Baking cookies for Christmas – 21 delicious recipes

delicious Christmas cookies baking recipes chocolate

What would Christmas be without the delicious sweets? As early as November, everything will be baked. Whether with chocolate, with jam or with coconut – the variations are simply endless. And vegans, too, have recently been able to use recipes for gluten-free meals more and more often Cookies for Christmas find online. We have found 21 delicious recipes for you. Some are super easy and good for beginners, others are more complicated and time-consuming. So take a look at the gorgeous end results and get inspired – maybe you can try a recipe over the weekend!

Cookies for Christmas – the delicious sweets should not be missing on the Christmas table

Bake cookies frosting jam color yourself

You can choose the cookies for Christmas according to a recipe from the list below / Link with an overview of all recipes can be found at the end of the article /. You can turn even the simplest of cookies into real eye-catchers – with the right decoration, of course. Decorate the cookies with sugar pearls, with jam or draw Christmas motifs with icing. Scatter cocoa, colorful sprinkles of sugar or coconuts over the cookies – this completes the look. Let yourself be inspired by the suggestions in the photo gallery below – you can find detailed recipes in the link at the end of the article. Which recipe do you like best?

Bake delicious cookies for Christmas

Bake poinsettia yourself ideas delicious sweets

 Let the children help decorate the cookies

Christmas cookies ideas recipes baking ideas decoration

 Cookies as Christmas decorations – decorated with sugar pearls

Baking Christmas cookies ideas Gloves Winter Christmas tree decorations

 The delicious sweets are popular with young and old

Christmas cake chocolate coloring shape decorate Christmas wreath

 Pack the cookies lovingly and give them to the guests

Christmas biscuits decorating cookies frosting

 Cookies in the shape of a Christmas tree

Christmas cookies delicious milk cream original decoration ideas

Cookies decorated with jam

Cookies decorate Christmas Christmas tree decorations edible jam

 Cookies with sugar pearls decorated and tied with organza ribbon

Baking cookies for Christmas gives a cool idea

 Baking can start as early as November

Cookies creatively decorate frosting gift shape

 Cookies in the form of Christmas socks – a delicious surprise for the children

Cookies Kinder Chocolate Icing Sugar Icing Santa Boots

 Cookies with jam and coconut

Bake delicious Christmas cookies yourself, jam

 Different variant for decorating the cookies

delicious cookies sprinkles jam fill ideas

 Cookies for Christmas – decorated with white chocolate and icing

delicious cookies christmas white chocolate sugar pearls

 Gingerbread decorated with icing

Prepare Gingerbread Rudolf yourself. Bake Christmas

 Cookies last a long time and are therefore a nice Christmas present

For Christmas bake color cookies tasty ideas

Sugar sprinkles cookies white chocolate delicious desserts

Candy cane cookies baking Christmas cookies decorating ideas

Preparing white cookies for Christmas coconut milk gluten-free

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