Bake gingerbread and design it differently – 20 imaginative ideas

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When it comes to classics of the Christmas season, many people think of the gingerbread right away. Many Christmas motifs can be designed with this dough, including the gingerbread men and of course gingerbread houses. Although they can be consumed, these figures are mostly used for decoration. The reason for this is that the gingerbread, like cookies, can be kept for a long time. After you Bake gingerbread You can also use it to create various other things and decorations, of which we would like to present a selection to you.

Baking gingerbread for gingerbread house

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Perhaps you are now thinking that the gingerbread house is not really something special after all. However, you are not entirely right about that. Because with glazes and decorations made from various sweets, you can bake an interesting gingerbread crispy house that is anything but ordinary. How about, for example, if you bake such a gingerbread witch house and decorate it with smarties and jelly sweets? Imagination is required for ideas for baking gingerbread!

Bake gingerbread decorations

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When you bake a gingerbread house, you can also make it special by flaunting it in interesting ways. Glass bells are wonderfully suitable for this purpose. Marshmallows or lots of powdered sugar can represent snow, and specially crafted cookies that you bake from gingerbread can create the rest of the landscape.

Bake gingerbread tree decorations

Gingerbread baking instructions-mini-house-trailer-dessert-coffee

You can make gingerbread yourself with any gingerbread recipe. We have put together some links with different variants at the end of the article. These mini houses are also a cute decoration that you can bake out of gingerbread. You can see which elements you need for this in the instructions. Cut out the individual elements before baking.

Bake gingerbread yourself

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Finally, all you have to do is assemble everything by using frosting to glue and decorating the gingerbread. You can use streusel, powdered sugar or you can chop up candy canes and sprinkle them on the roofs of the houses. The best way to chop up the sticks or other candy is to put them in a plastic bag and then pound them fairly roughly with a meat tenderizer or small hammer.

Idea for a gingerbread dessert

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When you bake and decorate these mini gingerbread cookies, you can then use them for different purposes. Make your friends happy by serving the coffee with the mini houses as a snack or attach a string to the roof to hang the houses on a Christmas bouquet or the Christmas tree and get an interesting decoration.

Cookie cutter for gingerbread

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If you bake gingerbread to cut out, regardless of the shape, you will of course also need a suitable cookie cutter. Those for cookies are great. But there are also special models like this that make it easier for you to get the individual elements for a gingerbread house. You can order such a cookie cutter here.

Gingerbread Christmas tree

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You can even design a Christmas tree when you bake gingerbread. This is particularly chic if you use gingerbread in the shape of a star. For this Christmas tree, a total of 20 stars were needed, which should get smaller and smaller towards the top. The individual layers are attached to each other with glaze like icing.

Bake a Christmas tree


How you then design the Christmas tree after baking the gingerbread is entirely up to you. You can also determine the height yourself. You can make Christmas tree decorations with various sweets, icing, sprinkles or edible pearls. Incidentally, such a tree is also a wonderful gift idea, you don’t think so?

Christmas tree from cake base


Cake base can also be used for a tree instead of stars. Again, you will need several that you bake from gingerbread cookies. Take your time while designing and, if you like, come up with something yourself. The individual floors are fixed to one another with a thick layer of glaze or cream. Icing sugar can then imitate snow by sprinkling it over the cake.

Bake gingerbread cakes


Since we already mentioned the cake, we would also like to introduce you to this simple variant that you can choose when baking gingerbread. It is, so to speak, a gingerbread cake that is simply decorated with any topping to make it look more interesting and Christmassy. Even decorations like these fir trees work well. Use any gingerbread recipe.

Gingerbread muffins and cupcakes


Gingerbread muffins, which you can quickly transform into a cupcake with a topping and pretty decorative elements, are also very trendy. Such a gingerbread heart or a star are suitable as decoration. You bake the gingerbread heart with an ordinary recipe. Before you bake these little gingerbread cookies, however, cut out the desired elements with a cookie cutter.

