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40 coffee sayings & facts about the hot drink to make you laugh and greet friends

Funny coffee sayings - those who wake up earlier create more coffee

The coffee … it is considered a miracle drink and stimulant, without which many cannot do without. It tastes good, perks you up and is the ideal “companion” in the office, at a meeting with your best friend or freshly prepared in the early morning with a relaxed breakfast. So it’s no wonder he’s so popular. And how about if you greet someone with a suitable saying over coffee? Everyone knows this one person who absolutely cannot live without it and for whom the drink is the be-all and end-all. But maybe there are also some sayings about coffee that suit you? For whatever purpose you are looking for the right coffee sayings, whether as a greeting, as a joke or because you just want to smile, you will surely find the right one in our gallery.

Funny coffee sayings and interesting facts

Coffee sayings - I love you more than coffee and that means something

In line with the topic, we also have some interesting facts for you about the delicious coffee. Even if you are not crazy about coffee and prefer to rely on substitutes, the information will be interesting. Read them through and be happy to pass them on.

More than just two types of coffee

Although most consumers are only familiar with the two types of coffee Robusta (from West Africa and Southeast Asia) and Arabica (from Colombia, Brazil, Kenya and Ethiopia), as these are usually used to make the coffee, it is interesting to know that it is there are actually more than 50 different varieties.

Coffee sayings about the early bird that catches the worm

Coffee sayings – coffee equals cherry?

Yes, that’s really true. The coffee bean is actually the seed of the red cherry that grows on the coffee tree. It is also interesting that this cherry tastes very tasty. However, since the seed, i.e. the coffee bean, is much more sought-after, the fruits themselves take a back seat and are not offered in stores like other exotic fruits nowadays.

Who discovered the coffee??

It is believed that the coffee beans were discovered by a goatherd from Ethiopia. He found that his goats were always very lively after they nibbled from the coffee tree. So he decided to try them as well. And that is said to have happened in the 9th century. However, whether the story is really true cannot be 100% confirmed. Coffee then got to the rest of the world thanks to the Dutch who spread it.

Coffee sayings - tea warms the heart, coffee the soul

Instant coffee a modern invention?

Not at all! A scientist from Chicago with Japanese descent is considered to be the inventor of instant coffee. He even patented his invention in 1901. But it stayed that way, because his instant coffee didn’t make the breakthrough. In 1908, however, George Constant Louis Washington of Anglo-Belgian descent developed a manufacturing process on an industrial scale and instant coffee quickly became a popular product. During the First World War, the US Army even supplied its soldiers with this type of coffee.

Coffee sayings - Only 700 cups left until the weekend

Popular, more popular, coffee!

The fact that coffee is one of the most popular beverages worldwide is proven by the fact that half a trillion cups of coffee are consumed around the world every year, or in other words: 71 cups per person. Incidentally, the Finns consume most of the coffee. The most popular drink among Germans there is drunk an average of 3.6 times a day, while in Germany you get around 2 cups per person per day or 150 liters per year. Would you like more figures for illustration purposes? Germans consume 261,650 tons of ground filter coffee, 63,450 tons of whole coffee beans and 48,650 tons of coffee pods every year.

Coffee sayings for Monday and the start of the new work week

Coffee sayings – coffee ban

Hard to believe, but true: coffee was even banned. In the 16th and 17th centuries, coffee was banned three times in different cultures, sometimes because you saw something immoral in coffee, sometimes for economic reasons. Frederick the Great feared, for example, that coffee could compete with local products too much. Charles II even sparked a rebellion among his people with his attempt to ban coffee.

Sarcastic coffee sayings about stupid people - coffee helps against everything

The most expensive coffee in the world

… is the so-called Kopi Luwak. In principle, these are the same beans that are otherwise used to make coffee, only that they go through a different kind of manufacturing process. The coffee cherries are fed to an Indonesian sneak cat and then excreted by it. Since the beans then have to be laboriously collected from the manure and only 230 kilograms are produced per year, the price is also very high at 1200 euros per kilo of coffee or 5 euros per cup.

I take my coffee very seriously - cups on a blue table

Coffee harmful or maybe not?

Coffee has more than 2000 ingredients and these should be more positive than previously thought. Apart from the fact that coffee has a detoxifying effect, some substances even strengthen the heart and protect against colon and prostate cancer, according to studies. Coffee lovers will definitely be pleased. On the other hand, the many other habits that coffee consumers combine with hot drinks are harmful and that is smoking, the increased consumption of sugar-rich pastries and, above all, the stress that is often tried to combat with coffee.

Coffee sayings pictures

Mug with a smiley face and a saying about the Indian name

Now that you’ve learned some new facts about the beloved hot drink, we can move on to our gallery where you can find coffee sayings that are funny, sayings about coffee and friendship, coffee sayings in English and in German and a lot more. Make someone happy and put a smile on their face by surprising them with a funny saying or using good morning coffee sayings for a pleasant start to the day.

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Love is in the air and it smells like coffee

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Good morning coffee sayings for the start of the new day

Today's good mood was sponsored by the coffee

It doesn't matter whether the cup is half full or half empty, there is always room for more coffee

You can't buy happiness, but you can buy coffee and that's very close to that

Anyone who smiles on Mondays has drunk the right coffee for breakfast

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When it comes to coffee, size matters, because who wants a small cup?

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If it's too early for wine, pour yourself coffee

Less is more, unless it's coffee

What coffee cannot solve is a serious problem

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