16 quinoa recipes – tasty salads and dishes


Quinoa is the name of these healthy seeds that have become incredibly popular with amateur and professional chefs. This high-protein, high-fiber cereal has a pleasant nutty taste and interesting texture, which makes it a wonderful alternative to rice and couscous. Quinoa tastes cold in a salad, served warm as a side dish or combined with vegetables for a spectacular vegetarian main course. Our favorite quinoa recipes include healthy salads, crispy quinoa burgers, and quinoa-filled peppers. The best quinoa recipes are collected here.

Delicious quinoa recipes for salads

Santa Fe Quinoa Salad

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Santa Fe quinoa salad recipe-bell pepper-black-beans

Chef Chad Aaland prepares the quinoa salad with three types of beans and cocktail onions. This simplified version with black beans and cocktail onions is just as delicious.

Delicious quinoa recipes as a side dish

Lukewarm quinoa salad with plums with the grilled chicken

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Lukewarm-quinoa-salad-with-carrot-mint-pine nuts-grilled chicken

green peppers stuffed with quinoa


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roasted delicata squash with quinoa salad


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spicy, roasted prawns with quinoa


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 Vegetarian burgers with quinoa kofte and vegetables


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Quinoa salad with sweet potatoes and green salad

Quinoa-salad-sweet potatoes-apples

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Quinoa salad with almonds, bacon and herbs


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Quinoa salad with black beans and spring onions

quinoa-salad-black-beans-spring onion

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Quinoa salad with pea pods


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Quinoa salad with red rice, oranges, pistachios and arugula


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Quinoa salad with grated vegetables


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Quinoa salad with roasted spring onions and fava beans

quinoa-salad-roasted-spring onions-fava-beans

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Quinoa salad with toasted bacon and red onions


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Quinoa salad with grilled carrot strips and rocket


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vegan quinoa salad with rice and vegetables

Quinoa rice dish recipe vegetables

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