Dishes with a story – The invention of four trendy recipes

cronut-history-croissant-donut-hybrid Invention of trendy recipes

Do you know stories trendy recipes, leave traces in the culinary arts? The Caesar salad, the frappuchino, the cupcakes and the cronut are part of it. They quickly gained a growing fan base and have become global trends. Are you curious to learn more about the interesting stories of these delicacies? continue reading.

The story of four trendy recipes – The Caesar Salad

caesar-salad-history-Cesare-Cardini invention of trendy recipes

In 1924, in the Mexican city of Tijuana. The Caesar salad was invented in the restaurant “Caesar’s Place” by Cesare Cardini – cook and businessman of Italian origin. The salad was due to be served on United States Change Day, July 4, 1924, but the buoyancy was so great that kitchen supplies were running low. Then Cesare decided to make a salad with whatever was left over. Over the years, the dish quickly gained popularity and was served in restaurants around the world.

The story of four trendy recipes – The Frappuccino

frappucinno-starbucks-trendy-recipe-history Invention of trendy recipes

In 1975 the Coffee Connection chain opened its first café in Boston. Its founder is the entrepreneur George Howell, who wanted to offer a coffee that should be very special and unique. For this reason he only used high quality coffee beans and, in contrast to the recipes of the time, he did not exaggerate the dose, so that the aroma was emphasized in a new way. In addition, he only supplied his café with coffee beans from a certain plantation and country because he knew that the taste depends on the properties of the soil, annual rainfall, sunshine, etc. The trendy drink made from espresso, milk, sugar and ice made its debut in the café in 1992 and quickly gained popularity. This success allowed the entire Coffee Connection chain to become better known and to expand. A total of 23 cafes were opened in the northeastern United States. In 1994 the company was bought by the successful Starbucks chain, which paid $ 23 million for the rights to the “Frappuccino” name.

The story of four trendy recipes – The Cupcake

cupcakes-history-magnolia-bakery-new-york Invention of trendy recipes

In 2005, the New York Times published the strange story of the dog Lexington, who surprisingly gained weight. The mistress of the Labrador-Husky mixed breed lamented that the temptations of the metropolis were. “When Lexington takes his walk in the morning, he gets his breakfast from nice people walking by. You know these juicy, very tasty, small cakes, don’t you? “

The story of this cute “crime” led to the cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery – the pastry shop that earned its legendary reputation thanks to this simple dessert. The owners shared with New York Magazine that they had made the cupcakes with the leftover batter in the beginning and none of them expected this experiment to turn into culinary madness for everyone in New York. All of this was backed by the low price and generous praise from the media. In 1999 the owners of the pastry shop published The Magnolia Bakery Cookbook :. Old-Fashioned-Recipes from New York’s Sweetest Bakery “published. The episode of the sex&The City, where Magnolia Bakery was also presented, also contributed to the spectacular success of the small cupcakes. Since then, the Konditorai has become a tourist attraction for all visitors to New York.

The story of four trendy recipes – The Cronut

cronut-hybrid-sliced-almond-cream Invention of trendy recipes

The inventor of the Cronut is a French pastry chef and owner of a bakery in New York – Dominique Ansel. In 2013 he decided to combine the best properties of the croissant and donut and successfully created a dough that could withstand the frying temperature and be filled with cream without being too soft. Maestro Ansel only makes 300 cronuts a day, but the sweet temptations lead hundreds of people to his bakery. Some of the craziest Cronut fans even had to sleep in front of the store. You can find a few heavenly ones here Cronut recipes.

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