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Swimming pool in your own garden – it’s so easy to create a dream pool

Swimming pool in the own garden, round-buried-paving-clinker-stones

The thermometer shows 35 degrees in the shade, not a cloud cloud the bright blue sky, the sun shines – this is what a great summer day looks like. It’s even better when you can spend a day like this at your own swimming pool to treat yourself to a refreshing dip in the wet waters from time to time. But many spend the best time of the year in the queue for the public swimming pool or in traffic jams on the motorway towards the North or Baltic Sea. For many people still see their own swimming pool as an unaffordable luxury that only superstars in Hollywood or people in posh districts such as Hamburg Blankenese or Munich Grünewald can afford. So having your own swimming pool in your own garden is really a dream come true for most of us?

A swimming pool in your own garden is no longer a luxury

Swimming pool in the own garden oval-terrace-clinker bricks

All you have to do: just build the pool yourself!

With a little manual skill and a few hours of work during the week or on the weekend, the dream of having your own swimming pool can be fulfilled quickly and easily. Because the times when swimming pools were reserved for the rich and beautiful are now a thing of the past. But before the groundbreaking ceremony actually takes place, the most important tip is: precisely analyze the size and condition of your own garden. Because only then can you decide which type of swimming pool and which shape suits it best.

Whether oval or round pool with a steel wall

swimming pool-own-garden-round-steel-walls-above-ground

There are numerous models for every taste and budget

Depending on the size of your own garden and depending on the abundance of your wallet, a wide variety of swimming pool solutions with steel walls can be implemented. These are either simply erected or partially buried, walled in or concreted in. The price range extends from the entry-level model, which is available from around 600 euros, to the upper price range, which is up to 4,000 euros and above (examples can be found on www.poolpowershop.de). The installation is easy even without experts with a little technical knowledge and talent. This video provides the most important tips:

Keep an eye on the direction of the compass

swimming pool-own-garden-round-steel-walls-shade-plants

The sun rises in the east and sets in the west – this sounds like a truism, but it is an important factor in the correct alignment of your own swimming pool. After all, the water in the pool should warm up to a pleasant temperature during the day. And a pool that is oriented in a southerly direction is continuously lit by the sun all the time. This ensures much more bathing fun, even in the early hours of the morning.

How big should the swimming pool be in your own garden??

Build-your-own-dug swimming pool in your own garden

If you want a lot, you have to dig all the deeper. In other words – a larger swimming pool is only realistic to implement the deeper you can go into the ground. It is therefore advisable to check the condition of the floor beforehand. The rule of thumb is then: If the height of the pool is more than 1.50 meters, the swimming pool should not protrude more than two thirds of its height above it. Because as easy as it is to swim in water, the liquid can also cause a lot of pressure, and this can put the outer wall of the pool under enormous elasticity. Therefore, when laying water pipes, you should also make sure that there is a small slope towards the pool – for a very simple reason: Even the most beautiful summer comes to an end and the pool has to be emptied. The slight slope of the pipes prevents water from remaining in the pipes or even freezing in them in winter. In addition, no pool can do without electricity and water pipes. So if you want to avoid costly new installations, you should choose the location of the pool with foresight, i.e. close to existing supply lines.

Underground for your own swimming pool

swimming-pool-own-garden-rectangular-3d-layers of earth

Even, smooth and firm – that is what characterizes a good surface for your own swimming pool.

The respective properties of the soil must also be taken into account. For example, if the groundwater level is too high, some types of basin are out of the question. A tip for the best condition of the soil: Keep the ground as level as possible and remove roots, rubble or stones as well as possible – because this way, potential damage to the film has no chance from the start. Smaller depressions and bumps can easily be filled with sand, earth, concrete or screed to provide an ideal foundation. Small bumps and holes are compensated for by a fleece that should definitely be placed underneath.

Wood or natural stone immediately add value to any pool

swimming pool-own-garden-gargoyle-wood-terrace covering

If you value a noble look, you can finally embellish the edge of the pool with wood inlays: This not only looks pretty chic, but also ensures that leaves or grass do not end up in the water of the pool so quickly. Alternatively, it is also possible to embellish the swimming pool with natural stones. Real granite is not only very robust, but also comes in many natural color nuances, the spectrum ranges from gray-crystal to sand-beige to beautiful, reddish copper colors!

Swimming pool in your own garden – it’s that easy

swimming pool-own-garden-natural-stone-edge-lawn area

swimming pool-own-garden-wpc-wood-edging