Gingerbread chopsticks


Gingerbread is particularly interesting when it is designed in an unusual shape. Such chopsticks are handy and also not difficult to make. In and of themselves, they would look rather boring, so you should make them whatever you want after you bake the gingerbread. Whether you design patterns with glazes, faces or any other motif is entirely up to you.

Original spoons


Have you ever seen spoons that can be consumed? How about if you just bake some from gingerbread yourself? It can be used to stir cocoa or coffee or to clean ice cream and be eaten at the same time. If you can’t find a suitable cookie cutter, just try to shape the spoons yourself.

Gingerbread cookies as decoration


If you would like to bake gingerbread as a Christmas tree decoration, you can come up with simple pendants as well as great combinations. Regardless of whether you bake a gingerbread man or choose a different shape, if you combine the received cookies with a wooden spoon, you can decorate the Christmas tree in a special way.

Design cookies


If you bake gingerbread for the Christmas tree, you can use any Christmas or winter cookie cutters and then design them. Attractive, edible decorations can be created with fondant. The fondant is rolled out and cut out. Of course, you can also create something free hand with colored glazes after you bake the gingerbread pendants.

Keep gingerbread cookies after baking

Gingerbread-baking-fondant-donut-mold-cactus-ice cream cone

How you store the gingerbread depends on the purposes for which it is to be used. If it is intended for consumption, it should be packed in an airtight tin can. But this only happens two days after you bake the gingerbread so that it is no longer warm and moist. Lay out parchment paper in the can. To make the gingerbread, which has now become hard, soft again, add half of the apple, which must be changed every two days. Alternatively, a piece of orange or tangerine peel is also suitable. At a temperature of around 17 degrees, the gingerbread will keep for up to eight weeks.

Decoration ideas from gingerbread cookies


A great idea to try out when baking Gingerbread Man are those snowflake shaped cookies that you can use best matching cookie cutters. In addition, the cookies should be decorated after they have cooled down, as was done here. Now you can create a wide variety of decorations.

Make a Christmas wreath out of gingerbread


We certainly don’t need to mention again that you can make pendants from the snowflakes again if you bake them from gingerbread. But this pretty Christmas wreath is also a wonderful idea. You can fix the cookies on a ring with a strong adhesive. But then the biscuits may no longer be consumed. Keep this in mind when you have young children!

Design a cake


Perhaps you have a birthday child during the Christmas season that you would like to surprise with a birthday cake. For this idea you have to bake the cake and the gingerbread first. The cake is then coated with a topping as desired. The cooled and decorated snowflakes are simply put into the cake at the end.

Cookies with an untraditional look

gingerbread-baking-biscuits-motifs-rustic-crockery-lace doilies

If the classic cookie cutters are too boring for you, you can design the dough in other ways before you bake the gingerbread. Any motif is simply stamped on the dough. After baking, brush the biscuits with sugar water and they are ready to serve. Although the gingerbread cookies are probably too good to eat.

Gingerbread cookies on a stick


Biscuits on a stick are especially fun for children. They are also suitable for giving away. Young and old will be happy about a cookie box. Simply pack such biscuits with them or make a bouquet of cookies to give away. The stems can be attached to the back of the biscuits with icing after you bake and decorate the gingerbread cookies.

Gingerbread houses on a stick


The mini gingerbread houses that we have already introduced to you are also suitable for creating desserts on a stick. Above you can also see a variant of how you can display the gingerbread on a stick or wrap it as a gift. Instead of balls, the container can also be filled with marshmallows or other sweets. Baking gingerbread can be a real pleasure!

Cake Pops Gingerbread without baking

Gingerbread-baking-cake-pops-make-it-yourself-decorate-for Christmas

You have probably heard of the so-called cake pops. If you want to bake them out of gingerbread to match Christmas, you of course need the finished gingerbread as a basis. The cake pops themselves are not baked. The gingerbread is then mixed with other ingredients and shaped into balls. You can find another variant in one of the links at the end of the article.

Boxes of gingerbread


Since the gingerbread hardens after a very short time, it is wonderfully suitable for making such containers. You can use it to wrap gifts but also cookies and other things. A really great idea that will attract everyone’s attention as a decoration. You can find out how to bake this idea for gingerbread by following the link below.

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