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Quick Omelette with Cheese – Classic Recipe

With the classic recipe for a quick omelette with cheese, even beginners in the art of cooking are well advised and are guaranteed to achieve a delicious result. The hearty dish can be prepared in just a few minutes with little effort. It can be served as an appetizing breakfast or as a tasty lunch and, depending on personal preferences, it can be refined with mushrooms, vegetables or ham. It also goes well with a warm buffet and is guaranteed to make every party a pleasure.

Quick omelette with cheese – an overview of the ingredients

Omelette with cheese quick recipe - the ingredients

You only need a few ingredients for the quick omelette with cheese:

2 medium-sized eggs

40 g mountain cheese, grated

2 tbsp butter

1 tbsp parsley, chopped – for garnish

pinch of salt

Pepper to taste

You can of course season the omelette with cheese with other spices according to your personal preferences. You still need a deep bowl, a wooden scraper, a coated pan, a whisk or a fork, a knife.

Prepare a quick omelette with cheese

Prepare omelette with cheese whisk

Working time: 5 minutes. Cooking time: 15-20 minutes, total preparation time: 25 minutes. This is how the delicious omelette with cheese is prepared:

First put the two eggs in a bowl and whisk well with the whisk. Be careful that there are no air bubbles. Season the eggs with a pinch of salt and season with pepper. Continue to whip the egg mixture for a minute.

Prepare omelette with cheese. Beat eggs. Melt butter. Cook

In the meantime, add butter to the preheated pan and let it melt over medium heat, stirring constantly. Be careful not to brown the butter. Then carefully add the eggs and let them set. Use the wooden scraper to slide along the bottom of the pan several times towards the center of the pan.

Prepare the omelette with cheese, overlap in half

Sprinkle the grated cheese over the omelette, overlap it halfway and finish cooking for a few more minutes. When the omelette turns golden brown, it’s done.

Omelette finished with cheese, see brown below

Take the pan off the heat, meanwhile finely chop the parsley and use it to garnish the omelette. Let it taste for you!

Finely chop the parsley omelette with cheese