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Think positive: Sayings that give courage in view of the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic is spreading and is no longer just raging in China, but all over the world. Now is the time to stay home and try to save the lives of the chronically ill and the elderly. Quarantine at home, however, can be very stressful for many. Mainly because we exclude ourselves from participating in social life. We have to adapt to a new situation. It is particularly difficult for families with children because the parents often work at home and look after their offspring at the same time. No wonder many become depressed and panic. But right now we should all be thinking positively. That is why we have put together positive sayings for you that will encourage you. And there is also good news regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

Think positive because there is good news too

Think positive sayings against coronavirus don't panic

More and more people are getting sick. And according to medical experts, worse things are to come: If not everyone strictly adheres to the government’s security measures, then the number of infected people will continue to rise in the next few weeks. That alone is enough to worry about the future. But there is also the uncertainty about what will happen to your own workplace. The economic uncertainty and the question of whether and how the country will get out of the crisis troubles many people. But as bad as everything looks now: There is also good news that gives hope:

1. After more than two months, the number of infected people in China seems to be falling. There have been no new cases there for a day. Chinese doctors believe that if no further cases are registered in the next 12 days, the coronavirus pandemic in China would already be over. Maybe it could soon be over in Europe too?

2. The number of those cured is increasing and is significantly higher than the number of deaths and the seriously ill. This means that we are building herd immunity step by step.

3. The majority of people who have gotten sick feel better after just a week and are immune to the virus according to the new studies. This means that they cannot get infected a second time.

Think positive sayings Family means we can do it together

4. There are many infected people who are symptom-free. However, these people can infect others because they do not even know that they are infected. This is why it is also true for these lucky ones: Stay at home. # Stayathome

5. Medical professionals in European countries are generally well prepared to treat pneumonia. You can see the symptoms, there are also tests that need to be done. So it’s a new disease, but it has flu-like symptoms and complications. Of course, this does not mean underestimating the disease, it is better to stay at home and protect yourself from infection as much as possible. But please #don’t panic.

6. It is true that the chronically ill and the elderly are at great risk. But there are very many people who still survive the virus. Proof of this is a 103-year-old Chinese woman who was recently discharged from Wuhan Hospital and a 100-year-old Chinese woman who was successfully cured despite previous illnesses such as heart failure.

Coronavirus quarantine stay positive sayings #stayathome

7. The coronavirus pandemic makes people inventive and flexible. The pupils in some European countries learn online, video consultations with the family doctor are organized in online platforms. These apps and platforms can continue to be used by elderly patients or people with disabilities even after the end of the pandemic.

Think positive: Sayings for home office

Coronavirus pandemic think positive sayings #keinepanick

Especially working people find it difficult to stay at home (#stayathome). It’s not easy, because the hectic everyday life in the office is motivating for most. If you suddenly have to work in your own house, then you cannot properly separate work from private life. Instead of talking on the phone, watch the TV show? Or treat yourself to a longer lunch break. To avoid this, you can create a daily structure and set goals in the home office.

Think positive: Quarantine at home

Coronavirus quarantine at home think positively Sayings that give courage

It is not easy to completely change your life. And with a quarantine at home you suddenly have a lot of free time. Use the time to rest and relax. Sleep strengthens the immune system and helps the body fight pathogens. It is also important to fill the free time. Keep in touch with family and friends, you can for example skype. Do exercises daily to keep your body fit.

sayings family life give children courage against coronavirus

Spend your free time with the family. Play games and enjoy being together. Hopefully a vaccine or an effective drug against coronavirus will be developed soon. Then the parents will go back to work and the children may have to catch up on school material. Back in the hectic everyday life you will have little free time. Now is the right time to read a new book, pursue a new hobby, or just spend more time together.

Think Positive: Sayings for Working Parents

Working at home during coronavirus pandemic sayings give courage

Working parents face a major challenge. Schools and daycare centers are closed. Many employers allow parents to work from home. It is not easy, especially when the child still has to be looked after around the clock. This is where special television programs for children, lots of craft ideas, media libraries and numerous audio programs come to the rescue. Admittedly, despite all the effort, working parents will have it much more difficult.

Think positive: Use the time to set new goals

Think positive sayings in coronavirus quarantine encourage

In hectic everyday life there is hardly any time for self-reflection. But now is the right time to look back over the past few years. You can ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I satisfied with my career? What would i change? Maybe you are taking advantage of the time for an online course?
  • What would I like to change in my life??
  • What am I grateful for?

You can now contact old friends or relatives again. You can also plan trips to other countries or visit museums online. You can organize the photos on your computer by date, make collages of family photos, and create lists of nearby travel destinations. Once the coronavirus pandemic is over, you can travel and discover the world again.

Build relationship with God

Think positive sayings encourage God and religion don't panic

Stay home and don’t panic! Your faith can hold you up in difficult times and help you overcome your fear. Yes, there may be a ban on worship in Germany at the moment, but in most cases you can follow church services online. Of course, this cannot replace human closeness to other believers. Especially in difficult times, believers give each other support and support one another. But it is also possible to further develop the relationship with God within your own four walls. Religion in itself is positive and gives hope that something better will come again.

Think positive: sayings for the grandparents

think positive with coronavirus quarantine hope don't lose no panick

The grandparents have a particularly difficult time: They cannot visit their grandchildren and often feel alone and abandoned. In addition, most of the grandparents are part of the risk group and are of course afraid of coronavirus infection. Right now you should keep in touch with them on a daily basis. In most cases, the grandparents can be reached by phone, but many of them can now skype or send messages via mobile phone. Encourage them with inspirational quotes.

Think positive: you should avoid that

Family life with coronavirus sayings for thinking positively

Even if it is difficult for you, you should try to critically evaluate the information on the net with regard to the coronavirus. There is also misinformation that will scare you unnecessarily. Therefore, be aware of your media consumption and best trust official information sources and news channels. Of course, you can also contact your general practitioner if you have any further questions.

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