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Affirmations Before Falling Asleep: 30 Positive And Calming Thoughts

Affirmations, the magic word that should make us happier, more successful and more relaxed. The positive thoughts should help us to look optimistically to the future and to achieve our goals more easily. This is actually about sentences that we believe in and that, through constant repetition, should bring us to see the world with different eyes. Everyone can formulate affirmations themselves, but beginners should prefer to use sentences that have already been formulated. Depending on the topic, there are already many affirmation sentences. While most grapple with issues such as success, happiness, and love, another group has recently been gaining popularity. Positive affirmations before going to sleep are supposed to relax us, reduce everyday stress and lull us gently to sleep. We offer you a selection of effective affirmations that should help against insomnia.

Affirmations before going to sleep ensure a deep and restful sleep

enjoy deep restful sleep with the right sleep routine

Our thoughts not only affect our mood, they can also influence our actions. The path to self-love and happiness is anything but easy for most people. Especially when we are stressed, we tend to think negatively. However, there is a remedy that can help: positive affirmations can relax us and free us from stress. The method against insomnia has proven to be particularly helpful. The beliefs can make a difference: They can help you break down or change certain thought patterns. It is important that you know and adhere to the basic principles of affirmations before going to sleep.

Affirmations before going to sleep: this is how the method works

Affirmations for a deep, restful sleep

So that the affirmations before going to sleep really have a positive effect, you should adhere to several basic rules. The affirmations should …

  1. … be positive. Try to formulate the beliefs in a way that makes it clear what you want. For example, “I relax and fall asleep deeply” instead of “I don’t have to struggle with insomnia anymore.” Avoid words like not, no, no, without, nobody, nothing, nowhere, never.
  2. … be realistic. Try to focus on the present, the here and now. Do not think about the future and let go of your fears.
  3. … be formulated in the present. (Use “I am”, “I have” instead of “I will be” and “I will have”

Sleep peacefully and relaxed all night long

It is very important that you formulate your affirmations positively before you go to sleep. Otherwise, you run the risk of confusing your brain and ending up doing just the opposite. Hence, you should avoid words like insomnia, stress, fear, and regret.

It is also important that you really believe in the affirmations. Your own emotions play a major role in success. A few sleep rituals can help you get in a positive mood.

  • Relax your body with a soothing bath, aromatherapy or a wellness shower.
  • Do yoga exercises or meditate. Guided meditation can generate positive emotions.
  • First start with positive affirmations that are supposed to relieve the stress of everyday life. “I am in harmony with the world”, “I let go of everyday life”, “I am relaxed”. Try to focus on what is most important when formulating your beliefs. The shorter the better.
  • Keep up with sleep-related affirmations. “I go to sleep satisfied in the evening.”, “I enjoy a deep and restful sleep” and “I sleep through the night”.

Affirmations before going to sleep Harmony in the world

Read the affirmations aloud each night. Slowly repeat each affirmation three to five times each evening. Take your time and enjoy your new evening routine. Be patient because it will take at least three months before you can feel the positive effects of the affirmation. So diligently repeat the same beliefs every night.

Tips against insomnia: an evening routine helps you relax

think positively fall asleep faster sleep better

Formulate positive and realistic beliefs

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The shorter the beliefs, the better

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Affirmations before going to sleep help with insomnia

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But to achieve a positive effect, you should repeat it every evening for at least 3 months

repeat positive affirmations before going to sleep

Patience is required, because you should use each affirmation five times slow repeat

Affirmations before falling asleep, hug dreams

Concentrate on the essentials: three short sentences are enough

Every day satisfied and happy end affirmation

When you’re stressed out, you can start with affirmations on other topics like love, forgiveness, and everyday life

Affirmations before falling asleep think positive ideas

Words like “nothing, no, no” should be avoided unless they confirm your feelings. For example: “I sleep so deeply that me nothing can disturb at this moment. “

Sleep affirmations for evening relaxation after meditation

To be on the safe side, beginners should completely refrain from using words like “nothing” and instead concentrate on their positive experiences and feelings

Enjoy affirmations before going to sleep and relax

Let go of the negative feelings

I forgive all affirmation for letting go

You can listen to music while repeating the affirmations

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Sleeping soundly is important, and meditation can help you fall asleep

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In order for you to properly recover, sleep should be deep and peaceful

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