Halloween cake pops – ideas for interesting dessert designs

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We have already presented you with some recipes for the likeable and popular cake pops with which you can make not only children but also adults happy at parties. You can use these recipes to create funny characters depending on the occasion and festival. As Halloween approaches, we’d like to give you a few Halloween cake pops Present ideas with which you can turn the dessert into a real eye-catcher.

Make Halloween cake pops yourself

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Use any recipe for Halloween cake pops. The only difference is the external design of the balls. The stems can also be chosen as desired. Both kebab skewers and popsicle sticks work well. These can also be replaced with pretzel sticks to make the stems edible too.

Make Halloween cake pops easy

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You will be amazed at the simple materials and products that can be used to decorate cake pops for Halloween. Make the decoration easier by using ready-made products such as smarties, colored sugar or liquorice and decorate the sweet balls with icing or fondant. A wide variety of elements can be cut out of the latter.

Decorate cake pops with sprinkles


Halloween cake pops are particularly easy to decorate with sprinkles. Use colors that match Halloween, such as orange, yellow, black, purple, or poison green. The finished cake pops are simply dipped in any glaze and then sprinkled with the sprinkles. If necessary, you can then press them in slightly so that they hold better.

Colored sugar as a cake pop decoration

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Halloween cake pops with colored sugar are designed in a similar way. The mini cakes on a stick also get a glamorous look because they glisten slightly. Then roll the dough into a ball through the sugar until the entire surface is well covered. You can also decorate the stems with washi tape or other patterned paper.

Create ghosts for Halloween

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If you want to make cute ghosts, then the Halloween cake pops should not have a round shape. The dough has the perfect consistency to be shaped as desired. Once you have created the shape you want, you can stick the stem in the lower side, dip the ghost in white glaze and finally add a face. Again, use glaze or an edible colored pencil.

Cute witches made from cake pops


Witches are also a great idea. For these Halloween cake pops, it is best to use a green icing for dipping. The hair can either be made from thinly cut fondant or you can make it easier for yourself and simply use the edible cords of any color. Hats are quickly made with fondant again. But maybe you will also find chocolates in a suitable shape that you simply attach.

Candy Corn – Traditional candy for Halloween


The so-called candy corn is a traditional candy in the States that should never be missing on Halloween. Use this motif to create original Halloween cake pops. You can easily shape the dough into a pyramid. Insert the stem into the underside and first dip the dough in a light yellow glaze.

Halloween Cake Pops Instructions


As soon as the first glaze for the Halloween cake pops has hardened, you can dip the dough in the next orange glaze. Again, let this harden again before proceeding. Last is the white glaze, which only covers the tip. As this idea is made quick and easy, your children can help too.

Black cats for Halloween


As with ghosts and candy corn, you can shape the dough to suit your needs to make cats. You can also shape the cat’s ears and then attach them to the cat’s head. Use the darkest possible glaze for this idea. A typical Halloween motif are namely black cats. Yellow glaze or fondant is suitable for the eyes and nose.

Cake pops in the shape of mummies


The mummies are again a very simple variant for Halloween cake pops. You will need white glaze for the head and for the design of the sanitary napkins. The best way to get the sanitary towels is with a fine pouch on the mummy’s heads. The eyes consist only of points. Any colors are suitable.


halloween cake pops skeleton muffin paper mold ideas

Finer handwork is required for skeletons of this type. The round balls are made white and then need a face. If you want to use glaze, toothpicks are good for creating finer lines like here. The finished Halloween cake pops are also decorated with patterned paper cases for muffins.

Bat cake pops for Halloween


Bats should not be missing from the Halloween decoration. And if these are also edible, the decoration is even better! As with the cat, jet-black glaze is again in demand for such Halloween cake pops. You design the wings extra freehand on baking paper with glaze. Then make slits in the balls with a knife and insert the hardened wings into them.

Pumpkin cake pops for Halloween


You can never have enough pumpkins on Halloween. They are fun to hollow out and carve out and you will create the perfect Halloween atmosphere. They delight children and adults. You can also complement the carved pumpkins with matching desserts such as these Halloween cake pops. There are no limits to your imagination when it comes to pumpkin cake pops.

Sprinkles for pumpkin cake pops


Design the orange cake pops with green sprinkles as shown above or just stick individual sprinkles for the stem at the top of the pumpkin. Cords in green are also suitable for this. The face is simply designed with black or brown glaze. Feel free to combine different ideas with one another.

Halloween cake pops as eyes


Eyes are quick and easy to make with white glaze. The Halloween Cake Pops then get some red veins, which you paint on the white glaze with a red colored pencil. You can then cut out the iris in different colors from fondant. This comes to the eye. The pupil, in turn, consists of a brown smartie. These cake pops are very funny even without a stem.

Edible cauldron


If you have made witches out of cake pops, you may want to supplement them with a cauldron. Dip the dough on the stick in brown chocolate for glazing and then place the Halloween Cake Pops on baking paper so that the glaze can run down and form a “foot”, which then represents the edge of the cauldron. Green sprinkles then imitate the witch’s poisonous tank.

Tinker spiders to eat


Funny eye-catchers are also spiders, which you can distribute in the form of desserts all over the room or simply use them as Halloween table decorations. How exactly you make the spiders is, in principle, entirely up to you. Liquorice is best for the legs. The above example of Halloween cake pops also shows homemade eyes made from fondant.

Diverse cake pops ideas


You can make it easier for yourself again with Smarties. Use Mini Smarties in any color. These should be placed on top of the glaze while it is still wet. When the glaze dries, the eyes are fixed at the same time. You can insert the stem for the Halloween cake pops into the spider body both at the top and at the bottom.

Frankenstein as Halloween decoration


Frankenstein seems to be a little more elaborate. If you want to choose it as a Halloween motif, you don’t necessarily have to design it as above. You are also welcome to come up with other variants. It is only important that you keep the rectangular shape of the head and use a greenish glaze. Then the Halloween Cake Pops become too good to eat.