11 Matcha recipes – drinks and other delicacies

matcha recipes powder green tea healthy vegan

The green matcha tea from Japan has long since arrived in Western Europe and is finding more and more fans. Matcha tea does a lot for your health and helps you lose weight. With the healthy green tea powder you can not only mix drinks, but also refine other dishes with matcha. Its taste is similar to that of green tea, but is tart and much more intense. We have 11 for you delicious matcha recipes selected that will show you the variety of green tea powder. Have fun cooking at home!

Matcha recipes – drinks

1. Matcha iced tea with zirone – To the recipe

matcha recipes iced tea-preparation-summer

2. Matcha Latte – To the recipe


 Matcha tea combines wonderfully with milk for a delicious latte. Follow the link to read Kochtrotz’s simple recipe.

3. Matcha smoothie 

matcha recipes detox-smoothie-green-spinach

The matcha smoothie not only provides energy, but also has a detoxifying effect. Mix one teaspoon of matcha powder, two teaspoons of honey, half a cup of yogurt and ice in a blender and you will have the perfect, light and refreshing detox smoothie every morning. Try different variants for green detox smoothies e.g. B. with spinach and kale.

Matcha recipes for healthy meals

4. Healthy breakfast with matcha, yoghurt, berries and seeds 

matcha recipes breakfast-yoghurt-berry-chia

This breakfast will give you the energy kick you need for the day. Mix 1/2 cup of yogurt and 2 teaspoons of matcha powder, add 1/4 cup of organic blueberries and a pinch of flax and chia seeds and you’re done. A simple breakfast recipe rich in antioxidants and nutrients.

5. Matcha chia pudding – To the recipe


We have already talked a lot about the healthy chia seeds. Combine chia and matcha and the effect would be wonderful.

6. Matcha ice cream – To the recipe


How can you get kids to eat something really healthy? When can you prepare a healthy ice cream? Try it!

7. Matcha tiramisu with fruits – To the recipe

matcha tiramisu strawberry glass

Not a matcha recipe for vegans, but still really tasty for everyone else!

8. Matcha cake – To the recipe


Matcha cakes, biscuits and cupcakes are the ideal companions for coffee or tea in the afternoon.

9. Matcha cookies – To the recipe

matcha powder biscuits recipe tea

10. Matcha cupcakes To the recipe

matcha recipes cupcakes-frosting-green

11. Matcha bread with pine nuts and olives – To the recipe