular, such as a mojito in a mason jar or in a whiskey glass. Which variant you choose is entirely up to you.

what do you need for mojito cocktail pestle tool

To mix the fresh ingredients on the bottom of the glass together with the sugar is a Plunger needed. However, if you don’t have one, you can use the end of the whisk or the rolling pin. A little creativity is never excessive when preparing cocktails!

mojito cocktail preparation tool bar spoon

A useful (but not essential) tool is the Bar spoon. This allows mixed drinks in long drink glasses to be mixed more easily and quickly. This works just as well with a normal tablespoon.

Mojito cocktail recipe and instructions

mojito cocktail just quick with these tips

Well, if you already have all the ingredients and tools for the perfect mojito, let’s get to the recipe. For a cocktail you will need:

1/2 lime

7-8 fresh mint leaves for the cocktail

1-2 teaspoons fine sugar

50 ml white rum

Shot of soda water

10-15 ice cubes, crushed

4-5 mint leaves to decorate

If you want to prepare cocktails for your guests, then simply multiply the ingredients by the number of guests. Don’t forget, however, that the mojito is a cocktail made right in the glass. So it’s best to mix each drink separately.

The preparation of the mojito is relatively easy and really quick, but there are a few important steps that you should follow. That’s how it’s done:

mojito recipe rolls lime by step

Wash the lime and briefly press it against the work surface with the flat of your hand and roll it a little. This way you will get more juice. Then cut off the ends and cut a 1 centimeter thick slice. Now quarter this and pour it into a cold long drink glass.

Prepare mojito cocktail step by step, lime juice mint

Then comes the mint. Pick 7-8 fresh, small leaves, take them in one hand and clap them with the other hand. That way they will be more aromatic. Put the mint leaves in the glass.

Mojito cocktail recipe instructions lightly press down with pestle

Sprinkle 1 or 2 teaspoons of fine sugar over the lime and mint leaves as desired and gently press everything down with the pestle 7-8 times. The goal is to squeeze out the juice of the lime without damaging the mint leaves. The sugar should also dissolve in the juice.

Prepare mojito cocktail, add white rum step by step

Now add the white rum. It is best to use a bar measure so that the mojito cocktail is perfect.

Crushed ice is a must when preparing summer cocktails like the mojito. If you only have normal ice cubes, you can crush them yourself in the blender or in a cloth with the help of the rolling pin. Then fill the glass to 3/4 full with the crushed ice and add a dash of soda water.

Prepare a mojito cocktail. Fill in soda water step by step

Mix everything in the glass well with the (bar) spoon to combine all the ingredients. Otherwise the taste will stay on the bottom of the glass and the mojito will not taste that good.

perfect mojito cocktail recipe steps tips tricks

Finally, add some crushed ice to the glass, decorate with a few fresh mint leaves and serve with a drinking straw.

The perfect mojito cocktail is ready!

Variations of mojito

different mojito cocktails fruity summer

If you want to prepare the classic recipe differently, you can experiment with the ingredients of the cocktail. Interpretations of the long drink with fresh berries are particularly popular for the summer. Whether raspberries, strawberries or blackberries – the mojito immediately gets a fruity note. Instead of mint, you can also use other fresh herbs, such as basil or rosemary.

variation mojito cocktail peach mint lime

mojito cocktail variations blackberries rosemary

strawberry mojito cocktail delicious fruity summer drink

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