Garnish and decorate dishes with fruits and vegetables

garnish and decorate radish cucumber carrot flowers blaetter idea

Garnish and decorate Your home-made meals and buffets so that you look like you are in a professional kitchen. Our step-by-step tips are easy to follow and you don’t have to be an expert to implement them. Let your menu look particularly appetizing and bring even more joy to your guests and family while dining together.

Garnish and decorate your plates with heart-shaped cherry tomatoes

Garnish and decorate - fruit-heart-domaten

As you should have known for a long time – the presentation makes everything different. Even without the arrow end, this simple idea is a fun way to add even more attention to your loved one. It’s very easy to do – cut the cherry tomatoes diagonally at a 45-degree angle and pin two pieces together tightly with a toothpick. In just a few minutes you will have a whole series of little red hearts!

Garnish and decorate the main course with onion flowers

Garnish and decorate - vegetables-red-onion-main-course-flowers

The beautiful color of the red onion inspires other creations outside of the pot or pan. The onion must be cleaned and peeled as usual. Then cut them into eighths, but not all the way through. Be careful to keep the bottom whole. When baked, the onion tastes particularly good and sweet. Just be careful not to burn the soil.

The next pictures show some easily made ideas suitable for decorating plates, starters, salads and main dishes.

Garnish and decorate Vegetables – hollow out and fill up

Garnish and decorate dishes - vegetables - hollowed out - cucumber - stuffing

Arrange the fruits neatly

garnish and decorate fruit idea kiwi blackberries strawberries raspberries

Carve decorations out of vegetables

garnish and decorate carving idea vegetables yellow color roses butterflies

Decorate the tangerine

garnish and decorate tangerine design flower bowl diy

Beetroot as a garnish

garnish and decorate beetroot dip bowl nice decoration

Simple and fine-looking carving from cucumbers in the form of leaves

Garnish-decorate-food-vegetables-cucumber-carving-main course-decoration

 Plate decoration made of cucumber sticks and chiles


Chilli flower

garnish-decorate-food-vegetables-decoration-chilli-spring onion main dishes

Simple but beautiful – arrange the salad according to color

Garnish-decorate-food-vegetable-salad-serving-olives-tomato-green salad

Organize small starters clearly 


Flower made from rolled, finely chopped cucumber


Thin slices of beetroot pinned with toothpicks


Finely chop the tomatoes and tilt them slightly


Funny olive bunnies for the little ones

Garnish-decorate-food-fruit-vegetables-olive-rabbit-main course-decoration

Make a strawberry rose with us step by step! 

First, find some fresh, good-looking, elongated strawberries. Make small, not very deep incisions just above the front of the fruit. A little further up you design the next row, whereby the incisions are made offset to the previous ones. If there is still room for a third row, you can add another.

Garnish and decorate -fruit-strawberry-rose-flower-decorate

Strawberry rose from individual pieces

Garnish and decorate -fruit-strawberry-rose-flower-cake-desserts-decoration

Sugar spiral recipe:

1 teacup of sugar

1/4 tea cup of cold water

1/4 teaspoon lemon juice

Put all ingredients in a medium bowl and heat until the sugar melts and is completely dissolved. Stir well and take the pot off the hob from time to time to avoid burning. Wait until the mixture becomes liquid and has a typical yellowish color, then the sugar is already caramelized. Take the pot off the hob. Use a wooden spoon, fork or tablespoon to pull long threads out of the pot and quickly wrap them around the handle of the wooden spoon. The caramel solidifies immediately and is ready to be decorated. This way you can make other shapes out of caramel on a sheet of parchment paper.

Garnish and decorate -caramel-desserts-decoration-sugar-melted-cakes

Make your own creations from melted sugar


Caramel cake decoration


Cut shapes out of thin dough and use them to decorate


Garnish your dishes with sauce or icing

garnish-decorate-dishes-main courses-dessert-glaze-sauce-sun

Make precise lines in the glaze and let it shine like a sun or flower on the edge of the plate.

With the strawberry cream, simply let the fresh pieces on the surface act as decoration


Carve a whole or several pieces of apple



Garnish the cake with orange slices and glaze them


Decoration made from a piece of orange


Decoration made from orange peel


Tangerine pieces with chocolate and desiccated coconut


Garnish and decorate -salad-hollowed-out-tomato-mozzarella