Cool school breakfast ideas for snacks as well as tips & tricks for the perfect bread box

We have already explained that especially with children (but not only) the eyes eat too and the appetite comes especially when the food is served in a visually interesting way. Today we would like to provide you with a few cool and delicious school breakfast ideas – from tips for designing the lunch box to creative arrangements and recipes, we will show you how you can encourage your sweetheart to adopt a healthy and balanced diet. Exactly what the small and growing bodies need! Let yourself be inspired and make every breakfast break a little surprise!

School breakfast ideas – the lunch box

School breakfast ideas and hacks for kids and parents

Today lunch boxes are no longer just a simple box. Nowadays they are colorful (if desired) and also equipped with different compartments (bento) and even cutlery. The best conditions to put together different school breakfast ideas and sweets without everything getting mixed up with the slightest movement. This way the grapes stay in their compartment, the sandwich doesn’t fall apart and even sauces for dipping stay in place.

Create subjects with tools

School breakfast ideas - create fans with silicone muffin cups

But even if the subjects are not enough for you, there are a few simple tools that you can use. For example, with simple silicone muffin tins you get additional compartments for little things, as well as with metal cups for crème caramel. Or how about larger cookie cutters that are also suitable for dividing? Creativity is required, because that is exactly what impresses the children. And they can even help with the implementation of the school breakfast ideas.

Write messages

Ideas for school breakfast with messages and loving messages

Not only the nicely arranged and delicious breakfast for school is a joy. Other loving details also let your sunshine shine when you open the bread box. Stick a piece of paper with a little message in the lid of the jar (“Have fun at school”, “Mom loves you”, “Enjoy your meal”, “I’m proud of you”, etc.). If the bread box is made of metal, you could also use a writable magnet for this purpose or fix the note with a magnet. Or turn it into a game by putting together the message with “paint by numbers”.

Cool pack please?

Make your own cool pack with a sponge, water and freezer bag

Of course, you can get a small cooler bag and stow the bread box in it. But of course that would mean even more luggage for the small child. So leave it with the lunch box and upgrade it in this regard. But where can you find a cool pack that is small enough but also keeps cool for long enough? You just do it yourself! You need:

  • sponge
  • water
  • Plastic bags / freezer bags

School Breakfast Ideas - Hack for fresh food with DIY cool pack

For these school breakfast ideas, take simple sponges for dishes and place them in a small bowl of water for 5 minutes so they can soak up. Then put a sponge in each of the freezer bags and put them in the freezer. Every sponge should freeze there at least overnight. The next morning, simply put the sponge and bag in a free compartment in the bread box, where it will keep the food fresh and cool for a long time. The sponge can be used over and over again.

Healthy school breakfast – ideas for creative snacks

Cut out fruit and arrange the food in a visually attractive way for children

Of course, you can also just cut fruit and vegetables into bite-sized pieces, but honestly, wouldn’t you yourself find it more interesting if the pieces had a more unusual shape? Cut the fruit into slices and use cookie cutters to cut out stars, hearts, or even simple circles! In turn, honey and watermelons look very interesting in the form of balls. You don’t have to be a professional carver to arrange fruit in an interesting way and to use it for creative school breakfast ideas.

Healthy snacks for school – tips and recipes for lunch

Make fun food for children with these original ideas

Make 8 healthy snacks for school yourself with recipes for snacking in between

You can also work with cheese or sandwiches in the same way. They can all be easily gouged out. But if there is no time, it doesn’t always have to be special shapes. Sometimes it is enough if the bread is simply cut into bite-sized pieces to encourage the children to eat.

Wraps instead of sandwiches

Prepare tortilla wraps instead of sandwiches

It doesn’t always have to be the classic sandwich. Make your child’s breakfast varied by putting something else in the box. Wraps made from tortillas, for example, are great school breakfast ideas and can also be topped with a wide variety of delicacies. After that, just roll them up and cut the roll into smaller pieces. This small size fits perfectly into the compartments of the bread box. Or how about this for a change:

Healthy school breakfast for elementary school with pretzel sticks

School breakfast ideas - pretzel sticks topping like sandwiches as an alternative

Pretzel sticks and pretzels are popular with children and also extremely tasty and you don’t need more time for topping or a simple sandwich. The perfect school breakfast ideas! Cut the stick in half lengthways, coat it with cream cheese and top it with the usual ingredients such as cheese, sausage, lettuce, cucumber or whatever the little ones like. Then place the two halves back together like a sandwich, pinch them down and cut them into bite-sized pieces.

