Effective and pretty DIY cupcakes in the shape of flowers


Plants and flowers play a very big role in our lives because they provide us with the oxygen we need to live. That being said, everyone has at least one plant in their home, and keeping them well is one of the concerns of plant owners. If you love plants and nature and feel inspired by them, you will definitely like the following decoration for cupcakes. Virtually any flower can be turned into a muffin with the help of your dexterity.

DIY cupcakes in the form of great flowers and plants in enchanting colors


Even those who are not so into real plants will like the idea. You can create cupcakes that look exactly like plants. Provided you use enough icing for cupcakes and food coloring they can be gorgeous DIY cupcakes that mimic the characteristics of a plant. Fortunately, there are several varieties to choose from, as there is a large enough variety of plants in the world to inspire you.

Some tips and tricks in making the DIY cupcakes


Colorful marzipan and icing, already colored, are ideal for creating the finished muffins. Add to decorate the DIY cupcakes simply put the colored glaze in a piping bag and let your imagination run wild. You can also add a few colorful accents by designing small flowers, like those on cacti. Arrange the finished DIY cupcakes pretty on a plate and surprise family and friends with a cute cupcake garden in your house. Shape the details with your fingers because the small sculptures require skilled hands.

Cactus muffins of different shapes and sizes for a sweet garden


Preparing the muffin batter


Detailed instructions for designing the cactus cupcakes


Mini tartlets in a flower pot – joy for the birthday party


Muffins with flowers decoration


A chic pink kalla made on the basis of whipped cream


Decorated with cactus cupcakes