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40 motivational sayings & quotes about life, sport & encouragement

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Today we continue with our series of quotes and sayings on various topics. And this time it is especially about the motivation, which certainly not a few people from your circle of acquaintances and maybe even you yourself would need. Because the same everyday life often leads us to indolence and listlessness and mostly we are not even aware that we can change this monotonous daily routine ourselves. But motivational sayings can not only open our eyes to this topic. Just take a look at our 40 ideas and find the right one for you and your loved ones.

Motivational sayings and quotes in German

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There are many different areas in which some people need a certain incentive. So motivational sayings about exercise can be a great fitness motivation. But motivation quotes for losing weight are also a great sport motivation. So if you know someone who has just set themselves this goal, this is a wonderful way to encourage them to keep going instead of giving up on the smallest hurdle. But maybe you are the one who needs some motivational sayings on the subject of fitness and weight loss? No problem! Quickly, you will banish pessimistic thoughts from your head and again have a great desire to move on. Because nothing doesn’t come with anything, as the saying goes, doesn’t it?

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Whether short sayings as status sayings for social networks, wise sayings for a greeting or greeting card or funny motivational sayings and encouraging sayings that are not only intended to motivate but also to put a smile on your face – the most diverse variants can be found in our gallery. Incidentally, there are not only those in German, but also some motivational sayings in English that have the same effect – they inspire the reader and help even on bad days to overcome the weaker self, to draw new strength and to recreate what has already started inspire.

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Have you had specific plans for a while but keep putting off for a variety of reasons? Then let the following ideas for quotes for life and the variants for motivational quotes about work finally convince you and use the courage-make quotes to turn your plans, wishes and dreams into reality. What do you have to lose but a monotonous everyday life that doesn’t make you completely happy anyway? And while you are in the process of motivating yourself, you can also infect a few other people with your fever. They are guaranteed to thank you!

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But now we come to our gallery. You can also print out the sayings and quotes as you wish, either to stick them on a greeting card or to attach the saying to your pin board or the refrigerator or to put it framed on your desk. If you take a look at it every day, it will be more difficult for you to forget your resolutions and put them in the background again.

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Motivational sayings in English

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