Make fun food for children with these original ideas

food for children-fun-face-healthy-eating-sandwich-making

Children are quite difficult at times when it comes to eating. It is often difficult to find food that children enjoy. Children don’t eat everything! Above all, we find it difficult to convince them that vegetables are healthy and tasty. But we have a great trick that you can use not only at parties, but also in everyday life. Just create something funny Food for children, that will stimulate them to eat the healthy ingredients too. We have put together a large selection of ideas that you can imitate with a little patience and enthusiasm.

Serving food attractively for children

food for children-preparing sandwich-tongue-pickled-cucumber-cheese

In principle, you can use any of the ingredients for food for children. Healthy sandwiches look tastier for the little ones if they are designed in the shape of a face. If you are looking for quick children’s dishes, place any sandwich on it and then create a tongue with a long slice of pickled cucumber. You can get eyes with the help of olives.

Food for children from buns

food for children bread-hamburger-tomato-salad-tongue

The same idea can also be implemented with a bun. Make a hamburger or sandwich and again use a pickle for the tongue. Alternatively, a normal cucumber is also suitable. However, this should be cut thin enough that it can fall down like a tongue. Healthy food looks so much more delicious for children.

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Serve pearl grapes as a face

food for children pearl barley-carrot-bean-dish-cooking

Look for a tasty pearl barley recipe. You can also use rice or mashed potatoes or whatever else you can think of. Decorate the blob, which you then serve on a plate, with healthy vegetables such as carrots, crispy beans, beetroot and baby corn. You will already receive a delicious meal for children that also looks great and appetizing.

Design simple owls

food for children sweet-meal-fruits-apple-banana-blueberries

Children tend to prefer sweet things to eat at breakfast. However, reduce the sugar and take advantage of the natural sweetness of the fruit instead. You will put your child in a good mood early in the morning if you design the children’s meals in a funny way. The owl is great for this and is also quick to make. You can see the first example above.

Sweet sandwiches

food for children breakfast-idea-peanut butter-owl-strawberries-kiwi

Whether you brush the breakfast sandwich with peanut butter, chocolate or jam, fruit is always perfect for creating sweet dishes. Bananas and blueberries can form the eyes, while apples, kiwis or oranges are very good for the wings. Let your imagination run wild and it is best to use your children’s favorite fruit.

Idea with corn flakes


Food suitable for children should above all be healthy, but also indulge the little ones’ sense of taste. Otherwise, you will find it difficult or impossible to get them to finish your serving. After all, it is no different for us adults. How about this owl idea? The food for children combines healthy fruits with chocolate and corn flakes as well as crackers.

Round bread

food for children funny-owl-bread-radish-cucumber

Some children like to have the crust removed from their sandwiches. Go a step further and make a circle from the inside of the cuff. You can do this freehand or with a glass punch. A thick pretzel stick with sesame seeds is great for creating a branch for children’s meals.

Idea with lots of cucumbers


You can also make the owl almost entirely from bread. For children’s food, just cut up the sandwich or sandwich itself as shown above. The eyes are made of cucumber and raisins, while a triangular piece of carrot can be used for the beak. The tree made of cucumber slices and pretzel sticks is also effective.

Healthy for children


This funny caterpillar is designed very quickly and easily. You need an apple or a pear of any color. You are also welcome to combine them. The head is made of Babybel, but you can also come up with something else like, for example, half radishes. For legs and antennae, choose raisins, sausage, lacquer crack or other ingredients.

Strawberry mice

eat-children-maeuse-shape-red-strawberries-inspiration-children's birthday party

A little sensitivity is required for these little mice, because tiny elements are used that you have to prepare first. This food for children, as you can see, is made of strawberries. You make the ears from cheese that you insert into small incisions in the strawberries. the nose is made of chocolate and the tail is either made of lacquer or a vegetable cut into narrow strips.

Cute fish


Fresh and dried fruits can be perfectly combined as for these fish. The body is made up of oranges or tangerines. The water is represented by blueberries. We remind you that these ideas for food for children are just for inspiration, and you are welcome to use other fruits and vegetables as well.

