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Make the garden look bigger – 33 tricks with water mirrors

Swimming pool semicircular water mirror photos

We’ll show you 33 ideas and tricks how to use Water mirror Make your garden appear bigger. Whether it is a small pond or a swimming pool – precise positioning and lighting are decisive for the optical illusion.

Tricks with water mirrors create optical illusion

green English garden design swimming pond

Would you like to set accents in the garden? An outdoor swimming pool will do the trick. You just need still water that reflects the landscape. If you have tall trees in your garden, that will Water mirror these come into their own. Even in a small garden, a pond can make a big difference – if you don’t have trees in the garden, plant shrubs around the pond. Modern minimalist architecture will benefit from a narrow but long pool inseparable from the house.

Tricks with water mirrors completely change the garden

Swimming pool garden terrace ideas pictures house forest

You can use tricks not only during the day, but also in the evening Water mirror make – well-lit house facade is reflected by a non-lit pool. This makes the garden seem almost infinite, the boundary between architecture and garden merges. Even the sky and the clouds can be reflected by the pond / or pool / during the day – and what more than the combination of blue sky and water can relax the soul? In the picture gallery below we have prepared photos of modern and classic gardens for you. Enjoy the pictures and maybe you will find inspiration for your own garden!

House by the lake

Water level modern garden framing design

Sunset – breathtaking picture

Country house pool balcony sunset water level

Classic style garden

Create a swimming pool water games garden

Classic garden design

Garden design pool water level accent

Endless pool in the garden

Swimming pool pool ideas water level tree

Tall trees and clouds are reflected in the still water

Trees water level evening pictures

Accents in architecture can come into their own

Architecture swimming pool water level house facade

Natural stone wall and narrow pool

Natural stone wall create a modern allotment garden

Make the garden look bigger

Pool optically enlarges ideas

Modern minimalist architecture

Pool garden mirror minimalist house

Stylish idea for the patio

Design minimalist architecture white facade

Modern architecture benefits from the swimming pool in the garden

modern house sea vacation vacation

The garden pond reflects the landscape

narrow pond garden trees concrete garden path

Trees in the pool

Garden design tricks plant trees

Exotic pool

Pool Brazil water level clouds

Garden pool reflects architecture and trees

single story house design modern water level

The facade lighting is reflected

infinity pool evening water level lighting

Classic designs – garden with pond

Pond optical illusion design

Big pool

Garden English Style Design Enlargement Autumn

Feng Shui style garden

Create garden garden pond design idea

Green garden

Create swimming pool water mirror idea

Mediterranean garden

Mediterranean garden swimming pool Kieselweg

Near-natural garden pond

Allotment garden beautiful water level design idea

Swimming pond and large trees

Swimming pond garden design ideas modern

 Pond with a round shape

Make small garden pond mirror shape yourself

Allotment garden with a pond

Garden pond allotment garden design ideas Steinweg

Beautiful pool in the garden

Design garden framing style design

garden pond

Forest water level wood terrace idea