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Pool in the backyard – 18 modern ideas for swimming pools in the garden

Pool in the backyard -modern-architecture-house-exotic-palm trees

Many people believe that swimming is the best way to keep your body in good shape while taking care of your health. Also, many people claim that swimming is a type of cardio activity, and it is much easier than cycling or running. So, this is really the best way to do regular exercise, even once a week, while enjoying family time. I hope you are completely convinced of it. But now we have some advantages and disadvantages of our own Pool in the back yard look at our house. Yes, it is true, a swimming pool is one of the most expensive properties in a dream home because most of the time it is the best place for family gatherings and get-togethers with friends.

Pool in the back yard and exotic greenery with tropical plants

Pool in the backyard-exotic-tropical-palm-sun-umbrella-garden furniture

So we can say: yes, it’s wonderful to have our own swimming pool in the back yard. This will give us the best opportunity to relax and switch off from stressful office work. Today we have put together different backyard pool ideas, installed by different designers, for you. And we hope this will help you decide how best to use your available space in the backyard. Keep scrolling down and check out the pictures with our adorable 15 Pool ideas for the backyard at. I cannot imagine the natural and tropical theme any better than it is presented here in this swimming pool.

Pool in the back yard and natural greenery

Pool in the backyard -grass-umbrella-sun lounger-swimming pool

The parasol and the creatively designed landscape are a great idea to make this area look even more attractive and natural.

Pool in the backyard – terraced design


Here we have a limited area in the back yard and a lap pool, surrounded by green plants and wooden fence, but it is big enough to serve as a recreational area to the house.

Pool in the backyard – stone cladding with ‘green’ joints

pool in the backyard-stones-lawn-flooring

The pool spa area and the right lighting improve the look of the small swimming pool in this backyard, which attracts a lot of visitors, especially at night.

Basketball hoop next to the pool in the back yard


The idea is really great for the children, they think it’s great to be able to play basketball while swimming.

Semicircle shape

pool of ideas in the backyard semicircle-deco-plants

This swimming pool may look small, but it sure is big enough to provide balance in this stress-free zone surrounded by brightly colored plants and flowers.

Outdoor fireplace next to the pool in the back yard

swimming pool-backyard-whirlpool-waterfall-terrace-outdoor fireplace

Elegance and luxury are well indicated in this area too, mostly at sunset and at night.

Design a small and rectangular pool in the backyard


Rectangular shaped pools, installed in your garden and complemented by matching furniture and an enchanting landscape can turn this place into an oasis.

Retaining wall next to that Pool in the back yard

swimming pool-backyard-sunbeds-adirondack-chairs

Just one look and you will be fooled! You may think you are in a large resort or an expensive hotel, but you are just in the back yard of your own home.

Green lawn, white fence and blue one Pool in the back yard

small-pool-backyard-lawn-sunbeds-privacy fence

Here the small pool is just perfect for a small area in your garden surrounded by the clean white fence and green grass.

Ornamental grasses on the edge of the Pool in the back yard

swimming pool-backyard-rectangular-idea-edge-ziergraeser

With a wide area in the back yard, you can easily install a swimming pool where you will have a lot of fun and joy with the family.

Pool in the backyard – Square shape

swimming pool backyard square shape hot tub

A small slide in this small rectangular swimming pool makes the children feel like they are in a real health resort.

Natural-looking pool in the backyard – waterfall 


Special water elements like the waterfall in this free-form design pool in the back yard can also add a relaxing atmosphere to the house.

Pool with waterfall and whirlpool in the back yard 

swimming -pool in the backyard -asymmetrical-shape-waterfall

The spa area and the waterfall emphasize the stress-free zone created by the kidney-shaped pool.

Pool in the back yard with effective lighting

pool lighting-waterfall-decoration-landscape Pool in the backyard

At first glance you might think that you are at the swimming pool in a health resort, but only then do you understand whether it is your own pool or not?

Among the various great pool designs presented above, you can certainly find some ideas that match your ideas for a dreamy swimming pool in your own garden. You can also use our ideas when building your own swimming pool by choosing the most suitable pool shape for your backyard that is safe, comfortable, inexpensive and easy to maintain. The big advantage of having our own swimming pool in our own backyard is that we can fully enjoy the best time of the year, summer, there, we don’t have to travel away and that way we save a lot of money, right? And we also want to add something at the end of today’s article: There is no better place where you can spend beautiful, unforgettable moments with loved ones than in your own home!

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