Pool design

Concrete infinity pool as a minimalist accent in the garden

concrete pool garden path lawn carob patio

The stunning pool that we would like to introduce to you in this article is located in Portugal and designed by Mario Martins atelier. The design was chosen to harmonize with the Portuguese landscape of almond and carob trees. The result was a minimalist pool area made of concrete, which impresses with its simple look. Of the Concrete pool is shallow in the area of ​​the steps and gets deeper and deeper towards the opposite end, making it perfect for swimming.

Concrete pool with spacious pool area

concrete pool minimalist design canopy modern

Not only is the pool made of concrete, but also the pool area surrounding it. In addition to wide areas for sun loungers or a lounge, there is also a canopy that offers a shady spot and a practical garden shower. There are also accents of white pebbles, which are located on the edge of the pool area and on the terrace.

Infinity style concrete pool

pool concrete infinity style palm tree modern garden design

The concrete pool is also fully illuminated at night. For this purpose, lamps were integrated in the floor of the patio area and in the walls of the pool, which exudes a romantic atmosphere. Check out more photos of the concrete pool below. The design can serve as inspiration for your own pool, especially if you want to create a so-called infinity pool. The simple pool design can be wonderfully complemented by plants, but also be surrounded by a simple garden, as in this example.

Seating area with concrete roof

pool concrete roofing seating area chairs white water

Garden shower by the pool

pool concrete shade square patio roofing garden shower idea

The minimalist pool adapts to nature

concrete pool house portugal simple garden

Pool lighting

pool concrete lighting night romantic view landscape

A design by Mario Martin’s studio.