Mirror glaze cake: recipe for mirror cakes with a glossy glaze coating

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Gone are the days of boring cakes with a fondant coating: the mirror glaze cake has been all the rage for two years! The glossy glaze leaves nothing to be desired – its slightly sticky surface sticks to sugar pearls and Co., the consistency can be processed immediately and can be regularly spread on the cake. The so-called mirror cake also scores in terms of colors – an exciting mix of colors is created with gel paints. You can find out how to make the perfect glaze yourself and what you have to consider in the article. And for inspiration we have put together numerous pictures with different cakes in numerous shapes and sizes in the photo gallery.

Mirror glaze cake: the recipe for a glossy glaze with a mirror effect

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Originally designed by the extremely talented pastry chef Olga Noskova, the recipe for mirror glaze cake is extremely simple and can be made by beginners in less than 20 minutes. In the past two years, the Russian caused a sensation on the Internet with her mirror cake, and numerous bosses have popularized her idea around the world. And although the glossy glaze actually looks super nice, at the beginning only a few baking enthusiasts dared to test the recipe at home. But if you don’t put off the professional art of baking and trust yourself to try it, you will surely be positively surprised by the end result.

mirror glaze cake bottom line

Preparation time: 40 minutes.

Ingredients: 20 grams of ground gelatin (usually 3 packs of gelatin), 270 grams of water, 300 grams of white chocolate, 200 grams of sweetened condensed milk, 300 grams of sugar, glucose fruit syrup, food coloring (the fastest way is with gel coloring), cake. NB: You will need a liquid thermometer for preparation!

Mirror glaze cake – first spread a layer of ganache on the mirror cake

mirror glaze torte cover mirror cake with cream

Preparation: The first step is to prepare the cake. Depending on personal preferences, this is carefully painted with two layers of ganache / cream – be careful that the surface is as smooth as possible. Unevenness can be seen under the mirror glaze and the desired effect is simply not achieved. At the end, leave the cake in the refrigerator for 3-4 hours and take it out again just before the glaze is coated. It is very important that the cake is well cooled.

Let the mirror cake stand in the refrigerator and prepare the shiny glaze in the meantime

mirror glaze torte smooth the surface

Second step – Pour 120 grams of water into a small bowl and then carefully add the gelatin. Mix slowly and let steep for 15 minutes. In a medium-sized bowl, mix the white chocolate with the condensed milk and gelatin. In the meantime, add 150 grams of water, 300 grams of sugar and the glucose fruit syrup in a small saucepan and cook to 103 degrees. When the mixture reaches 103 degrees (test with the thermometer), remove from the hotplate and pour into the pan with the white chocolate. Wait until the chocolate starts to melt. Then finely puree the mixture – be careful not to form any bubbles in the mixture. Then sift the mixture finely and color as desired.

Mirror glaze cake – color the glaze

mirror glaze torte preparing mirror cake pouring glaze

Third step – dyeing: distribute the mixture in bowl / cups – a corresponding color is added to each cup. Then cover each cup with plastic wrap and wait until the mixture cools to 35 degrees. It is very important that the mixture gets exactly 35 degrees – if it is hotter, the consistency is too runny. The glaze will then run off quickly and only partially coat the cake. If it gets colder than 35 degrees, the consistency is too thick and cannot coat the cake well enough. There are bumps on the surface.

Cover the mirror cake with the glaze

mirror glaze torte glaze drain

Fourth step: Coating: place a baking sheet on the worktop and put a grillage on top. Place the cake, which has cooled down in the meantime, on the wire rack. Pour the icing very carefully onto the cake. If the icing is the right consistency, it will spread over the cake regularly. Several colors can be poured one after the other or simply mixed in a cup – this is how the marble effect is created.

Decorate the finished mirror glaze cake imaginatively

decorate mirror glaze cake

Step five: Decorate: When it comes to cake decoration, there are no limits to your imagination. A cookie cutter can be used to create different shapes from fondant or marzipan – so even inexperienced cooks can make sugar flowers themselves. The sticky structure of the glaze ensures that edible lace can decorate the cake. In addition, the mirror cake can be embellished with fresh flowers, fruits and sugar pearls. If you decide to do this, you should adhere to two rules – apply the cake decoration when the glaze has completely cooled down, and all decorative pieces should be completely dry.

mirror glaze cake cover chocolate glaze

At the end, let the cake drip off and carefully lift and move the cake with a cake saver.

