Brunch recipes and simple ideas to prepare

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Perfect for a lazy Saturday or lazy Sunday, brunch is served in the late morning and early afternoon and typically includes products and foods that are both served for breakfast and eaten for lunch and dinner. Brunch could be informal with family members or it could be hosted for a special occasion such as a wedding or birthday party. What could you serve with a brunch? We have some of the best for you Brunch recipes, that you can prepare quickly and easily. continue reading.

Brunch recipes with eggs


Although scrambled eggs are often served at brunch, it’s a great time to try a new egg recipe such as frittata, eggs benedict, stuffed omelets, quiche, and egg casserole. Find out what your guests’ preferences are about the fillings.

Brunch recipes with meat

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Bacon, sausages or meatballs are often served at brunch. You can also prepare a classic steak with an egg on top. Another option is to wrap prosciutto around asparagus or bacon around dates. Smoked salmon is served with cream cheese on a roll.

Pancakes and more

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Serve pancakes and waffles, but offer different variations and side dishes if possible. For example, you can serve pancakes with bananas, blueberries, or pecans, and whole grain waffles with raspberry compote. French toast is another classic brunch dish. For a noble brunch, serve poor knights filled with strawberries and cream. French crepes are also a great idea for a chic brunch. Fill some with sauteed apples, whipped cream, or Nutella.

Brunch recipes with potatoes

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Potato dishes go really well on brunch menus. The most popular recipe is for potato hash browns. You can improve the classic recipe with ham and cheese. You can also serve fried potatoes for brunch.

Ideas from the bakery


Toast is a must for brunch. There are different types of toast that can be used with this. Try making sweet roulades, cinnamon rolls, honey biscuits, raisin rolls, donuts (or cronuts) and muffins with fruit. Bread pudding is also a good idea. Serve with butter and a selection of jams for the pastry.

fruit and vegetables

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Freshly cut fruits and vegetables add color to the brunch table and provide the much-needed, light taste when everything else tastes too sweet or heavy.