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Chili con carne – a proven recipe for real connoisseurs!

Chili con carne (derived from the Spanish “chili con carne” – “chili with meat”) comes from the southern parts of North America – nowadays the spicy dish is enjoying growing popularity, mainly because of its exotic taste. In Texas, in the USA, it is even one of the most popular delicacies. And although the basic recipe has been forgotten over time, modern interpretations have two ingredients in common: the chillies and the meat. We’ll show you a tried and tested recipe for real connoisseurs with kidney beans, corn and red wine.

Recipe for chili con carne – the ingredients

Chili con carne recipe ingredients

The necessary ingredients for about 4 servings:

300 g minced meat

1 red pepper

1 bell pepper, green

1 chilli pepper, red

1 onion

5-6 cloves of garlic

250 g kidney beans or bean mix (can)

125 g canned corn, drained

500 ml of tomato juice

60 ml red wine



½ teaspoon curry powder

1 teaspoon caraway powder

½ teaspoon chili powder, optional

Recipe for chili con carne – the preparation

Chili con carne recipe dice vegetables

The ingredients for the recipe that we offer you are enough for 4 servings (i.e. four adults). For the preparation you need about 20-30 minutes, the cooking time can vary between 1.30-2 hours – so don’t leave the dish without an overview. Patience is the most important thing here – but the end result is definitely worth it. First, dice the onion, garlic cloves, bell peppers and chilli and sweat in hot oil.

Fry the chili con carne meat curry

Add the minced meat and caraway powder and fry, stirring constantly. Season to taste with the curry and chili powder.

Chili con carne recipe kidney beans corn tomato juice

Add the kidney beans and corn, stir in the tomato juice.

Stir in the chili con carne red wine

Pour the red wine and half a cup of hot water, season with salt and pepper. Simmer under the lid for 20 minutes. Pour in the Tabasco sauce if desired. Simmer until the beans soften.

Serve chili con carne rice bed parsley

At the end, remove the finished dish from the stove. Serve in a rice bed if desired. You can offer your guests red wine or beer with chili con carne. It’s the perfect dish for the hot summer months. Enjoy it and surprise your family and friends with an exotic dish!