Mirror glaze cake – what you need to consider?

mirror glaze cake recipe cake decoration

The mirror glaze cake is guaranteed to cause a sensation at every party – but in order to really create an imaginatively designed mirror cake, beginners in particular should also take into account:

mirror glaze torte pour two colors glaze

Preparing a mirror cake is basically not a difficult task. In any case, most beginners fail precisely in the last phase – when the cake is covered with the shiny glaze. Because it dries very quickly, and if air bubbles or unevenness appear during watering, they can hardly be corrected. The golden rule applies here: Practice makes perfect!

mirror glaze cake girl birthday crown white chocolate

In terms of taste, the mirror glass coating is comparable to the fondant – both can benefit from additional essences. Everyone can try different variations here – there are even recipes with chocolate online.

mirror glaze cake make edible cake decoration yourself

The right consistency of a glossy glaze after cooling is similar to jelly and is sticky. This is precisely why the cake should not be covered with packaging film or the like – the film is difficult to remove later and can damage the glaze in the process.

mirror glaze torte purple big sugar flower ball

Glaze residues can be stored in the refrigerator for 2 days. These are simply heated to 35 degrees in the microwave for a few seconds before use. For orientation – when the edge of the glaze becomes liquid and the consistency in the middle becomes sticky, it is ready to be coated. By the way, the professionals advise you to always prepare twice as much as you need. The reason – the cake is doused with it. For a clean, smooth look, the hobby confectioner needs more glaze because a large part of it simply drips off.

mirror glaze cake party children prepare

Mirror glaze can be used to decorate not only cakes, but also cupcakes and even lollipops. Perfect for a child’s birthday. The finished cakes can be lovingly labeled with a special brush and food coloring.

mirror glaze torte sugar flowers deco mirror cake

Incidentally, you can use a brush to apply various motifs to the cake, provided that they are painted onto the glaze that is still warm. The shape of the mirror cake does not matter – another decisive advantage over fondant and cream.

mirror glaze cake children birthday smiley

In the meantime, the mirror glaze cake has become so popular that it can be found almost everywhere in Russia. Numerous ideas for decoration turn even the simple cake into a real eye-catcher. Pictured above – a cake with a smiley face made from fondant and chocolate for the first birthday.

mirror glaze cake kids birthday planet system

Children especially look forward to a mirror cake – for the color accent shown above, simply divide the hot glaze into two cups and then add food coloring to each cup. Cover the cake with one glaze first, and then with the other.

mirror glaze wedding cake make yourself marbling

For an effective marble effect, simply do not mix the two colors well, but simply add them together to the glaze. By the way, light colors are basically quicker and easier to apply.

mirror glaze cake marbling gold color

The mirror glaze cake is very popular with good reason – the new glaze that Russian Olga Noskova presented in 2015 consists of a few ingredients and can be prepared in 40 minutes. In addition, the mirror cake can be decorated, labeled, painted – so it can be designed in an original way depending on the occasion. These tips will help:

  1. The temperature of the glaze. An important prerequisite for a successful glaze is the temperature of the mixture – exactly 35 degrees.
  2. Let the cake stand in the refrigerator. For this reason, a layer of ganache is first applied to the cake, unevenness is removed so that a completely smooth surface without air bubbles is created.
  3. The glaze is made according to the recipe above.
  4. The cake is covered with the glaze.
  5. Appropriate decoration adds the finishing touches.
  6. The cake is left in the refrigerator to allow the icing to rise.
  7. Dishes are first soaked in warm water and then rinsed thoroughly.

mirror glaze cake sugar pearls decorate toothpick paint

In the article you will find more exciting ideas for mirror glaze cakes for different occasions. Let yourself be inspired by the suggestions and try out the recipe!

mirror glaze cake sugar figure decoration

The cake was first coated with pink glaze, then sprayed with white liquid food coloring

mirror glaze cake sugar flowers pink square

Mix pink and white food coloring with the glaze in a cup without stirring. Cover the cake with it

mirror glaze cake decorating sugar flowers

Let the glaze steep and then decorate the cake with sugar pearls and fondant flowers

mirror glaze cake sugar flowers decorate idea

Sugar pearls in silver and chilli serve as decoration 

mirror glaze torte white marbling ideas

Christmas balls made of gelatine and snowflakes made of sugar decorate the mirror cake for Christmas

mirror glaze cake christmas theme mirror cake

Minimalistic look in white

mirror glaze torte mirror cake glaze recipe

The fruit must be completely dry for them to stick to the glaze

mirror glaze cake fruit flavor jelly

All shapes and sizes can be covered with the glossy glaze

mirror glaze cake mirror glaze cake

Chocolate, sugar pearls and fruits form a delicious ensemble

mirror glaze torte mirror cake round hole in the middle

Fondant adheres better to a cooled surface

mirror glaze cake make mirror frosting yourself

The jelly-like surface can be imaginatively decorated

mirror glaze cake prepare special occasions yourself

mirror glaze cake black chocolate mirror glaze cake

mirror glaze torte roses real flowers decorate

mirror glaze cake lily sugar champagne color

mirror glaze cake lily caramel

mirror glaze cake purple frosting ideas

mirror glaze torte purple marbling recipe

mirror glaze cake purple marbling meringue deco

mirror glaze cake purple color real flowers deco

mirror glaze torte lilac colors

mirror glaze torte cherries flavor chocolate marbling

mirror glaze torte sugar rose marbling

mirror glaze cake wedding berries white chocolate

mirror glaze cake heart marbling pink white food coloring mix

mirror glaze cake autumn leaves deco

mirror glaze cake homemade ideas

mirror glaze cake yellow color yellow fruity

mirror glaze cake birthday mirror cake cover color

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mirror glaze cake blue ocean theme overlay glaze

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mirror glaze torte chocolate glaze

mirror glaze glaze mirror cake

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