Pool design

Luxury villa on the coast with a fresh interior

Designed by Juma Architects

modern luxury villa

These Luxury villa on the coast was created as a result of the collaboration between the Belgian architects from Juma Architects and the design studio Minimum Arquitectura. The building offers beautiful views of the surroundings.

Luxury villa on the coast – perfect fusion of indoor and outdoor areas


With their design, the architects have achieved a perfect fusion between indoor and outdoor areas. That Luxury villa on the coast impresses with its minimalist interior and elegant construction. The straight lines and interesting shapes of the structures let the beautiful view come into its own. The color scheme is intentionally neutral – the white color dominates both outdoors and indoors. All the furniture is comfortable, and cozy sitting areas have a relaxing effect. The water itself has become a part of the interior – it is well known that running water helps one to relax.

Luxury villa with excellent views

Luxury swimming pool patio

The sun, blue sky and beach almost look like a picture when they are framed by the white windows. Wood in the interior creates a cozy ambience, while interesting color combinations such as purple carpet and yellow accents create tension. The open living area connects to the cozy patio area through large sliding glass doors. the Luxury villa looks spacious and at the same time homely. Modern colored works of art on the walls serve as decoration.

White color dominates in the interior

interesting-chairs-dining room

The project for the Luxury villa from Juma Architects is actually a renovation, in the course of which two buildings were united by an innovative construction. The interior has been completely redesigned so that as much access to the outside area as possible is offered and at the same time plenty of sunlight can come into the house. The result is a harmonious interior design, where the individual pieces of furniture are tastefully combined.

From Jaz

Luxury villa with outdoor swimming pool

Luxury villa swimming pool outdoors

Luxury villa on the coast with white patio furniture

Luxury Villa Seaside Patio Furniture

Innovative swimming pool design

innovative swimming pool design

Elegant interior design in a neutral color scheme

Interior decoration-white-chair-floral motifs

Open living area with purple carpet

open living area leather chair

Elegant comfortable sofa set in the living room


Large terrace with a beautiful view


Modern bedroom with luxury bed


Terrace with rattan furniture

Terrace rattan furniture

Modern outdoor pool

modern-pool-luxury-vacation home