A great household tip for peeling potatoes


Every housewife wants to try something different in the household that will make her life easier. There are a lot of suggestions in business – almost every day we are improving the kitchen environment to get everyone done faster and more effectively. But it’s not just about buying a household aid. Sometimes the housewives use their limitless imagination to solve the household problems. Here an innovation is presented, so to speak, which can, however, be achieved with tangible means.

Household Tip – How to Peel a Whole Sack of Potatoes in Just a Few Seconds


Peeling the potatoes can be a boring activity. Nowadays there are tons of utensils that were invented to make peeling fruit and vegetables easier and faster. Still, the process can be pretty tedious. There is also a risk of cutting yourself when using a knife or peeler. Young potatoes, on the other hand, are a topic in their own right, as the skin of the potatoes is rich in vitamins and tastes good when seared.

A special tip for the household – fight with the potatoes


So when it comes to young potatoes, peeling any part of the skin can become a pretty annoying proposition. For this reason, today we are going to show you an interesting trick and Tip for the household, who can help you peel young potatoes. All you need is a bucket, an unused toilet brush attached to an electric drill, and water.

Tip for the household – For the instruction, watch the following video:

The toilet brush that has a different application


The drill that is not only used in construction


Sweet potatoes that are used in dishes


In the past, potatoes were peeled without a peeler


An original idea for peeling potatoes


The skins of the potatoes contain useful vitamins


You will need a bucket for the new idea