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Homeschooling sayings, jokes & tips: this is how learning at home becomes easier & funnier

The pandemic has undoubtedly turned our lives upside down and has become a challenge for many. Home office in combination with homeschooling is a strain on parents and is often difficult to reconcile. But the hope that the situation will soon improve makes us grit our teeth. Let’s see it with humor and laugh at it! We would like to achieve this with the following sayings and jokes about homeschooling that we have put together for you. Both homeschooling are sayings that address the parents or speak from their hearts, as well as those for the students and teachers themselves.

Homeschooling sayings and tips

Homeschooling Sayings - Coffee ... because school at home is tough

Furthermore, we would like to give you a few homeschooling tips with which you can make learning at home more pleasant and, above all, more successful for both sides, i.e. for yourself and your children. And if you do get into despair again, our funny homeschooling sayings can perhaps cheer you up a little – because not only you are currently under great stress and suffering shared is suffering halved.

Define a permanent workplace

10 minutes after class started at home - quarreling children and distressed mother

Just as you value a fixed workplace in order to be productive, the child also needs such an area. That way, they can better adjust to the fact that it is time to study and become less distracted. In addition, this also guarantees that all the necessary reading and auxiliary materials are always at hand. Get a comfortable chair and a table or desk of suitable height. If the class takes place online, a computer or laptop in this work area is also recommended, if possible.

Find the right rhythm

Homeschooling sayings and tips - take the difficult situation with humor

It wasn’t just the adults who had a hard time getting used to working at home. It is no different, if not more difficult, with children. And when homeschooling and office meet, the stress is almost inevitable, as homeschooling proverbs show. So expecting the children to master homeschooling straight away while we concentrate on our work is not right. You know best when your children are most focused and best learning. You also set the learning times accordingly. And the breaks are also very important in order to clear your head again. Establish a regular rhythm with study and rest times – just as it is in school with lessons and breaks.

Homeschooling sayings to send - It'll be fun they said

Homeschooling sayings and tips – breaks to clear your head

Speaking of the breaks, kids haven’t been able to concentrate that long. And especially if you are stuck on a difficult task for a long time and get stuck, a little break is very appropriate. Above all, a little exercise is very helpful here: A short exercise or a bit of fresh air in the garden are perfect for being able to think clearly again. Even with the children!

Homeschooling Sayings and Tips – Discuss each subject in advance

Homeschooling sayings - cleaning when all the kids are in the house

Instead of overloading your child with all of the learning material at hand, take it step-by-step. In this way you create structure and interruptions are more likely to be avoided. So start with the first subject, briefly explain to your child what is expected of him or what the task is and then let him work independently. Once that’s done, do the same for the next class and so on. The breaks already mentioned can be taken in between.

When and who can help?

Corona mood at its best - when children want to be alone voluntarily

It is quite normal that the child does not know what to do next during homeschooling and has questions. However, if you are busy yourself, interrupting your work is not really optimal, because that can lead to stress on your part (homeschooling slogans were after all not without reason). Therefore, discuss in advance when the child can ask their questions. For example, it could first continue with other tasks and later solve the difficult part together with you. If there are older siblings, they too can first be asked for advice.

Homeschooling Sayings - Not the teacher was the problem

Another option, of course, is to look online for the answer to a question on a good learning site. There are also these handy video calls. They are ideal for calling a classmate and asking for advice. In this way, the children can also do their homework together and you avoid being overwhelmed, which is anything but good for children.

Rewards are important

How crazy the world has become due to the corona pandemic - a parent's humor

As I said, the unfamiliar homeschooling is not so easy for children either. And with all the hard work there has to be a reward. Do something nice together – go cycling or have a picnic (whether in the garden, park or living room), watch a film or do handicrafts or play something together. This motivates and above all lowers the stress level – both in the child and in you! And then you can absorb even the most sarcastic homeschooling sayings with humor.

Stay in touch with the teachers

Homeschooling sayings and tips for relaxed learning at home

If you ever get stuck, confide in the teacher. If you do not understand a particular topic and / or cannot pass it on or explain it to your child, if your child has difficulty concentrating or simply cannot find a good rhythm, seek the help of the teacher. After all, they also know their students very well and also have experience teaching and raising children. Therefore, they can be of service to you in many ways. It’s her job too!

Homeschooling sayings and tips – keep social contacts

Do your children wear something other than pajamas

The lack of school time is of course also associated with less social contact. This is a difficult change, especially for children, and anything but good. But just because they are currently not allowed to meet up with their friends does not mean that contact has to be completely eliminated. Fortunately, in the age of digital devices, we not only have the opportunity to talk to friends and relatives on the phone, but also to see them live thanks to video chat and video calls. So this is not only an advantage for learning, but also for leisure time, when the children just want to talk and have fun.

Reduce television, smartphones and computer games

The children have barricaded themselves in their rooms

You are not allowed to go to the playground, or visit other children, sports clubs and other facilities for various activities had to close their doors – children who are bursting with energy and who were used to moving around a lot suffer particularly from the deficiency of activity. So boredom are they looking for other entertainment options and what is most accessible at home? Exactly, the television, the computer, the cell phone and the game console … these are now increasingly a part of the leisure activities of the kids. And to be honest (and as our homeschooling sayings also suggest), this is a welcome rest time for parents to take a breath themselves.

We're doing a fire drill with the kids - Sarcastic jokes for parents

You don’t have to forbid it to the children entirely, but you definitely have to reduce it. Here, too, structure and daily rhythm come into play again. When homeschooling is over, another occupation should be planned. Find an hour or two to go outside, do some exercise at home, or do something else relaxing. After that, you are welcome to use electronic devices for a while and that also applies to the parents. How about sending some homeschooling sayings to your friends to make them smile?

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