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Make drinking chocolate yourself: desserts as a gift idea

make yourself drinking chocolate recipes ideas instructions simple gift idea

We have the perfect ideas for Make drinking chocolate yourself for all chocolate addicts. Prepare your own drinking chocolate and enjoy it on a stick. It is even more interesting and visually original to use spoons instead of handles. This extraordinary dessert idea is not only suitable for enjoying with the family. Nicely packaged, it can also make friends happy. If you feel like making this original dessert, our recipes for making drinking chocolate yourself will help you.

Make drinking chocolate yourself – 3 original ideas

make yourself drinking chocolate gift christmas idea reindeer hearts candy cane

Immediately afterwards we have another gift idea that is particularly interesting and goes wonderfully with Christmas. This is an idea to make drinking chocolate yourself, where you only prepare a cocoa mix and fill it into transparent Christmas tree balls. The recipient can then prepare a cocoa from this ball at any time.

Make your own drinking chocolate with spoons and sticks

make yourself drinking chocolate bow stem red milk cup

But now we come to the recipes for making drinking chocolate yourself. You will find that they are not difficult at all to prepare. Choose any flavor or try several and have fun snacking and giving away.

Make your own drinking chocolate on a stick – this is how it is prepared

make yourself drinking chocolate white chocolate fir tree layers idea salt bar

The steps for making your own drinking chocolate are the same for every type of chocolate, regardless of whether it is milk, dark, dark or white chocolate. In addition to the chocolate, you can add additional extras such as marshmallows, sprinkles, nuts or desiccated coconut.

To make your own drinking chocolate, you need a water bath and one or more bars of chocolate or couverture. Since the chocolate will no longer maintain its smooth shape if the temperature is too hot, you should divide the amount of chocolate. It is best to melt only 2/3 of the chocolate in a water bath, stirring constantly. The rest of the amount can be melted to perfection by stirring in after you have removed the pot from the hotplate.

Pour drinking chocolate into molds

Make your own drinking chocolate spoon wood marshmallows cinnamon

Now you need to make your own drinking chocolate containers into which you can fill the chocolate that is still liquid. Plastic shot glasses, an ice cube tray, a praline mold or a baking pan for mini muffins are suitable for this purpose. Depending on how big the dessert should be and what shape it should have, you can also come up with other containers.

Another idea is to spread baking paper and spread the chocolate on it in different shapes. For example, you can design such fir trees as above. You can also use cookie cutters to help you.

Decorate drinking chocolate

make yourself drinking chocolate colorful sprinkles marshmallow glaze tea cup

If you would like to add one of the solid ingredients mentioned above to making your own drinking chocolate, you should do this before filling with the chocolate. After the chocolate, insert a stick and you’re done with making the drinking chocolate yourself. Now the chocolate only has to harden.

Use a spoon for the drinking chocolate

make your own drinking chocolate noble spoons decorate streussel sugar flowers

The idea of ​​using spoons to make your own drinking chocolate is also particularly original. This also gives you a larger number, as you can only dip the spoon into the chocolate several times, creating several layers of chocolate. Or you just fill the cavity of the spoon with chocolate. The solid components can also be added as decoration at the end.

Package homemade desserts

Make drinking chocolate yourself gift idea paper foil packaging wooden spoon

Whichever variant you choose to make your own drinking chocolate, you can use the desserts nicely packaged as a wonderful gift. Your friends and relatives are guaranteed to be amazed.

Drinking chocolate with candy cane

make yourself drinking chocolate metal spoon candy cane decoration sprinkles

Since candy canes are a must for Christmas, you can also use them to decorate the chocolate. If you make the drinking chocolate yourself, simply prepare some sprinkles from the candy cane and sprinkle them on the spoon later.

Decorations for the chocolate spoons

make yourself drinking chocolate dessert idea diy recipe decoration spoon

If you feel like it, you can also add interesting patterns and decorations while making your own drinking chocolate. Here are some examples that you can quickly and easily imitate.

Wooden spoon

Make drinking chocolate yourself wooden spoon idea white bitter milk chocolate

Not only metal spoons are suitable, but also those made of wood or plastic. You can decide for yourself which variant you choose.

Cards with instructions

make yourself drinking chocolate stick peppermint idea envelope

You are welcome to add a card to the original gift, on which the purpose and ingredients are noted. After all, not everyone knows the type of gift and may wonder what it is intended for.

Hot drinking chocolate

Drinking chocolate make yourself milk drink idea stalk chocolate

Whether on a stick or a spoon, you can use drinking chocolate to make hot chocolate. For this purpose, the self-made drinking chocolate is simply dipped in hot milk, which causes it to melt.

Make drinking chocolate yourself – cocoa mix in a Christmas tree ball

make yourself drinking chocolate christmas tree decorations cocoa bitter white milk chocolate

With the above idea of ​​making drinking chocolate yourself, it is not enough with the chocolate temptations. You have probably already seen all sorts of ideas for filling transparent Christmas baubles, but how about cocoa? You can mix this again with various other ingredients to get interesting flavors.

Drinking chocolate with marshmallows

make yourself drinking chocolate idea christmas tree decorations cocoa marshmallows

In principle, the purpose is the same, only that you use cocoa powder to make your own drinking chocolate instead of chocolate or couverture. You are welcome to grate the latter very finely and use it instead of cocoa.

This is how drinking chocolate is used

make your own drinking chocolate preparation milk mini marshmallows

To make drinking chocolate yourself, you can also add other ingredients to the ball, such as marshmallows, crumbled candy canes or mints, cinnamon and sugar. But first add the cocoa so that the other ingredients are clearly visible on the surface.

Unusual ingredients

make yourself drinking chocolate square bauble cocoa sugar mix

If you want to give the cocoa a special taste when making your own drinking chocolate, you can also mix the powder with more daring ingredients, such as coriander, cardamom, nutmeg or chilli. To enhance the chocolaty taste, add Streussel Kovertüre as well. Rum is also an interesting ingredient that you cannot put in the ball, but can be written on the card as a tip.

Experiment with sweets

make yourself drinking chocolate white bauble glass transparent m & amp; m

Add your favorite sweets and candies to the drinking chocolate. In this example, M&M’s used. Experiment with gummy bears, pretzel sticks, sprinkles and other things.

Drinking chocolate packaging idea

make yourself drinking chocolate reindeer idea decoration plush wire rudolph

You can also pack the Christmas tree ball in an original way. At Christmas, for example, a reindeer is suitable for this. Depending on the occasion for which you are making the drinking chocolate yourself, come up with something interesting.

Drinking chocolate as a glaze

Make your own drinking chocolate marshmallows glaze chocolate star decoration

If you would like to get a lot of desserts from the melted chocolate, you can also choose this variant. Chocolate is only used as a glaze. Skewer marshmallows or another sweet or even use pretzel sticks and then dip them in the chocolate. The skewers should already be prepared so that you can work quickly and get done before the chocolate solidifies again.

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