School breakfast recipes – appetizers made from puff pastry

Prepare a delicious school breakfast with puff pastry, sausage and cheese in the muffin pan

This is where the muffin cases that we mentioned above for school breakfast ideas come into play. They are not only ideally suited as a compartment for fruit and vegetables. You can also bake goodies for school in it. For a school breakfast without bread, for example, take a sheet of puff pastry and spread cheese and spices, ham or other sausage and other (or other) ingredients if you like. Roll up the sheet and cut the resulting roll into bite-sized pieces, which you then place in the muffin cases, brush with egg yolk and bake for about 20 minutes at 200 degrees. Let the finished bites cool in the molds and put them as they are in the lunch box.

Mini sandwiches on a skewer

Sandwich on a skewer with vegetables as an alternative to the boring sandwich

A skewer with bread slice, sausage, cheese and fresh vegetables is another wonderful alternative to the normal sandwich. It looks interesting and tastes nothing like the classic – after all, you can also top the bread according to your taste. Opt for smaller stacks and use child-friendly skewers instead of the boring toothpicks. but Attention: Do not use skewers on young children!

Protect apples from discoloration

School Breakfast Ideas - Trick, How To Wrap The Apple And Protect It From Discoloration

Apples turn brown after a while. This happens very quickly, especially with the untreated ones from your own garden. If you cut them into pieces, they could look rather unsavory to the child by breakfast (although they are actually still edible). Are there any practical school breakfast ideas that can be used to prevent this? Yes, with a simple trick: cut the apple, but put it back in the box whole. As the?

Put the sliced ​​apple back together and tie it with elastic

Cut it into pieces around the core body. You can also use a special apple cutter for this purpose, if you want it to be particularly quick. Then do not take the individual parts apart, but put them back together again. So that the individual parts do not fall apart again, simply tie them with a rubber band.

Art on the banana peel

School breakfast ideas for bananas - Draw on the peel with a toothpick

The fact that you can put together the school breakfast for children in a creative way and design a wide variety of motifs is probably nothing new to you. Surely you’ve seen quite a few original school breakfast ideas. What you may not have seen, however, is art on the banana peel. Really original, isn’t it! The same ability to ripen quickly in the air that the apple possesses comes to your aid. With a toothpick or needle, you can scribble small designs, patterns, and even messages on the banana peel. After a short time, the lines turn brown and are really easy to see. Perfect for thematic designs (Halloween is coming soon, for example)!

By the way: bananas are usually too big to fit in a breakfast box. It is therefore advisable to simply cut them into smaller pieces without peeling them. The peel can be cut lengthways in one place so that it is easier for small children’s hands to peel it later.

Smoothie as school breakfast ideas

Make a healthy school breakfast with smoothie ice cubes for drinking or for yoghurt

Smoothies are popular with young and old and are a really great breakfast, as they provide us with plenty of vitamins and energy right at the start of the day. But you don’t have the time and inclination to snip fruit for a smoothie every morning in addition to breakfast. The good old freezer comes to the rescue. Easily prepare the smoothie in advance and freeze it in the form of ice cubes.

You can then simply fill these ice cubes as school breakfast ideas into a bottle before school. Due to their small size, they thaw out quite quickly. Then you can drink the smoothie or even mix it with natural yoghurt at breakfast for a fruity taste.

School Breakfast Ideas And Tricks – How To Clean The Can And Remove Discoloration

Cut out cute dinosaurs from sandwiches for the bread box

Sooner or later the inevitable happens: the lunch box becomes discolored due to various coloring foods and no longer looks very appetizing. Many then just throw them in the trash, which is not only completely unnecessary, but also not very environmentally friendly. Instead, try to save the box with a simple trick, without any harsh chemicals. All you need is:

  • water
  • Washing-up liquid
  • Paper towels

Simple ideas for an interesting breakfast package - put a heart on a cheese slice

You use that too, don’t you? But probably not right. First of all, prepare a solution of washing-up liquid and warm water. You fill the box with this, after which you put a few scraps of kitchen paper in it. Now close the can tightly with its lid and start shaking it well. After about a minute you can empty the can and admire the stain-free surfaces. And you didn’t even have to scrub for that!

Placing the can in direct sunlight should also help prevent discoloration. The strong sunlight is said to have a bleaching effect.

Make toasted bread like an owl with vegetables

Eat with fun!

School breakfast ideas - cut out sandwiches with interesting shapes