Fish from eggs


These delicious snacks are very good as finger food for the children’s party but also for everyday use. For the tail, stick pieces of pepper or tomato into the pointed side of the egg. You can get dandruff from thinly sliced ​​cucumbers and radishes. Then place the eggs in some lettuce cut into strips that imitates aquatic plants.

Quick meal for kids

eat-children-egg-salad-sandwich-face-sour-cucumber-bell pepper-tomato-carrots

You can quickly prepare food for children from products that you already have in the refrigerator or from leftovers. Eggs, pickles, peppers or tomatoes, peas and carrots give this delicious sandwich, smeared with egg salad, a face. By the way, thin strips of carrots, cucumber or radish as well as spaghetti are very suitable for styling hair.

Funny snacks for the kids


Here are some more unique ideas you can use to serve children’s food. Entire pictures are shown on the plates, which you can also add to with colored plates. A great idea for a children’s birthday party is to design each of the guests’ plates differently in order to have a colorful birthday table and lots of smiling faces.

Mexicans for breakfast


As with bread and rolls, you can play with pancakes. You shouldn’t play with food like our mom taught us, but here you can certainly make an exception. The pancakes should be hearty for this idea. Design with fried salami, ham or bacon. If you prefer sweet pancakes, simply use fruit again instead of meat.

Food for children’s birthday

food for kids mini-pizza-faces-frame-vegetables-cucumbers

The food for children’s parties makes the little ones particularly happy if it is designed in a funny way. Pizzas are not difficult to sell to children in and of themselves. However, nothing prevents you from spicing up mini pizzas and adding some fresh vegetables. Cucumbers, tomatoes and carrots are again perfectly suitable and only need to be cut to size for children’s meals.

Children and vegetables

food for children idea-train-paprika-carrot-broccoli-wagon

Bell peppers are one of those things with children. Not every child likes them. But they try to change the little ones’ minds by playing. Tinkering with a train as food for children. The hollowed out peppers represent the wagons that can be filled with other vegetables and other edible things. The wheels and the locomotive are made from cucumbers.

Idea for fried egg


You can cut out any motifs from the soft interior of the bread. If you put the casserole in a hot pan, you can fry a fried egg in this form. When the egg is ready, turn the children’s food on the plate and wait for the happy reaction of your little ones. You can always come up with new motifs.

Making snacks for children


Imagine the smile on your child’s face when they open their lunch box at school and find an originally designed meal for children. This sandwich and bread crust house is just one of the many possible variations. Don’t forget to include fruits and vegetables.

Motifs from layers for food for children


Here is another example of a round sandwich. The individual layers of sausage and salad were placed on top of one another so that they peek out from behind the slice of bread and form the tail of a turkey. The bird’s head is made from the crust of bread and its beak is made from cheese. This food for kids looks great, and is tasty and healthy.

Design creative motifs with food


The shape of the apples and pears is perfect for making hot air balloons. The lunch break can in turn be packed into the bread box in the shape of a panda and combined with plenty of fresh fruit. Even yogurt can be decorated very well. By the way, yogurt is a great change from muesli or oatmeal that you and your child should try.

Unique characters


We have already shown you a caterpillar. In the example above, however, grapes are not used for this children’s meal. Since these cannot lie stable on the plate, you should fasten them together with the help of toothpicks. With food you can design your own lettering and send out messages.

Eating is fun


Cooked rice has a sticky structure that you can use to make various figures. The rice can be shaped wonderfully, provided it is not too moist. Above, for example, you can see a cute dog. However, you can also create any other characters and make the food more interesting for children.

Characters from films


You will be amazed at the interesting things you can make out of food for children. Even characters that seem very complicated to you turn out to be simpler than you thought. The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland is one of these characters. This delicious breakfast was made from bread, cereal, fruit and jam. Chocolate, in turn, is used to paint the face.

Little Red Riding Hood from Essen


You can also make Little Red Riding Hood out of food for children. All you need is a little imagination and the color-matching products. Instead of planning certain motifs, you can also spontaneously come up with something to use existing products. The wolf, for example, can be made from a piece of chocolate cake.

