Bake your own ombre cake for Easter with this recipe – ideas for colors and cake decorations

Baking ombre cake for Easter with a surprise effect - instructions and recipe idea

Cakes are always a welcome thing and especially on beautiful occasions. As Easter is approaching, you may already be planning not only the decorations, but the feast as well. Would you like to bake a cake for Easter? Then we have a wonderful idea for you that you might want to try out or consider. The impressive ombre cake for Easter is guaranteed to impress all guests. And since there are different ways to prepare these, we would like to present a recipe to you today, as well as some other ideas for the color and design with cake decorations. Get inspired and prepare a unique ombre cake!

Ombre cake for Easter with an Easter basket as decoration

Make your own ombre cake for Easter with this recipe

This original cake for Easter is a three-layer model in three different colors that blend nicely into one another. A nice surprise effect is not only the interesting nest made of chocolate that adorns the ombre cake at Easter, but above all the small Easter eggs that come out when you cut the cake. Nobody is expecting that! If you want to bake this cake for Easter, just follow the recipe.

Ingredients for the bases of the ombre cake for Easter:

  • 340 g of flour
  • 340 g of sugar
  • 340 g butter
  • 6 eggs
  • 1 packet of baking powder
  • 3 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • Food coloring in any 3 shades (in the example you can see yellow, orange and pink)

Ombre pie recipe for the bottoms

Ombre cake for Easter with a recipe for the bases and decoration

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees and prepare three springforms of the same size (15 cm in diameter) by lining the base with baking paper and greasing the side walls. If you only have one or two molds, you can divide the ingredients above by three and cook the cakes one at a time, which is the better option because the dough shouldn’t stand too long. If you have three tins instead, simply prepare the dough as follows, and then divide it into three to color it.

With a mixer, beat the softened butter and sugar until frothy. Then gradually add the eggs. Then mix in the baking powder and vanilla extract and the dough is ready. Now divide this into 3 equal amounts. It is best to use 3 bowls for this. Color each dough in the color you want. For an Easter ombre cake, you should use three similar colors to create the ombre effect, as well as those that go with spring. Then put the colored dough in the springform pans and bake it for 25 to 30 minutes. Check if the cake is ready for Easter by sticking a toothpick into it. If this is dry when you pull it out, the cake is ready.

Make an Easter nest out of chocolate yourself for the Torteneko

Ingredients for the edible Easter basket and the cream:

  • 170 g butter
  • 340 g powdered sugar
  • the same food colors as for the floors
  • 150 g milk chocolate
  • 75 g white chocolate
  • Mini easter eggs
  • Piping nozzle

While the cake bases are baking, you can continue with the Easter basket for the ombre cake for Easter. Next to you a bowl of any size and line it with cling film. Now melt half of the milk chocolate in a water bath. Then let it cool down a little so that it becomes a little thicker. Put the chocolate in a piping nozzle and squirt it into the bowl, making different lines and circles. Then put the bowl in the freezer for a while. As soon as the chocolate has set, you can repeat the process with the white chocolate. Then this should also harden in the freezer before you repeat a final layer with the other half of the milk chocolate. Now leave the nest for the Easter ombre cake in the fridge while you continue with the rest.

Cut the ombre cake for Easter

Cut a hole in the bottom to hide the Easter eggs

Now you can continue with the bases for the ombre cake for Easter. If you also want to hide eggs in the middle of the Easter cake, you have to hollow out the bottom two. So first think about which of the three floors you want to use for the bottom two. Then take a glass and poke it in the middle of the first floor. Use a knife to trim the line again to make sure everything is well separated, after which you remove the center piece. Repeat with the second floor.

Ombre cake instructions for the buttercream

Ombre cake for Easter with buttercream in three colors

You need buttercream for the ombre cake, with which you coat each base and the outside of the ombre cake for Easter. You prepare these next. To do this, simply mix the butter with the powdered sugar. Try the cream afterwards. If it still tastes too much like butter, you can add a little more powdered sugar. Take four bowls and divide the buttercream evenly. Set one bowl aside temporarily. This remains white. Color the other three portions in the three colors.

Assemble and decorate the ombre cake for Easter

Spread cream on each base

Place the bottom bottom on a cake plate and coat it with a thin layer of the white cream. Place the second floor on top and also coat it with a white layer of cream. Now you can fill the hole in the middle with lots of Easter eggs. Then the third floor comes up. If there are cracks and holes between the floors due to a lack of cream, simply fill them up with a little cream. Flat surfaces should be created. Now coat the sides and the surface of the ombre cake for Easter with the other buttercreams. There should be no strict limits. Instead, you create nice, smooth transitions. Two layers may be necessary for this. It is best to place the Easter basket on the cake shortly before serving so that the chocolate does not become too soft at room temperature. It works very quickly: place the Easter basket on the cake at any angle and fill it with a few small eggs. Then put some around it too. And you’re done with the ombre cake for Easter!

Instructions for the Easter cake with white buttercream

The cake consists of three floors

Make cakes with colored buttercream made from butter and powdered sugar

Design the ombre cake for Easter with an edible nest

Another technique for the ombre effect

Imitate the ombre effect for the Easter cake in simple steps

In the tutorial above you can also see another interesting technique for creating the ombre effect for the Easter ombre cake. There the colored creams are simply used to coat the cake. You can also use all colors for each floor. It is also important that you use a larger amount for spreading so that the cream can ooze out on the sides when the floors are laid on top of one another. Then distribute this excess along the sides of the cake with the help of a spatula. This creates the ombre effect automatically. But don’t go over the same spot too often so that the colors don’t mix too much.

Decorate ombre cake for Easter with colored eggs

Instead of using the cream, you can also simply use mini Easter eggs and create the desired ombre effect. You still need a cream for this type of ombre cake for Easter so that the Easter eggs can stick to the sides. Use different shades of one color for the eggs (e.g. pink, pink and purple, yellow, orange and red or three shades of blue, etc.). You are welcome to include a few white eggs, as these are neutral and go well with everything. It is also advisable to have a certain system when arranging the eggs so that the egg decoration does not look too chaotic.

Ideas for ombre cakes for Easter

Ombre cake for Easter with a chocolate bunny as a cake decoration

Of course, you can use any other colors when you bake the ombre cake for Easter and the height can vary as much. When it comes to decoration, your options are no less. You are also welcome to just hand out Easter eggs or chocolate eggs. Chocolate bunnies are just as suitable, as in the example above. If you would like to get a little creative and come up with your own patterns, simply use a piping nozzle with various attachments and create beautiful shapes with the buttercream.

Use a wooden bunny as a cake decoration for the ombre cake at Easter

In addition to edible cake decorations, you can also use non-edible ones, which you can simply remove again after serving and after everyone has admired your work. How about a wooden rabbit like in the example above? You can also make a motif out of paper or shape something interesting out of wire. The imagination knows no limits. Take a look at some more ideas below and be inspired by them. Maybe you will find exactly the right idea!

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Mini Easter eggs in purple, pink, yellow and white to decorate the cake

nice idea for the Easter cake in contrasting colors

simple Easter cake in green and white with cake decoration

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