Pool design

Ideas for pool design and a perfect pool area

pool design-cement-built-in-whirlpool-TSWIM-- TOPCRET-ITALIA -AXXIHOME

A pool is almost a must in every garden. It gives you the refreshment you need in the hot summer and is also a perfect way to stay fit by swimming. In addition to some time to relax, you also get enough exercise, which is also fun. If you are in the process of planning your pool, you will probably have a few too Pool design ideas to be thankful.

Pool design ideas from Indalo Piscine

ideas-pool-design-in-ground-elongated-form-chaise longue-modern

The company Indalo Piscine offers great ideas for pool design. Whether infinity pool, an elongated or wavy design, your every wish will be read from your lips. Above, for example, you can see an elongated pool specially designed for more comfortable swimming. The “in-ground” pool can be entered from two sides.

Pool design ideas – a pool with a beach effect


Another variant of this model is this one with an abstract shape. Such ideas for pool design create an organic look in the garden. The way you step into the pool is also original. In a way, the area is reminiscent of a beach where you gradually get deeper and deeper into the water.

Natural pool design


With a pool design like this you will feel like you are in the wilderness of a vacation spot. The pool area is framed by attractive rocks, while an infinity pool serves as refreshment. Its sudden end makes it seem like it is turning into a waterfall and tumbling down a canyon. For such ideas for pool design, you can again contact Indalo Piscine.

Mini pool with wellness effect


BL-818 from Beauty Luxury

Although almost every homeowner wants a pool, it is often foregone due to a lack of space. It does not necessarily have to be large to be of practical use. Some pool design ideas are a good alternative. There are great pools in miniature, but there are also mini pools that can be just as useful to you, provided that you don’t care too much about being able to swim in the pool.

Pure relaxation


Mirror 620 from Teuco

We would also like to present ideas for pool design with a mini pool in this article. These basically represent a whirlpool and ensure that you can relax really well and get rid of the accumulated stress after a hard day’s work.

Mini pool from zucchetti


The mini pool from Zucchetti has an almost sculptural look due to its round shape with a smooth, gray surface. It offers a pleasant hydromassage, whereby the jets can be adjusted differently and is a great option if you are looking for ideas for pool design with an artistic look. In addition, there is attractive LED lighting that makes bathing pleasant even at night.

Swimming pool and whirlpool in one


BL-856 from Beauty Luxury

Can’t choose between the swimming pool and the jacuzzi, but you don’t have space for both? Don’t worry about that, because here you will find original pool design ideas to help you again. There is a great variant that combines both. With the model from Beauty Luxury, up to 6 people can relax wonderfully, but the elongated shape also provides enough space for swimming.

No risk of slipping

ideas for pool design whirlpool combination hydromassage

You can see a similar design as the above model by Indalo Piscine with a beach effect. The manufacturer is the same again. The attractive pool also has a wellness corner with a whirlpool. The surface of the flooring is rough so there is no risk of slipping: an important property to consider when brainstorming ideas for pool design.

Tile the pool


Design by Appiani

The ideas for pool design also include the design inside the pool. The mosaic design is very popular. You can choose this in a classic blue and white color combination or in any other color.

Pool design ideas – tiles from Appiani

ideas for pool design tile-mosaic-appiani-blue-yellow-resized

The two models from Appiani “Wellness&Pool ”and“ Laguna Blu ”. With the mosaic design you can decorate different areas. You are welcome to combine both models or choose one of the two ideas shown for the pool design.

The edge of the pool


When designing the pool, the edge is also very important. Not only should it look good, it should also not have any sharp corners or edges, so that there is no danger when entering and exiting the vehicle. This design by Carobbio, for example, is particularly suitable. The company offers many other ideas for pool design with an attractive edge, among which you can choose the perfect one.

The flooring in the pool area

ideas for pool design modern-cobblestone-benacus-pietra-lavica-gray

Benacus from Ferrari BK

Not only the pool itself is important when planning. The floor covering that surrounds the pool should also be chosen correctly and taken into account in the ideas for the pool design. There is a wide selection available these days, so you will hardly have a problem finding something that exactly suits your taste.

Concrete design


Sassoitalia flooring from Ideal Work

You get a seamless design if you choose concrete for the flooring. But you don’t have to imagine the typical gray design right away. The company Ideal Work, for example, offers ideas for pool design in various color nuances that can even be combined with one another to create an interesting patterned floor covering.

Porcelain tiles in stone look


The modern pool area can also be designed with stone-look tiles. Use, for example, a design like that of Cotto D’este. The Buxy Flammé porcelain tiles are particularly resistant and not only against frost, but also against bumps. Would you like more ideas for pool design? Then read on!

Porcelain tiles in wood look


These attractive tiles as ideas for pool design are a perfect choice if you like the look of the wood but are reluctant to use the material for the outdoor floor. The model is called New Tek-Pool and is offered by Realonda.

Pool design ideas – Decorative elements


Indalo Piscine waterfall pool

You can make the pool particularly pretty by incorporating various decorations. Small but also larger waterfalls are particularly popular. They also have a calming effect due to their splashing sound. Pool design ideas associated with nature are often very popular.

Arch made of stone


Falls from Artman Italiana

This waterfall from our list of pool design ideas is also very impressive. It represents a ground from which the water falls. If the waterfall is set up as in this example, you get a dose of freshness when entering the pool.

Build a slide


If you really want to have fun while spending time at your pool or if you want to make your children happy, then the slides are among the perfect ideas for pool design. “Water Chutes” by Artman Italiana also has a yellow color, which puts you in a happy mood just by looking at it. It is also available in red or blue.


ideas for the pool design handrail-glass-steel-protection-children's parquet

In this country it is not required by law as in Australia, but if you still want to add protection for the children, a railing from SMEC is really suitable. Perhaps you find a glass railing very good simply from an aesthetic point of view. Whatever the reason, railings as ideas for pool design make the pool area look much more modern, especially when it is made of glass.