Make ice cream yourself – recipes with yogurt and fruit without an ice cream machine

Make ice cream yourself yoghurt berry orange juice

Pamper your family and guests with delicious ice cream with yoghurt and fruit – you don’t need an ice machine for the recipe! And best of all – it’s not only a tasty, but also a healthy dessert. The children will certainly look forward to it!

Make ice cream yourself – delicious dessert with seasonal fruits and yoghurt

Make ice cream yourself-yoghurt-kiwi-strawberries

You can prepare delicious desserts even without an ice cream maker. In order for the end result to be really successful, you have to freeze the ice cream to at least -15 degrees for about 5-6 hours.

Recipe for ice cream with citrus fruits and coconut milk / quark / yogurt:

Ingredients – fruits / kiwi, strawberries, berries, watermelon other citrus fruits depending on your taste. Our tip – choose seasonal fruits /, coconut milk / quark / yoghurt. Peel the fruits and then either cut them into slices or puree them finely. Add coconut milk / quark / yoghurt and freeze the mixture in stick ice cream molds / or in larger ice cube trays /. On request, fruit juice / e.g. Orange juice, agave juice / can be added. Always test the mixture in the meantime so that it doesn’t get too sweet. The dessert is ready after 5-6 hours. Just before serving, dip the popsicle container in hot water for two seconds and then remove the ice cream.

Our tip – serve the lollipops as a dessert on a children’s birthday party, or simply as a refreshment on a sunny afternoon. Surprise the children with a delicious breakfast with fruit and yoghurt.

Make ice cream yourself – the children can also make the dessert themselves


Children love to help around the house – while parents are trying out a new recipe, the little ones can freeze ice cream. They are guaranteed to have fun. You can also choose the ingredients yourself – for example, combine the fruits according to your own taste. In the photo gallery below you will find various suggestions for fruit combinations. We wish you a good appetite!

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Make ice cream yourself – strawberries, berries, pineapple and coconut milk


Make ice cream yourself – with orange and berry juice

Ice-cream-make-yourself-watermelon-pineapple-agave juice

Make ice cream yourself – pureed lemons sweetened with agave juice


Cut the cherries into pieces, add lime juice and yogurt, freeze the mixture


Make ice cream yourself – with finely pureed strawberries and quark – a delicious dessert for the summer season



Ice-cream-do-it-yourself-strawberry-lime juice

Make your own ice cream with strawberry-chocolate-yogurt



Ice-cream-do-it-yourself-coconut water-agave syrup-delicious

Ice-cream-do-it-yourself coconut water berries

Ice-cream-make-yourself-delicious-recipe-coconut water

Make your own ice cream recipe-quick-delicious

Ice-cream-do-it-yourself-lollipop-fruits-coconut water