Animals made from food


Animals are particularly popular with children, making them a great idea for children’s food. Above you can see an alternative to the strawberry mice for which an egg and carrots are used this time. A sandwich, in turn, serves as a base for a rabbit made of cheese, while the crab has legs made of sausages. You can find ideas for fun food made from Viennese sausages below.

Bake dough


Look for a simple bun dough and just bake the buns yourself. This has the advantage that you can already shape the dough as you like. Above you can see bears, pigs and cats, which consist of simple balls, ears and possibly a nose. Bake different animals and make your children happy.

Funny hippos


Or how about such hippos? They are a great addition to cream soups because it looks like the hippopotamus is swimming in them. But these rolls are also perfect for other lunches or dinners as meals for children. They ensure that the portion looks much nicer and tastier at the same time. The rolls are just too good to eat.

Prepare food with the children


Of course, the children can also help with the design. If you are old enough, you can cut the fruits and vegetables. Otherwise, they can also put the finished elements together after showing them how. Working together is especially useful for a party. Your child will be proud to have helped with the preparations.

Waffles as food for children


Waffles are one of the children’s favorite desserts. As with pancakes, great designs can be made from them. One variant is the sun above. But of course you can let your imagination run wild again. The waffles can be cut to size as desired, so there are no limits. The cute fox consists of two cream colors. Alternatively, use glazes or frosting.

Prepare food with sausages


Are you also impressed by the many variations that can be created from simple sausages? In combination with spaghetti or dough, original food variations are created that make the hearts of the children beat faster. Put an octopus on a sandwich or baguette, or serve on a serving of spaghetti.

Sausages and flowers


Above you can see other variants for the design of meals for children with sausages. The idea with flowers, for which sausage slices and an egg were used each, is very attractive. Flowers can also be made from bread and cheese or fruit. The latter is again a great idea for lunch. The other children are sure to be jealous!

Food for the children’s party


Hamburgers are very good as children’s party meals. These look particularly attractive to the children when they are designed in a tiny form. You can bake and shape the rolls yourself using a simple recipe. Use mini meatballs, cheese, cherry tomatoes and lettuce for topping. The tasty bites will be consumed quickly.

Shape frog


A carving allows you to create such a personable frog. The head consists of a green apple, while the body is indicated with strawberries. If you have the time and inclination, you can of course design the body in more detail with another apple. The kids will definitely like the idea!

Idea for the lunch break

eat-kids-lunch-bread-rolls-faces-cheese-sausage-lettuce leaf

And we have another idea for the lunch break. Line the bread box with lettuce and top the bun as you like. The design of food for children is done on the surface. With sausage, cheese and some pieces of black olive you can now create faces and decorate the rolls in an original way.

Animal food


Fortunately, if you don’t have a lot of imagination to come up with ideas for food for children, you can still use the Internet to look for templates and inspiration. And our gallery also offers many original variants such as the ladybug, the penguin, the fruity owl or Charlie Brown above.

Snacks for in between


This finger food is again wonderfully suitable for a party, but also as a snack in between. The food for children consists of medium-sized buns shaped like dogs. There is a small sausage in each “mouth”. Serve the rolls with ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard and some vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumber or lettuce as a side dish.

Design food with rice

eat-children-halloween-idea-everyday-rice-ghost-white-tomato-chicken leg

Here’s another idea for rice. This time a simple ghost was formed that does very well at Halloween time. The rice as a meal for children and as a side dish can then be combined with a leg of chicken, tomatoes or anything else. Small, inedible decorations like the bow should only be used on older children who are not at risk of accidentally swallowing them.

Decorate rice pudding and other desserts

eat-kids-baer-chicks-owl-cat-fruits-milk rice

Rice pudding tastes even better with a few fruits. You can easily convince the little ones of this by decorating the plate with a few pieces of apple and banana to make an owl, for example. Feel like trying any of these kids food ideas? Then don’t wait any longer and make your children happy today!