Couscous salad recipes: 12 variations of the basic recipe

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If you’re looking for vegetarian or quick salad recipes that can also fill you up, then check out these aromatic ones Couscous Salad Recipes at! The couscous goes well not only with tomatoes and cucumbers, but also with juicy fruit and cheese. The couscous salad can be wonderfully modified and prepared particularly quickly. If you want to prepare something for the office, you can fill the couscous salad in a jar!

2 couscous salad recipes by Jamie Oliver


The couscous salad goes perfectly with fish and seafood like we did with these wonderfully delicious recipes by Jamie Oliver. The first recipe is for Harissa sardines with couscous salad, the second for Filo dumplings with crab meat. For the sardines, he only combined the couscous with spring onions, olives, mint and feta. The pomegranate seeds in the second recipe provide a fruity-fresh note.

3. Spinach and mint couscous according to Jamie Oliver – To the recipe


If you want to spice up the basic recipe for couscous salad, you can add a spinach and mint pesto instead of tomato paste. Follow the link to see Ina’s really well done dish.

4.Greek couscous salad with feta – recipe


The feta cheese will refine the couscous salad and give it a pleasant taste.

5.Oriental couscous salad with tomato paste – recipe

couscous-salad-recipes-tomato paste-black-olives

The tomato paste will color the couscous reddish and emphasize the tomato flavor.

6.Morocan couscous salad with pomegranate seeds – recipe

couscous-salad-recipe-pomegranate seeds-mint

7.Couscous salad with tuna – recipe


8.Couscous salad with avocado – recipe


9. Summer couscous salad with mango – recipe


10.Couscous salad with breaded feta and yogurt dressing – recipe


11.Couscous salad with grapes and mint – recipe


12.Oriental coscous salad with sun-dried tomatoes – recipe

couscous-salad recipes -sun-dried-tomato-olive-feta